RAW News: HEAT Matches [Spoilers], Other Off-Air Notes


[Credit: Jason Amos/WrestlingObserver.com]

The Heat matches were:

Maven beat Wavell Stars. Not a bad match and Maven was over with fans.

Rodney Mack beat Val Venis. Jazz and Rodney had lots of heel heat. Mack used a DDT for the finish.

Rhyno/Tajiri beat Hurricane/Rosey. Rhyno and Tajiri were really over with the fans. A few ECW chants got going and they were cheering Rhyno like mad. Rhyno won it with a gore.

After the show HHH collected his title belt and said that as much as we wanted it to be, it’d not be RKO, but rather HHH because he’s our World’s Heavyweight champion. Nothing else happened after the show. The only other thing of interest that I don’t think made it on air was Stacy Kiebler struggled to get her heels off of her feet so she could do that match. It took her a while to finally get the feet bare. Also someone dressed up as Spiderman got attacked by another fan just before the main event.

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