SD News: Full Smackdown Taping Results [Spoilers]


Results from the Smackdown taping in Spokane, Washington, according to Will and Mike Johnson of

*John Cena pinned Booker T in the fourth match of the best of 5 series for the WWE United States championship. Torrie Wilson introduced the match.

*Backstage, Teddy Long had two contracts backstage for The Big Show – one to face Eddie Guerrero, one to face Kurt Angle.

*Michael Cole interviewed Billy Kidman about the WWE Tag Team championship loss last week, calling him a quitter. Paul London came out and slapped him, but Kidman just walked off.

*Rob Van Dam & Rey Misterio defeated Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley after RVD pinned D-Von withm the five star frog splash. Spike kicked D-Von low for losing.

*They aired a video promoting the contract signing with The Big Show.

*Backstage, Eddie Guerrero came up to the Big Show and told him to sign for a match against Guerrero at No Mercy.

*They aired a backstage vignette of The Full Blooded Italians preparing for a WWE Tag Team championship match against champions Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree.

*WWE Tag Team champions Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree defeated the FBI. John Heidenreich kidnapped Michael Cole. Tazz tried to make the save but failed.

*Backstage, Heidenreich was over Cole grunting, saying he had something for him that he wanted to give him from the first time he saw Cole.

*WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield called out The Undertaker. They brawled with Taker getting the upperhand. Orlando Jordan ran out with the returning Viscera and Gangrel. Undertaker fought back until being laid out with the Clothesline from Hell.

*Backstage, Luther Reigns tried to convince the Big Show not to sign for a match with Kurt Angle at No Mercy, but instead face Eddie Guerrero.

*Backstage, John Heidenreich read Michael Cole a poem and made Cole thank him for it.

*Charlie Haas defeated WWE Cruiserweight champion Spike Dudley, DQ when the Dudleys interfered. Rico returned to make the save.

*The final segment saw The Big Show, Kurt Angle, and Eddie Guerrero brought to the ring for the Show’s contract signing. He chose to face Guerrero but ended up tearing up the contract and signed to face Angle. Angle and Reigns attacked him but Guerrero made the save. Teddy Long announced a tag match for next week.

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