InsidePulse Indy Report: 09.14.04


NEWS: Check the Latest In Funk’s Corner
BTW – 9/10 – Newark, CA
HCW – 9/10 – Somerset, KY
SSCW – 9/11 – Boonton, NJ
MW – 9/11 – Trenton, TN
NWA E – 9/11 – McKeesport, PA
SRPW – 9/11 – Tulsa, OK
NWA BG – 9/11 – Belfry, KY
HPW – 9/11 Columbus, IN
XMCW – 9/11 – Nitro, WV
CWF – 9/12 – Lafayette, IN
NAWA – 9/12 – Gladewater, TX
SAT SHOWS – 9/18:
JAPW – Rahway, NJ
NWA CW – Kingsport, TN
NWA FL – Brandon, FL
NWA Sunray – Palm Bay, FL
NWA APW – Bristol, TN
EWF – Marion, IN
NCW – Montreal, Quebec
NAWA – Ft. Worth, TX
GBW – Hanover, PA
AWF – St. Andrews, NSW, Australia
FWA – Havant, England
PW – Portland, OR
WFA – Litteton, NH
NWA VA – Richmond, VA
BDW – Wheeling, WV
SCW – Madison, IN
LWA – Swansea, IL

Check the Latest In Funk’s Corner

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Big Time Wrestling results
Fri, 9/10 – Newark, CA

*Ray Kejimura def. Joey Harder
*Melissa def. Tiffany
*Shane Kody def. Dash Riprock
*BTW Cruiserweight Title Match: Hop Sing Lee def. L’Empereur
*Shannon Ballard/Stan Ballard def. Frankie Kazarian/Kid Kool
*BTW Heavyweight Title, Hair vs. Mask Match: Wild Storm def. Jason Styles

HCW results
Fri, 9/10 – Somerset, KY

*2/3 Falls, $1000 Challenge Match: Xavier Daniels def. Chosen One
*Alex Walker def. Shawn Christopher via pin
*HCW Tag Titles Match: Black Rain/Mason “The Mangler” def. Ric Gunner/Travis Blade
*Eric Draven def. Spazz by pin
*HCW World champion Billy Maverick vs. HCW International Champion Mike Harris went to a Double DQ

Stars & Stripes Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 9/11 – Boonton, NJ

*Westies (Dan Barry/Mike Tobin) def. New Reality (Corvis Fear/Rush)
*SSCW Lightweight Title Match: champion Ken Scampi retained against Ashe Samuels
*SSCW Women’s Title Match: Alere def. Alicia
*Terry Pierce/”Antihero” Ace Jack/Chris Sandel def. Poco Romeo/Dirtbag Dan/Dan Frazier
*Rob Eckos/Striker def Daniels/Nick Berk
*Vicious Vin def. New Wave
*SSCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Damian Adams retained over Kevin Matthews
*SSCW Tag Titles Match: The Solution vs. P13 went to a no contest when Shaolin Wrecking Crew, New Reality, & The Westies interfered
*Short Sleeve Sampson def. The Little Killa
*Cruiser Combat: Grim Reefer def. B-Boy, Ruckus, Plazma, Jay Lethal, Azriel, Jack Evans, & Insane Dragon

Memphis Wrestling results
Sat, 9/11 – Trenton, TN

*King Cobra def. Nicholas Doom
*Too Cool 2 def. Scott Starr/Johnny Dotson
*Kevin White def. Shock
*Battle Royal: King Cobra won
*King Mabel/Johnny Dotson def. Too Cool 2

NWA East results
Sat, 9/11 – McKeesport, PA

*NWA East Heavyweight Title: Quinn Magnum def. champion Devin Devine by DQ
*Adam Cage def. Dash Bennett
*Tri Chis def. Youth Gone Wild
*NWA East Heavyweight Title Contender Battle Royal: Brandon K
*Devil Bhudakahn def. Unknown & Virus
*NWA East Tag Titles Match: Better Than You def. Da Munchies
*Sebastian def. Nikita Allanov
*Sabotage/Chris Taylor/Devin Devine def. Crusher Hanson/Justin Idol/Bigg

Steel Rape Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 9/11 – Tulsa, OK

*SRPW Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Cade Sydal retained against Ichiban
*Bobby Dalton def. Adam Thornstowe by DQ after Beau & Jack Dalton interfered
*Kenny Campbell def. “Hardcore” Chris Kahne via pin
*Chris Gazaway def. Timmy J by pin
*”Dirty” Harry Sanchez def. Jack Dalton by DQ after Beau Dalton & Adam Thornstowe
*Battle Royal: “Dirty” Harry Sanchez

NWA Bluegrass results
Sat, 9/11 – Belfry, KY

*No DQ Match: The Rebel def. Gage Devine
*NWA BG Cruiserweight Title Match: Kris King def. Shane Mathews
*Street Fight: Jude Justice def. The Rebel
*Chance Prophet/Eric Darkstorm def. The Heartbreakers by DQ
*NWA BG Tag Titles Match: The Bluegrass Bandits def. Billy Maverick/Thunder

Hoosier Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 9/11 – Columbus, IN

Crowd: 168
*Tiny Tim def. Jack Morris
*Jake def. Zodiac
*Donny Idol def. American Eagle
*Marty Graw/Itch def. HPW Tag champions High Rollers in a non-title match
*Loser Leaves Town Match: Sonya Blackwawk def. Camron Star
*Average White Guy def. Tony Morgan
*HPW Cruiserweight Title Match: Tiny Tim def. Donny Idol
*Billy Ray Hickerson def. Ox Harley after Harley’s Manager Terry Jones turned on Harley

Xtreme Maximum Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 9/11 – Nitro, WV

*XMCW Heavyweight Title Contender Battle Royal: Mister X & Young Shane Storm (both feet landed on the floor at the same time)
*Rickey Villian def. Vance Desmond
*Pampered Booty def. Mister X
*Hardcore Match: Death Falcon Zero def. Smokey C
*XMCW Tag Title Match: Flash/Young Shane Storm def. Ice T (Travis Lynn/Ice)
*XIC Title Match: Unholy def. Wes The Best
*XMCW Heavyweight Title Match: Raw Talent def. Mister X & Young Shane Storm

CWF results
Sun, 9/12 – Lafayette, IN

*CWF Light Heavyweight Title Match: Kenny Courageous def. Shawn Cook
*Brian Roberts def. The Black Cat
*The Bouncer def. P.T. Hustla
*Guy Lombardo/”The Zombie” Rob Ramer def. Austin James/”Bad Boy” Billy Bart
*Nigel McGuinness def. D-Von Fury
*CWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion Quicksilver def. Indiana Kidd, Jr.
*2/3 Falls Match: Chad Collyer def. Billy Roc

New Age Wrestling Alliance results
Sun, 9/12 – Gladewater, TX

*David Fuller def. Damian Logan
*Andy Dalton def. Crazy J
*Sean Cordova def. Scotty Murdoch
*NAWA Title Match: champion Joseph vs. David Fuller fought went to a no when Damian Logan & Andy Dalton interfered, then due to that interference, it saw Joseph/Fuller def. Dalton/Logan by DQ

Jersey All Pro Wrestling
Rahway Recreation Center, Rahway, NJ
Sat, 9/18

*Homicide vs. Teddy Hart (w/ Team Teddy Security)
*Low-Ki vs. B-Boy
*JAPW Heavyweight Title Match: Dan Maff vs. Trent Acid
*JAPW Light-Heavyweight Title, Ladder Match: champion Jay Lethal vs. Azrieal
*JAPW Tag Team Title Match: champions The Solution (Papadon/Havoc) vs. The H Effect vs. The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz vs. All Money Is Legal
*Justice Pain vs. Insane Dragon
*SAT/Red vs. Sonjay Dutt/M-Dogg 20/Josh Prohibition
*Best of the Light Heavyweights VII: Featuring Chasyn Rance, Jack Evans, & more.
*Also featuring Beef Wellington

NWA Championship Wrestling presents “Final Conflict 2004”
National Guard Armory, Kingsport, TN
Sat, 9/18

*Ricky Steamboat available for autographs from 5-7 pm
*NWA CW Tag Team Title Match (guest ref: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat): champions Cruel Intentions (Super Destroyer/Josh Cody) (w/ Clarence Clippenback) vs. Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy
*Ricky Morton vs. ?? (w/ Clarence Clippenback)
*NWA CW Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Powerhouse” Ray Idol vs. The War Machine
*NWA CW TV Title Match: champion Eric Darkstorm vs. Chance Prophet
*NWA CW Jr. Heavyweight Title, 4 Corners Match: champion “Superstar” Shane Matthews vs. “Hard Body” Allen King w/ Miss Rebecca Lynn vs. Wayne Adkins vs. Nick Hammonds
*NWA CW Tri-State Heavyweight Title Match: champion Thorn vs. Ryan Phoenix
*NWA Blue Ridge Title Match: champion Stan “The Man” Lee vs. The Iron Cross
*”The Cold” Alyx Winters vs. “Mr. Charisma” Chris Gilbert (w/ Clarence Clippenback)
*”King of the Mountain” Battle Royal
*Tag team match featuring the best 4 students from the 3 day Ricky Morton Camp

NWA Florida presents “Against All Odds”
Brandon All Stars, 9940 Currie Davis DR, Suite C-02, Brandon, FL (If Using Mapquest Use TAMPA, FL)
Sat, 9/18 – 8 pm

*NWA Southern Title Match: champion Scoot Andrews vs. Lex Lovett
*NWA Florida Heavyweight Title Match: champion Steve Madison vs. Michael Shane
*Rod Steel (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi) vs. Chri$ Ca$h
*NWA World Jr Title Match: champion Jerrelle Clark vs. Mikey Batts vs. “Hart Breaker” Mikey Tenderfoot vs. Justice
*Roderick Strong vs. Kid Romeo
*The Shane Brothers (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi) vs. Most Valuable Playas (Eric Stevens/Luther “Bodybag” Jackson)
*Vordell Walker vs. Josh Rich

Tickets: $12 in Advance, $15 at the door, Kids under 12 FREE

NWA Sunray presents “September Brawl 2004”
Palm Bay Community Center, 1502 Port Malabar RD, Palm Bay, FL
Sat, 9/18 – 7:30 pm

Benefit Show for Families Affected by Hurricanes Charley & Francis
*NWA Sunray Heavyweight Title Match: champion Sean Allen (w/ Blare Rogers) vs. Billy Fives
*NWA Sunray Heavyweight Title Contender Match: Ryan O’Reilly vs. Bruce Steele
*NWA Sunray Tag Titles Match: champions Murphy/Machete (w/ Blare Rogers) vs. The Vandalz
*NWA Sunray Cruiserweight Title Match: Scott Commodity vs. Johnny Candal
*Naphtali vs. Dagon Briggs (w/ Seven) vs. O.G. Scarface (w/ Ana Mosity)
*Super Destroyer #8 (w/ Lew Spectre) vs. NWA Florida X champion Sedrick Strong
*Preston James vs. Shane McLane

Tickets: FREE

National Guard Armory, Bristol, TN
Sat, 9/18 – 8 pm

*Mike Spade vs. Danny Gibson
*Greg Rocker vs. O-Dog (w/ Precious Robin)
*Big Pimp James (w/ Sapphire) vs. Big Country
*Mr. X vs. Big Daddy Thump
*Doug Gibson/Beau James vs. The Rowdy Boys vs. The Ghostriders

Extreme Wrestling Federation
3400 S. Adams, Marion, IN
Sat, 9/18

*EWF Title Match: Big Cheez vs. Dean “The Dream” Jablonski

Tickets: $6

NCW Centre, 955 Villeray E. (Métro Jean-Talon & Jarry), Montreal, Quebec
Sat, 9/18 – 7:30 pm

NAWA Arena, Ft. Worth, TX
Sun, 9/18 – 5 pm

*Lenny Lane Seminar, 1-3 pm, $20

*NAWA Title, Texas Rumble Match: Lenny Lane, “The Professional” John Allen, “The Exceptional” Bryan Lewis, “Vengeance” David Fuller, JT Lamotta, Pendragon, Logan, Stephen Murphy, Texas Red, & more
*NAWA Tag Titles, Granbury Street Fight: Brown Brothers vs. Blackbird Posse
*NAWA Title Match: champion Joseph vs. Dark Dragon
*John Allen vs. JT Lamotta

Tickets: FREE

Ground Breaking Wrestling
34 Broadway, Hanover, PA
Sat, 9/18

AWF Dojo Southwest Kickboxing Facility, 7/32 Swettenham RD, St. Andrews, NSW, Australia
Sat, 9/18

*TNT/Kid Dynamite vs. Draven/Seminoff
*YLC: Billy Flyswat vs. Erich D’Krieger
*Teen Wolf vs. “Mad” Tony Kebab
*Scotty Club vs. Peter Z

Tickets: $10

FWA Academy
Havant Leisure Centre, Havant, England
Sat, 9/18 – 8 pm

*Mark Sloan vs. Justin Richards
*Eamon Shrahan vs. Stixx
*Max Voltage vs. Spud
*Raj Ghosh vs. Dan James
*Rishi Ghosh vs. Mark Underwood
*Aviv Maayan vs. James Tighe
*Dan Head/Eamon Shrahan vs. Justin Richards/Jack Storm
*Aviv Maayan/PJ Black vs. Mark Underwood/James Tighe

Portland Wrestling
Kliever Armory, Portland, OR
Sat, 9/18 – 5 pm

Wrestling Federation of America
Littleton Opera House, Littleton, NH
Sat, 9/18 – 8 pm

*WFA Title Match: Steve Bradley vs. Eddie Edwards
*WFA Tag Team Titles, Table Match: Nightbreed vs. The Metro Men
*Street Fight: Coverly Ann Taylor vs. Nikki Roxx
*Also featuring a Rasslin’ Riot, Tanya Lee, Alex Arion, The Noize Boyz, Timothy McNeany, Brian Fury, & more

NWA Virginia
Brown’s Island, Richmond, VA
Sat, 9/18

Black Diamond Wrestling
MAEA Science Center, 131 15th ST, Wheeling, WV
Sat, 9/18

BDW Tag Titles Tournament:
*Premiere Players (BDW Heavyweight champion Daron Smythe/Dash Bennett) vs. The Tri Chis (QB Blitzz/ Hammer) (w/ Benjamin C. Steele)
*The Axis of Evil (Jason Cage/Nikita Allanov) vs. Eisen Drache/Harold Potter
*Virus/Unknown vs. “The King Of Men” Devin Devine/”The Ariel Icon” Justin Idol
*Also featuring Jason Gory, Shiima Xion, “Syko” Sean Dahmer, Kid Cupid, & more

Supreme Championship Wrestling
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN
Sat, 9/18 – 7:30 pm

Tickets: $5

Lethal Wrestling Alliance presents “Benefit Bash”
Swansea Home For Assisted Living, Swansea, IL
Sat, 9/18 – 7 pm

Fundraiser for children with mental disabilities