InsidePULSE’s WWE SmackDown! Report


InsidePULSE’s WWE SmackDown! Report 09.16.04
Live from Spokane, Wash
Announcers are Tazz & Michael Cole
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

We start out with a recap of Big Show destroying everyone last week.


Torrie Wilson comes out to ring announce the first match, which is Booker vs. Cena Part 4.

Booker T (c) vs. John Cena — Match 4 of the Best of 5 for the U.S. Title
Back and forth to start. Cena takes control, and gets a quick roll up for 2. They pause for”¦


We come back and Booker is in command. Booker in the corner, and Cena charges, only for Booker to do that flip over into a sunset pin, but Cena rolls through and gets a 2 count. Both up, Booker then nails a superkick for 2. Booker does a double leg takedown, and goes to put his legs on the ropes for the pin, but the ref catches him. Cena and Booker then run into each other, and the ref starts a 10 count. Cena up first, a couple of shots are landed, then goes for a shoulder block, but Booker dodges it. Booker then nails a spinebuster for 2. Booker goes out to get his Title belt, but the ref takes it away, and Cena with a roll up for 2. Cena then hits the ropes, and nails a bulldog. Cena then hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle for 2. Cena pumps up his Reebok’s, goes for a FU, but Booker slides though. Cena backs Booker in the corner, and the ref tries to slow him down, only for Cena to push him away, and turn around into a belt shot by Booker. Booker takes his time to cover, and only gets a 2 count. Booker then goes for a scissors kick, but Cena catches him and nails the FU.
Winner – Cena

Theodore R. Long talking to Big Show about his return last week. He tells Show that he has 2 contracts, and Show must sign one of them. He will face either Eddie Guerrero or Kurt Angle, and he must have an answer tonight.


Cole in the ring, has Billy Kidman come down the ring. Tazz recaps Kidman hurting Chavo, and then leaving London last week to loose the Tag Titles. Kidman says that he feels extremely bad for hurting Chavo, and he hopes that he can provide for his family again. He can’t believe that the fans are so blood thirsty that they want to see someone else get hurt. London comes out, and gets in Kidman’s face. London wonders how Kidman can come out and have an interview in front of all these people, but he won’t even talk to his partner. London then says that Kidman quit on him, and lost the Titles for the team. London wants Kidman to say something, but Kidman says that he has nothing to say to London. London bitch slaps Kidman, and wants to fight, Kidman just walks to the back.


SmackDown! Throwback
TLC3 (Benoit/Jericho vs. Edge/Christian vs. Dudleyz vs. Hardyz)

RVD & Rey Mysterio vs. The Dudley Boyz (w/ Spike)
D’Von and RVD start. Mysterio and Bubba quickly tagged in. Bubba tosses Mysterio over his head, and laughs at it, and says that he will do it again, only Mysterio nails a bulldog instead. D’Von and RVD back in, and RVD cleans house. Bubba and Mysterio take brawl on the outside, and RVD nails D’Von with a 5 Star for the win.
Winners — RVD/Mysterio

The Boss is not happy, and he kicks D’Von in the nuts. Bubba looks fumed, but The Boss yells at him, and says that he is the Champ. Spike then tells Bubba to pick up D’Von, and Spike leaves them behind.


Recap of Cole getting slapped by Paul E, then running away when Heidenreich steps in.

Big Show lacing up his boots. Eddie comes in and says that he wants him at No Mercy.

JBL is flabbergasted that people think he is afraid of The Undertaker. He tells Orlando that he will call out UT to show that he isn’t. Orlando doesn’t think this is a good idea.


JBL and Orlando come down to the ring, in the limo of course. JBL says that he wants UT out there right now. The lights go out, and UT makes his way down to the ring. JBL tells Orlando to go to the back, and that he has this. Orlando reluctantly goes. UT stares down JBL, and they start to disrobe. They go face to face, fists up. UT gets his rights and lefts in, then goes for a choke slam, but JLB dodges it by falling back. JBL then smiles, as Orlando and GANGREL comes down! Followed by VISCERA! All 4 take out UT, and hover over UT. UT sits up and fights them off, but JBL comes out of nowhere and nails the Clothesline from Hell. Cole reminds us that Vis and Gangrel were members of UT’s Ministry of Darkness, but no mention of Bradshaw being in it. Hmm”¦Anyway, Big Vis hits 2, count them 2 big splashes, and UT is left in the middle of the ring. JBL puts his foot on UT’s chest and hold the Title up high.


The FBI talking about their Tag Title Match.

Kenzo & Renee (c) (w/ Geisha Girl) vs. The FBI
Matthew Michael wants me to come up with a team name for the new Champs. How about the Crepe Sushé? Cole is kidnapped by Heidenreich during the match, and Tazz goes in pursuit”¦leaving me helpless to recap, since I rely on the announces, since I can’t look away and type. The FBI is so cool, but they need Dawn Marie as their valet. The champs win this non-title match.
Winners – Crepe Sushé


Raw Rebound

  • Vinnie Mac will have a groundbreaking announcement next week.
  • Vince has the girls beat up Coach instead of each other.
  • Orton blows out of the cake.
  • Orton is a handicap match, but Mr. Benjamin & Benoit save the day.

    Heidenreich has Cole pin up against the wall. He is”¦um, I think he is raping Cole”¦

    Luther tries to talk Big Show into facing Eddie at No Mercy.

    Booker T vs. John Cena match 5 is announced for No Mercy.


    Heidenreich is choking Cole up against a wall. Heidenreich then reads”¦Cole”¦a poem”¦

    Charlie Haas (w/ Miss Jackie) vs. Spike Dudley (w/ Bubba Ray & D’Von)
    Spike tries to bully Haas around, but Haas owns Spike. The Dudz confront Miss Jackie, and Haas gets tossed through the ropes to the post. The Boss works over Haas’s shoulder, but Haas fights back, nails a twisting Crossbody. Haas KO’s Bubba off the apron, but turns around into a headbutt to the crotch. Boss goes for the Dudley Dog, but Haas tosses him to the floor. D’Von comes in to take out Haas.
    Winner via DQ — Haas

    The Dudz are taking out Haas, but Rico runs in to save the day!


    Carlito Caribbean Cool is crossing a street, stopping traffic, but it’s ok, because he is so COOL.

    Undertaker vs. Gangrel & Viscera next week.

    Long comes out for the main event contract signing. Long wants an informal poll, to see who the crowd wants Big Show to face, it seems pretty even. Big Show comes down and sits at a table. Long then has Angle come out, who has Luther at his side. Long then brings out Eddie. Angle says that Show should face Eddie, because Eddie wants to face him, and the Angle doesn’t hold a grudge about Show tossing him off the ledge. Eddie then says that if Show wants a fight, then Eddie will never let Show forget No Mercy. Show then stales a bit, then signs Eddie’s contract. Angle is excited, then he and Luther jump Eddie. Show laughs, then gets straight faced, breaks the clipboard with Eddie’s contract, ripping the contract at the same time, and then signs Angle’s contract. Angle and Luther jump Show, but Eddie makes the save, Show then tosses the table at Luther, who is outside the ring. Long then makes Luther/Angle vs. Show/Eddie for next week’s main event.

    Show Over.


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