100 Bullets #53 Review

Reviewer: Mathan “What’s up with the video game?” Erhardt
Story Title: Wylie run the Voodoo Down: Part Three

Written by: Brian Azzarello
Penciled and Inked by: Eduardo Risso
Colored by: Patricia Mulvihill
Lettered by: Clem Robins
Cover by: Dave Johnson
Editor: Will Dennis
Publisher: Vertigo/DC Comics

The issue begins with Shepard visiting Anwar the leader of the Trust’s House of Madrid. They make with some cryptic talk. We flashback to Wylie waking up at Homer’s house. He witnesses Homer talking to Harry. Then Harry and Wylie catch up on some old times before Wylie takes off.

Wylie and Gabe, the deformed trumpet player, share a drink at the bar. Wylie mentions that he’s got a gun. Gabe wants to see it. Wylie shows Gabe the gun, and it fires. Then Shepard and Dizzy show up. Shepard, Dizzy and Wylie go to check out where Wylie and Dizzy think they saw a woman get murdered. Shepard says the body is down in the river, which causes Wylie to have a strong reaction. Wylie takes off.

He ends up back at the bar where he and the bartender Ronnie talk about Gabriel’s trumpet talent. Ronnie mentions that a suit came in to offer Gabe some advice. Harry comes in looking for his wife Diane, who no one has seen in awhile. Dizzy comes in, she and Wylie have an argument. Wylie mentions that Shepard had a part in the death of his lost love Rose. Then Wylie takes is about to leave, when Gabe pulls him aside and says a magic word. To be continued.

Every issue Azz makes you long for the next one. Wylie’s back-story is developing nicely and the pieces are coming together. Finally Wylie’s about to become activated. The wordplay is clever as always. Wylie’s interactions with Homer, Gabe and Dizzy really shine in this issue. Robin’s has the toughest job in comics; having to letter possibly the most scrutinized and reread issues every month. But he does a fine job. The sound effects are stellar and the final word of the issue is said so softly. Robin’s talent for capturing speaking rhythms by emphasizing words is uncanny.

Risso and Mulvihill are always looking good. The drenched Wylie on page nine looks good, as does Wylie’s shower scene. And the scene of Dizzy, Shepard and Wylie on the dock is look fantastic. But the look on Wylie’s face in that last panel is really worth a thousand words.