Taboo Tuesday Update, Summerslam DVD Pulled From Shelves


In an interview with Milwaukee TV, William Regal revealed more details about the upcoming Taboo Tuesday PPV.

Regal said: “This is the first time that the fans get to vote on exactly who they want to wrestle, and how they want them to wrestle. Log on to It’s like an interactive PPV, which is going to be something we’ve never tried before. So all the fans that sit at home and say ‘I wish I could see that,’ this is their night to do it.”

It is not known whether this is what Vince McMahon plans to announce on next Monday’s Raw, but it does shed light on the PPV a bit, in that more than just HHH’s opponent is likely to be voted on by fans.

The WWE Summerslam 2004 DVD is being recalled due to massive audio problems. WWE is using a new Mexican company to press DVDs, and there were problems with the audio in the Orton/Benoit title match.

FYE sent this note to customers via email about the DVD problem:

“Due to legal issues we cannot sell Summerslam 2004. Please insure that this product is not placed out on your sales floor. This is only for the DVD, the VHS is not affected. We will recall this product on the next recall and new product will be sent to stores.”


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