Teen Titans: Betrothed

Teen Titans
Original Airdate: 09/11/04
Cartoon Network

The show opens and Starfire is packing up and leaving for Tamaran, and not coming back. When the rest of the Titans wonder why, she said that she is getting married.

All the Titans are on the T-Ship, making their way to Tamaran, when Starfire reveals that her wedding is arranged, and has no idea who she’s marrying. When they get close to Tamaran, they are randomly attacked by other Starships.

They survive only to land on Tamaran, and to be greeted by Galfore, who is”¦well, Beast Boy calls him Starfire’s nanny”¦that best describes him, only he is HUGE, 2 to 3 times the size of CyBorg. Galfore reveals that it was the Drenthax army that attacked the Titans. Galfore then tells Starfire that much has changed since she left”¦and calls her Princess Starfire. The Titans are flabbergasted, and Starfire says that she may have forgotten to mention that she is 2nd line for the throne of Tamaran.

Robin tries to catch up to Starfire to ask about the Princess thing, but as soon as he touches Starfire, the guards toss him back, and tell him that it is forbidden for someone to touch royalty.

While eating, Tamaran’s Grand Ruler graced them with her presence, and it turns out to be”¦Blackfire! Blackfire tells Starfire that she broke out of jail, and became ruler of Tamaran for kicks. But, with out further ado, Blackfire introduces Starfire to her groom, Glyrdsklechhhh, who is a giant green blob from the Drenthax. Starfire doesn’t want to marry him, but Blackfire says that if they don’t get married, the Drenthax will take over Tamaran. Blackfire says that the ceremony will happen tonight.

Robin is outraged, and sends Beast Boy and Cy-Borg to investigate the Drenthax Fleet, and Raven to find out what she can on Glyrdsklechhhh, and he was going to see Starfire.

Beast Boy and Cy-Borg get into one of the Drenthax ships, only to see that it is empty, and running on remote control. As they go to leave, Blackfire’s guards catch them.

Raven is snooping around Blackfire’s office, and notices Blackfire and Glyrdsklechhhh coming, so she hides in the walls. Blackfire reveals that this is all one big plan, so Glyrdsklechhhh will give her the Jewel of Charta, which will give her unbound power, and Glyrdsklechhhh will get to wed Starfire. Glyrdsklechhhh discovers Raven, and the guards take her away.

Robin scales the walls under Starfire’s quarters, and tries to talk Starfire out of the wedding. Starfire says that she has to stay, and it’s good for her people. Starfire then tells Robin that if he cannot be happy for her, then he shouldn’t be at the wedding. As Starfire’s back is turned, Robin is captured.

Robin is dragged to a holding cell, where the rest of the Titans are. Robin tells them that he couldn’t talk Starfire out of the wedding, and she has to do it for her people, the rest of then reveal what they found out, and they break out to tell Starfire that it’s one big plot against her.

Galfore tells Starfire that she has to do what is in her heart.

As Starfire starts walking down the aisle, the Titans desperately fight their way to the wedding. Starfire wonders where the Titans are, and Blackfire tells her that they must not have been able to make it. Right before Starfire says ‘I Do’, she sees Robin fighting the guards, and tells Blackfire that she will not marry Glyrdsklechhhh. Blackfire then attacks.

The Titans storm in, and inform Starfire that it is a trick, and that Blackfire is just looking out for herself. Starfire then challenges Blackfire for the throne. Galfore tells Robin that no one can interfere, or the challenge is voided.

Starfire lays into Blackfire, but Blackfire is invincible, because of the Jewel of Charta. Starfire reaches out and grabs the Jewel, and destroys it, then finishes off Blackfire. Starfire completes her challenge for the throne, and puts Blackfire’s crown on.

Starfire tells Glyrdsklechhhh that there won’t be a wedding, and that Blackfire will be banished. Robin then asks if, now that she’s the Grand Ruler, she won’t be coming back. Starfire says that she has to do what is best for her people.

Starfire then addresses her people, and says that Blackfire was not what was right for her people, but she also know that she is not right for her people, and she hands the crown over to Galfore, and that she is returning to Earth, where he life is now.

Not the best episode of the season, although it was good to see Blackfire back. I really don’t have much to say on this one, this was more of a filler episode in the grand scheme of things.


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