InsidePulse’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 09.12.04



X-Box live name: Raven West

LIVE from Portland, Oregon
Hosts are Al Snow, Johnathan Coachman, Ivory, Todd Grisham, JR, & King

We start off with the recap of the Orton/Kane stuff, and Orton running from Hunter.

Now to Coach & Snow, inside, talking about Unforgiven. Cool ppv set, as always.

We go outside to Ivory & Todd Grisham, as they take polls on who’s gonna win some of the matches. They then talk about the ladder match and show a video recap of how it became to be.

Back to Ivory & Todd. Ivory says she’s most looking forward to Trish/Victoria. Well, she’s alone on that one.

They show stuff of Stacy and some woman in management getting a award from the Make a Wish Foundation.

Diva Search stuff. Man that was really bad. Who wants to see chilli on women? You just know Carmells gonna win the whole thing. Remember, tommorow night is the Seattle SLUGFEST.

Man, that WWE fantasy game would be the shit…if it were free.

Todd & Ivory talk about the two tag matches. We then get a execlusive – an interview with Batista & Flair. Batista asks where the hell Todd Grisham got that ugly ass shirt. HA! Flair then gives his usually fired up promo. Not really saying anything important, but entertaining.

Backstage, Kane wants Lita to help him release some relief. She refuses. MAN! Big Daddy Kane needs some too! The doctor said it would be okay! Seriously, Kane said that last sentence.

Video Package of the Kane/Hardy/Lita triangle, which hardly showcases what Kane did to Shawn, which should be the focus of the thing.

By the way, they’ve advertised that Diva slugfest stuff three times, in one hour.

They run over the whole Unforgiven card this time:
World Tag Team Championship: La Resistance vs Rhyno & Tajiri
Chris Benoit & William Regal vs Ric Flair & Batista
Ladder: Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs Christian
Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus vs Victoria
Kane vs Shawn Michaels
World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton vs Triple H

They show the Triple H/Eugene cage match, from the ending. Man, Eugene will be lucky to have any heat left when he gets back.

Backstage, Regal is interrupted by Bischoff, who insures that Eugene’s career is OVER. Yeah, we know that, but when is he coming back? Anyways, Regal says that he and Benoit will beat Flair & Batista with every fiber in their bloody beings!

Maven vs Rodeny Mack – Maven actually gets a reaction! JR & Lawler take over the commentary now, since this is such an anticiapated match. Mack gets boos, I think. Man, even for Heat, this is a pretty crappy main event, since they usually step it up on the ppv Heats. Couldn’t they have Tomko/Richards? That’s pretty sad that I want THAT. Anyways, Mack cheated to win last week, I think, so this is a GRUDGE match. The two exchange holds, and Mack takes him down, allowing him to do some jivin’. Scoop slam gets 2 for Mack. Vertical-side suplex gets 2. Mack gets in some more offense, and an elbow gets 2. Maven fights out of a bearhug, but runs into a powerslam. Gets 2. Maven once again fights out of a bearhug, and a couple of dropkicks get 2. Maven messes up that 2nd rope DDT move I believe, but Mack sells anyway, and it gets 2. Jazz trips Maven up, so he goes to tell her that hs more into the white meat, which allows mack to get a roll-up, which Maven fights out of, causing Mack to crash into Jazz (who’s on the apron), and he rolls HIM up for the 3 @ 4:43. Better than their other match.

They once again go over the Unforgiven card, cuz there’s like 6 mins left.

Final Thoughts: Well, if you’re not buying Unforgiven, then after watching this, you’re still probably not gonna buy it. Though, as far as a single brand ppv goes, it doesn’t look too bad. I mean, Regal & Benoit vs Flair & Batista, the ladder match, and Kane vs HBK can all be above average, and the women’s match, as well as the tag match, will probably be good. Which only leaves Orton/HHH up in the air. I predict it will be about 30 mins, 20 of boring stuff, and the last 10 being hot, since that’s how Orton’s matches tend to be. Anyways, I am NOT buying Unforgiven. Yeah, I know, I did the Roundtable, and I’m not even watching the thing. I’m such a bad columnist.
Final Score – *3/4