Justice League Unlimited: The Greatest Story Never Told

Justice League Unlimited
“The Greatest Tale Never Told”
Original Airdate: 09/11/04
Cartoon Network

Tom Everett Scott as Booster Gold
Billy West as Skeets
Lori Loughlin as Dr. Tracy Simmons
Jeremy Piven as Elongated Man

New to Metropolis, Booster Gold has just saved some civilians. Booste’s robotic sidekick, Skeets, shows us, and the civilians, that Booster Gold traveled back through time to help us. The crowd walks away, unimpressed, but one kid stays to get Booste’s autograph. When the kid sees it, he is disappointed, and thought that Booster was Green Lantern. HA! Booster comes off as pompous & ignorant.

On the Watchtower, Booster Gold begs with J’onn J’onzz to get put on a more high profile mission, and that he can never achieve fame and fortune with out it. J’onn says that this is the attitude that holds Booster back. Suddenly, there is a mayday call from Wonder Woman, and that the Dark Magician Mordru is reeking havoc on Metropolis. J’onn tells Booster that he has never senses this much evil magic in one being, and that he fears for every living thing.

J’onn then starts assigning team members to go down and help Wonder Woman, Superman, Wonder Woman, & Batman. Capt. Atom and GL are in route, and J’onn calls for Hawk & Dove, Star, S.T.R.I.P.E., Aztek, Fire & Ice, Shinning Knight, Elongated Man, Vigilante, Dr. Light, Vibe, Huntress”¦and finally Booster Gold.

Once they arrive in Metropolis, most of them run off to their posts, with GL picking up Vibe, Hawk & Dove to help him and Batman, and assigning Booster Gold and Elongated Man to do”¦crowd control, with Batman telling Elongated Man that Plastic Man is already in battle.

Elongated Man is super pissed, and just complains and complains to Booster. But, Wonder Woman comes down, and gets Elongated Man, and goes back into battle. Leaving Booster on his own.

Some of Mordru’s magic triggers an earthquake, and a lab building is damaged. Booster finds Dr. Simmons passed out in her lab, and gets her awake. Simmons tells Booster that they were experimenting on a new replacement for fossil fuels, but when the building started to shake, it messed up the experiment, sending her boss, Dr. Brown, out into the streets, in a very dangerous state, as basically, a walking black hole.

Booster calls the Watchtower, to tell J’onn what is going on, but J’onn has no time to hear it. Dr. Simmons devices a collar to fix the problem, so they go looking for Dr. Brown, who they find rather quickly, sucking things up into his black hole.

In the fight with Mordru, a car is lifted from the streets, just missing GL, but landing on Booster when he is about to place the collar on Dr. Brown. A tractor trailer comes cruising down the highway, which stall Booster more.

Booster then comes across a screaming woman in an ambulance. The Woman is just about to pop with a baby, and Booster is the only one that can do it, with Dr. Simmons claiming that she isn’t a regular doctor, she is a physicist.

Booster then goes back in the hunt for Dr. Brown. He finds him in the subway, but it looks like Dr. Simmons is about to be sucked in, but Booster saves the day. As Booster the Simmons is about the kiss”¦Skeets comes in to inform Booster that the walking black hole is in the subways.

Booster goes in to put the collar on him, but a subway train comes barreling down the tracks, drilling Booster, and leaving him in it’s tracks. Booster then basically gives up, saying that he is not a superhero after all.

Back on the streets, Booster is trying to get Dr. Simmons out of harms way, and finds Dr. Brown again. Booster, once again, attempts to put the collar on him, but the fight with Mordru is overhead, and some of Mordru’s magic goes astray and hits a building, making it come to life, and going after Dr. Simmons, distracting Booster. Booster goes to save her, just as Dr. Brown turns around, and ends up sucking the building into his black hole, along with Skeets.

Booster gives up, telling Dr. Simmons that he is a fraud, and that he came back to the past for fame and fortune. Simmons reasons with him, telling him that he is the only Superhero there, and that he can do it.

Booster flies right into Dr. Brown, and starts getting sucked into him. Right before Booster is sucked all the way in, he locks the collar on the doc, with all the stuff that he sucked up flying out of him, including Booster and Skeets.

Mordru is taken down, and Batman confronts Booster about leaving his crowd control post. Booster tries to explain, but he is cut off, and Batman tells him that they will talk later.

Dr. Simmons comes up to Booster, and kisses the hero, and they walk away.

Very action packed episode, but I am left to wonder why I care about Booster Gold. I hope that they show another episode, showing what happened with Mordru.


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