WWE News: More On Eddie/Angle, Jamie Noble, SD Creative


– PWInsider.com’s Dave Scherer is reporting that Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero’s backstage altercation last night began after the final segment of the show, when they exchanged words, got loud in the Gorilla position, and then got physical. Angle apparently put Eddie in a face lock and took him down, incapacitating him, before being pulled off by Johnny Ace and some of the agents. They got into it again, and eventually Vince McMahon had to talk to them. The rumor is that Eddie missed a cue in the final segment, making Kurt look weak, therefore making Angle frustrated. It’s been reported that Eddie has been working not having recovered from his concussion, and Kurt told Eddie to basically get his head in the game before the fight began.

– Word is that some members of the Smackdown roster have heat with Kurt Angle due to a perception that he’s kissing up to management and playing politics lately.

– Batista broke his nose during his segment with Randy Orton on Monday.

– Jamie Noble’s termination took many by surprise, and it was sudden/not planned.

– SD creative head David Lagana had this week off after pulling a lot of double-duty lately with Bruce Prichard taking off.

– Shawn Michaels and The Coach will be on Byte This tomorrow.

[Credit: PWInsider.com]

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