Inside Pulse TV SPECIAL: 2004 Emmy Predictions

Hello all and welcome to the (hopefully) first annual Inside Pulse Television Emmy Award Predictions roundtable. As you might expect, this column takes the opinions of several Inside Pulse Television staffers (in this case, five) on who will win the major Emmy categories this coming Sunday (9/19) night.

We’ve eliminated several categories from our predictions primarily because they either were 1) already awarded in a previous ceremony or 2) not quite as sexy as the other categories and don’t garner as much clout. We hope you understand.

For those that aren’t as familiar with the format of a roundtable, it’s fairly simple. The award/topic is presented and each of the staffers provide their pick and mini-analysis as to why that person will win that particular award. As you might expect, some answers are longer than others.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the show!

Outstanding Made for Television Movie

– And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself (HBO)
– Ike: Countdown to D-Day (A&E)
– The Lion in Winter (Showtime)
– The Reagans (Showtime)
– Something the Lord Made (HBO)

Steve Coogan: Something the Lord Made – This was definitely an interesting and uplifting movie that deserves the recognition. Alan Rickman and Mos Def gave great performances as well.

Murtz Jaffer: The Lion in Winter – Glenn Close is alright. She was the one in that Michael Douglas movie right? What’s the name of it again. The one where she was like a stalker. I can’t remember. Anyway, that’s what I will go with.

Mike Lawrence: The Lion in Winter – Glenn Close turned in a great performance in The Lion in Winter, matching wits with the equally great and overlooked Patrick Stewart.

Bob Reiss: Something the Lord Made – Something the Lord Made was by far the best of this group, although the Reagan’s will make it a close race.

Cheri: Something the Lord Made – I’ve heard good things about Something the Lord Made, although I’ll admit I have not seen it. I have seen parts of three of the other nominees (The Reagans, Ike and Pancho Villa) and well, I’ll still go with one I haven’t seen.

Outstanding Miniseries

– American Family (PBS)
– Angels in America (HBO)
– Horatio Hornblower (A&E)
– Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness (PBS)
– Traffic: The Miniseries (USA)

Steve Coogan: Angels in America – Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and co. cleaned up at the Golden Globes and I imagine they will clean up again at the Emmys. This was very well done and affected many people that watched it.

Murtz Jaffer: Angels in America – Just another one that I haven’t seen. The name sounds alright though. I am sure there must have been some mom’s out there who were totally into this one. The only ‘Angels in the… something’ I know is that Christopher Lloyd and Danny Glover movie. Angels In The Outfield. That’s was OK, so I guess this might be as well.

Mike Lawrence: Angels in America – It sure ain’t Traffic. Just rent the movie or the original miniseries for that matter. I didn’t looove Angels in America, but I liked it enough to want to see it win, which it most certainly will.

Bob Reiss: Angels in America – If you want to know why HBO is constantly winning these categories on Emmy night just watch Angels in America. It was brilliant, touching and funny. Although I should mention that Traffic was well done and entertaining, but probably won’t get many votes.

Cheri: Angels in America – I wonder if this is out on DVD yet because I would like to see it.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

– Peter Boyle – Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
– Brad Garrett – Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
– Sean Hayes – Will & Grace (NBC)
– David Hyde Pierce – Frasier (NBC)
– Jeffrey Tambor – Arrested Development (Fox)

Steve Coogan: Brad Garrett – All are fine choices and have done an excellent job on their shows. However, I’m going with the old pro, Brad Garrett because I love his depiction of Robert Barone. Jeffrey Tambor is my dark horse to win.

Murtz Jaffer: Peter Boyle – Patrick Gilchriest is really into this show and after watching a few episodes, I think that Ray’s dad is the only character that I can tolerate. For that reason, he is my pick.

Mike Lawrence: Jeffrey Tambor – I don’t see Arrested walking away with Comedy series gold(though it sure could use it to keep itself on the air), I do think Tambor will get the supporting actor award. He’s the lynchpin to a strong ensemble.

Bob Reiss: Jeffrey Tambor – Jeffrey Tambor should win this, although I there were some noticeable names here that are missing. Did we really need to nominate Niles again?

Cheri: David Hyde Pierce – I’m picking David Hyde Pierce from Frasier, only because I found Sean Hayes a little irritating this year (the whole dating Dave Foley – eww!) and I am sick of Brad Garrett winning. I have not been a big fan of Jeffrey Tambor in Arrested Development (I miss Hank) and well, Peter Boyle never wins.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

– Steve Buscemi – The Sopranos (HBO)
– Brad Dourif – Deadwood (HBO)
– Victor Garber – Alias (ABC)
– Michael Imperioli – The Sopranos (HBO)
– John Spencer – The West Wing (NBC)

Steve Coogan: Michael Imperioli – I actually think this category is filled with weak performances. They picked the wrong actor from Deadwood and I think Steve Buscemi was added just to make this category more glamorous looking because he wasn’t that great in The Sopranos. Nonetheless, I’ll go with Imperioli because I think he was the best of the five.

Murtz Jaffer: Michael Imperioli – I will probably be wrong on this one, but Christopher on The Sopranos is my favorite character currently. I think Garber is the sleeper pick, but I will go with Chrissy.

Mike Lawrence: Brad Dourif – Even though Dourif charged $20 an autograph at the Orlando Megacon this year, which is ridiculous, I’ve got to admit the guys got acting chops. Too bad Ian McShane was overlooked. Maybe the Television Academy has something against actors from across the pond.

Bob Reiss: Steve Buscemi – I don’t think that Alias will get any respect from the Academy, so I will pick the bright spot of The Sopranos this year, Steve Buscemi. Although, I doubt we’ll see back to backs for Mr. Blundetto.

Cheri: Steve Buscemi – Umm, I don’t know why. Maybe because he’s kind of scary so voters will be afraid to not vote for him. Personally, I really like John Spencer and Victor Garber. I just don’t think many other people do. If it’s not on HBO, it’s not worth watching – at least that’s what some Emmy snobs think.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

– Kim Cattrall – Sex and the City (HBO)
– Kristin Davis – Sex and the City (HBO)
– Megan Mullally – Will & Grace (NBC)
– Cynthia Nixon – Sex and the City (HBO)
– Doris Roberts – Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)

Steve Coogan: Cynthia Nixon – When three people from the same show are nominated in the same category, it makes it a lot harder to pick a winner. Looking at the three Sex and the City girls, I think Cynthia Nixon grabbed it right at the end as she portrayed a business woman who showed a caring, compassionate side in caring for her new husband’s mother with Alzheimer’s. That was a defining moment in the characterâ??s life and Nixon nailed it. As far as I’m concerned, that pushed her over the top. Kim Cattrall portraying a woman with breast cancer also is worthy of consideration, but she morphed back into that sex hungry woman she always was by the end.

Murtz Jaffer: Megan Mullally – I like her last name. It’s also because of the same Emmy theory that I always use. If there is more than one candidate from the same show, neither will win. Yes, I know it doesn’t always work. But we’ll see. Hopefully Macy and the Sex and The City girls will prove my point.

Mike Lawrence: Megan Mullally – Megan Mullally as Karen is the only reason I’ve ever tuned into Will and Grace. That has to mean something.

Bob Reiss: Cynthia Nixon – Do I have to pick one? Well, luckily three on these people won’t be here next year, making room for some more deserving nominees. So I’ll pick which ever one is the red head from that Sex show. Yeah, her.

Cheri: Cynthia Nixon – I’m choosing Cynthia Nixon here. I think she was great this season. I know everyone loves Kim Cattrall for some reason but, heck, she was dealing with cancer… how funny is that? This is supposed to be a comedy award. Plus, how can you reward Kim Cattrall for putting a kibbosh on the Sex & the City movie? Normally I would pick Megan Mullally, because I love her, but come on, didn’t Will & Grace SUCK this year?

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

– Stockard Channing – The West Wing (NBC)
– Tyne Daly – Judging Amy (CBS)
– Drea de Matteo – The Sopranos (HBO)
– Janel Moloney – The West Wing (NBC)
– Robin Weigert – Deadwood (HBO)

Steve Coogan: Drea de Matteo – Again, I’m not too thrilled with the choices here. I feel like the wrong person from Deadwood was nominated again and I feel like anyone nominated from The West Wing is a cop out. I did like de Matteo’s performance. She ran the gamut of emotions an addict affiliated with the mob who’s also snitching on them would probably go through very well. It’s too bad she got whacked.

Murtz Jaffer: Stockard Channing – Nothing really to add here.

Mike Lawrence: Tyne Daly – I’m afraid of what Tyne Daly will do to me if I don’t choose her. It’s yours, Tyne, spare me. I’ve got Tyneophobia in spades.

Bob Reiss: Janel Moloney – I’m going to go out on a limb with this one. While Robin Weigert from Deadwood as Calamity Jane was excellent performance, unfortunately, most people may not realize she was playing a woman at first glance. I have always liked Janel Moloney’s Donna Moss character from The West Wing, so she’s my choice.

Cheri: Drea de Matteo – Everyone seems to be handing it to Joey’s sister (Drea De Matteo, duh) already, so I have no reason to disagree. I hear she was a snitch and then got whacked for it. Sounds Emmy worthy.

Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program

– Billy Crystal – The 76th Annual Academy Awards (ABC)
– Ellen DeGeneres – Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now (HBO)
– Bill Maher – Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
– Elaine Stritch – Elaine Stritch: At Liberty (PBS)
– Tracey Ullman – The Trailer Tales (HBO)

Steve Coogan: Ellen DeGeneres – Ellen’s stand up show was not only absolutely hilarious, but it was poignant and relevant as well. And she’s able to do that without ever uttering a curse word! She’s a better person than me.

Murtz Jaffer: Ellen DeGeneres – No idea about this one, so I’ll just go with Ellen since she hosts the funniest talk show I have ever seen. I think she’s earned it.

Mike Lawrence: Bill Maher – Bill Maher got canned by Disney, but showed his fans he’s just as irreverent and funny as ever. I await the always hilarious “New Rules” segments at the end of every episode.

Bob Reiss: Tracey Ullman – Just give it to Tracey Ullman and let’s move on to an interesting category.

Cheri: Elaine Stritch – For some reason, I’m going to go with Elaine Stritch. People seem to like the old lady. Plus, the special itself won already (Creative Arts Emmys) so if people liked that, then wouldn’t it be because of her?

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

– Larry David – Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
– Kelsey Grammer – Frasier (NBC)
– Matt LeBlanc – Friends (NBC)
– John Ritter – 8 Simple Rules (ABC)
– Tony Shalhoub – Monk (USA)

Steve Coogan: Tony Shalhoub – You could certainly argue that giving it to John Ritter is the “right thing to do” but I’m not really sold on that concept. Name an award after him, but don’t take this one away from another deserving winner. Tony Shalhoub never ceases to amaze me when he plays Adrian Monk. He’s fun to watch. I wouldn’t rule out a Matt LeBlanc win either though.

Murtz Jaffer: John Ritter – No comments necessary.

Mike Lawrence: Tony Shalhoub – Despite my love for Curb, giving Larry an Emmy in acting would be like giving Woody an Oscar for the same. Playing yourself doesn’t take much work. Shalhoub puts in fine work every week on Monk. Ritter isn’t getting my sympathy vote.

Bob Reiss: John Ritter – This one is tough. First, throw out Kelsey Grammer, he doesn’t have a shot. If John Ritter was still alive I’d say it would be a two way race between Matt LeBlanc and Larry David. Sadly, he did die, and I think the Academy will recognize him with the honor.

Cheri: Kelsey Grammer – You want to think John Ritter will win for sentimental reasons, but I’m not too sure awards work that way. That’s because his show is not that funny. Personally, I would vote for Larry David but I actually think the award will probably go to Kelsey Grammer. Why? Final season. Enjoyable.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

– James Gandolfini – The Sopranos (HBO)
– Anthony LaPaglia – Without a Trace (CBS)
– Martin Sheen – The West Wing (NBC)
– James Spader – The Practice (ABC)
– Kiefer Sutherland – 24 (Fox)

Steve Coogan: James Spader – I firmly believe Spaderâ??s Alan Shore character is one of the Top 5 television characters in the last 25 years. Heâ??s absolutely mesmerizing and Iâ??m not ashamed to admit I have a man crush on him. Sutherland definitely deserves to be nominated every year too. He does a great job.

Murtz Jaffer: James Spader – The toughest category for me by far. Everyone here deserves it. I like Keifer Sutherland’s chances as well and I would love to see LaPaglia win two Emmy’s, but James Spader is just the class of the field.

Mike Lawrence: James Spader – Three reliable stand-bys and two surprises. I like surprises. I’ll go with Spader.

Bob Reiss: James Spader – James Spader single handedly revived my love for my one time favorite show. His character was truly the freshest in an increasingly stale and overused genre. The Practice went out with its head held high because of the work he and the writers did this year.

Cheri:Anthony LaPaglia – OK, I’ll admit that I did not regularly watch any of these actors this past season but I’m going to go with Anthony LaPaglia in Without a Trace. I think he has already won Emmys, so obviously, he is well-liked by the voters. Plus, he’s a good actor. I know that much.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie

– Antonio Banderas – And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself (HBO)
– James Brolin – The Reagans (Showtime)
– Mos Def – Something the Lord Made (HBO)
– Al Pacino – Angels in America (HBO)
Ã- Alan Rickman – Something the Lord Made (HBO)

Steve Coogan: Al Pacino – I actually like this category because it’s a hard one to pick and it pays tribute to the great movies (and the actors’ performances) that have been produced on the pay cable networks this year. I think all the candidates, especially Rickman and Mos Def are worthy of victory, but Angels in America really blew away the competition this year and Pacino will show that. Also, see the Golden Globe winning results. I imagine they will be similar.

Murtz Jaffer: James Brolin – No idea about any of these. So I just went with the one ‘throw a dart method’ here and Brolin won. It’s strange, you would think that in terms of archery… Banderas would have the edge.

Mike Lawrence: Al Pacino – Just because his movie career is fading doesn’t mean he can’t claim TV gold. Pacino’s the fave, and I won’t argue with this one.

Bob Reiss: Alan Rickman – If Pacino wins this the Academy should be shot. There were much more deserving actors in Angels in America who deserved this nomination. Alan Rickman deserves this out of the nominated group.

Cheri: Al Pacino – Probably Al Pacino will win. He won the Golden Globe for this role, beating some of the same nominees.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

– Jennifer Aniston – Friends (NBC)
– Patricia Heaton – Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
– Bonnie Hunt – Life With Bonnie (ABC)
– Jane Kaczmarek – Malcolm in the Middle (Fox)
– Sarah Jessica Parker – Sex and the City (HBO)

Steve Coogan: Sarah Jessica Parker – I really don’t like making this pick but I really don’t know who else the Academy will recognize. Although, I could see Aniston or even Kaczmarek pull out the victory. I’d even venture to say that Kaczmarek does the best job on a regular basis, but I think Sex and the City probably has a better reputation with the voters.

Murtz Jaffer: Sarah Jessica Parker – The show is over and I think that Parker will win by default. I have never seen an episode of the show, but it was recommended to me several times. I guess that’s what the DVD player is for.

Mike Lawrence: Jane Kaczmarek – Jane Kaczmarek reminds me of my own mother, which scares me, but impresses me at the same time. Sex in the what?

Bob Reiss: Sarah Jessica Parker – Honestly, the could give it to one of the women from Yes, Dear as far as I’m concerned. If I had a vote, it would go to Bonnie Hunt. The Academy will give it to Mrs. Ferris (Bueller) for her portrayal of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Cheri: Sarah Jessica Parker – I think Sarah Jessica Parker will win this, seeing as how this is her last chance and she has never one. I think I read that she submitted the series finale so that was some good stuff. No one else stands out this year, anyway.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

– Edie Falco – The Sopranos (HBO)
– Jennifer Garner – Alias (ABC)
– Mariska Hargitay – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC)
– Allison Janney – The West Wing (NBC)
– Amber Tamblyn – Joan of Arcadia (CBS)

Steve Coogan: Jennifer Garner – This is quite an eclectic group, isn’t it? I find it interesting that a Law & Order actress was nominated. It shows these actors can rise above the largely formulaic nature of the Dick Wolf franchise. Also, I like that the young, but talented, Amber Tamblyn was recognized for her weekly brushes with a higher power. However, neither will win. I think it’s time to recognize Jennifer Garner for her slick portrayal of Sydney Bristow.

Murtz Jaffer: Jennifer Garner – Jennifer Garner has to win this. Alias is easily one of the most popular shows on TV (probably THE most popular on ABC). She hasn’t won an Emmy before and had a pretty good year on both the small and big screen. She combines a sexy attitude with a sold acting base and I think she stepped up enough to take it this time around.

Mike Lawrence: Jennifer Garner – Hopefully, it will be Jennifer Garner, and the award will convince her to stay on TV and away from putrid comic adaptations. One can hope for as much.

Bob Reiss: Amber Tamblyn – This will be my long shot pick. Jennifer Garner will not win this, and neither will Mariska Hargitay even though I would love to see either. So I’m going to pick Amber Tamblyn as Joan Girardi from Joan of Arcadia. Yes, I have seen the show, and she is enjoyable to watch. There has to be a lot of pressure when God is your costar.

Cheri: Edie Falco – Hmm, I think Edie Falco will probably win yet again, especially after it came out that she battled cancer this past year. Won’t that be in the mind of the voters?

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie

– Glenn Close – The Lion in Winter (Showtime)
– Judy Davis – The Reagans (Showtime)
– Helen Mirren – Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness (PBS)
– Meryl Streep – Angels in America (HBO)
– Emma Thompson – Angels in America (HBO)

Steve Coogan: Meryl Streep – Both she and Emma Thompson could certainly win but I just have a feeling the higher profile candidate will pull it out. Again, see the Golden Globe winner listings.

Murtz Jaffer: Meryl Streep – Who cares?

Mike Lawrence: Glenn Close – Glenn Close turned in a great performance in The Lion in Winter, matching wits with the equally great and overlooked Patrick Stewart.

Bob Reiss: Judy Davis – In the end, I think Judy Davis as Nancy Reagan will win this. Although, Emma Thompson turned in a great performance in Angels in America.

Cheri: Meryl Streep – Probably Meryl Streep for Angels in America. I mean, really, it seems like if Angels in America is in the running, that is the safe bet. Plus, it’s Meryl Streep.

Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series

– Chappelle’s Show
– The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
– Late Night With Conan O’Brien
– The Late Show With David Letterman
– Saturday Night Live

Steve Coogan: The Late Show With David Letterman – This category is filled with quality shows, but it always seems like Letterman and his crew end up winning in this category. Though, I wouldn’t rule out Jon Stewart or Dave Chappelle surprising either.

Murtz Jaffer: The Late Show With David Letterman – I am very interested to see if anyone else on staff picks something different for this category. I guess Chappelle would be a popular choice. We’ll see.

Mike Lawrence: The Late Show With David Letterman – I watch all of these shows at least once every two weeks if not religiously except for Saturday Night Live, which I’ve given up on, after years of devotion. It’s a shell of its former self. See also Dave Chappelle’s good, but not award-worthy good. The worse Bush is as a president, the better the Daily Show gets in terms of hilarity. Despite that, I still have to go with Conan, and that’s just for the in genius use of the Walker Texas Ranger clips, clearly the highlight of my summer TV viewing.

Bob Reiss: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart – I think I am going to offend a lot of my fellow writers here. While I love Letterman, I just haven’t got the chance to watch him too often this year. So, based on what I have seen, I will have to go with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for it’s brilliant and cutting satire.

Cheri: Chappelle’s Show – Here is where I go out on a limb and choose Chappelle’s Show. I actually haven’t seen it even though I want to, but Dave Chappelle lives in Ohio so that’s all I need. Okay, I’m kidding. I mean, I’m not (he does live in Ohio) but people rave about this show and I know for a fact that Dave Chappelle is a very funny man, so that’s why it’s my pick. Plus, it’s different than your standard sitting-behind-a-desk talk show type. And everyone knows Saturday Night Live is only so-so these days.

Outstanding Comedy Series

– Arrested Development (Fox)
– Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
– Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
– Sex and the City (HBO)
– Will and Grace (NBC)

Steve Coogan:Curb Your Enthusiasm – This is probably my biggest risk pick of the night. It could be very easy to send Sex and the City off with the award or just give it to Everybody Loves Raymond, but the idea of a comedy is to make the audience laugh and I think Larry David does that the best, even if he is slightly neurotic.

Murtz Jaffer: Curb Your Enthusiasm – Again, a tough one. I think Sex & The City also has a shot, but for some reason the brilliant writing of Curb Your Enthusiasm sticks out to me. They also had Colby Donaldson guest-star and anything Survivor-related will win with me.

Mike Lawrence: Curb Your Enthusiasm – Curb Your Enthusiasm, hands down. This show just gets better and better. The episode with Larry and the black prostitute was one of the funniest moments in TV in years. Can’t praise it enough.

Bob Reiss: Sex and The City – Sex and The City should have the inside track on winning this one, and that would just be a totally waste of a gold plated award statue. The deserving winner this season should be Arrested Development.

Cheri: Sex and The City – This is a tough category. I could really pick any of them – except Will & Grace. Seriously, I used to love Will & Grace but I cannot believe this got the nomination this year. No way does that deserve to be here. I’m going to go with Sex & the City, though. Final season. Enjoyable.

Outstanding Drama Series

– 24 (Fox)
– CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)
– Joan Of Arcadia (CBS)
– The Sopranos (HBO)
– The West Wing (NBC)

Steve Coogan:24 – I’m going out on a limb here because Fox has never won this award before but I think it definitely deserves it. The Sopranos and The West Wing didn’t have seasons that were memorable in the long run; CSI may be the original, but it’s still part of a watered down franchise, and I don’t think Academy voters will give Joan of Arcadia enough due. Therefore, Congrats Fox. This could be your night in this respect.

Murtz Jaffer: 24 – This is a bit of a longshot, but I think West Wing sagged a little and I even wasn’t altogether happy with The Sopranos. I watch Joan of Arcadia but it is more out of routine than anything else. While 24 might not be over with a bunchy of stuffy-suited Emmy judges, I believe that it is one of the freshest shows on TV and a pulse-racing adventure (there’s the obligatory Pulse reference).

Mike Lawrence: The Sopranos – I’m not too enthusiastic about the nominees here. Sopranos and West Wing’s glory days are long gone, and both CSI and 24 rely heavily on reusing the same formula in and out. But I don’t want to pick Joan of Arcadia, since after all it is Joan of Arcadia. What the heck, I’ll go with the Sopranos. I love the freedom HBO gives its shows.

Bob Reiss: 24 – 24 easily had the best single episode of any drama this season, and if you want to find out which one it is you’ll have to read my column this week. The Sopranos probably will take it, but they don’t have my vote.

Cheri: Joan of Arcadia – Probably The Sopranos will win but I’m going to go with the show in this group that I actually do watch regularly: Joan of Arcadia. Hey, when a show regularly makes me tear up, it’s good.

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