Article On John Palyok (Survivor 9)

John C. Palyok, who played on the Hobart High School football team when it captured the state championship title in 1989, is no stranger to competition.

At 7 tonight, on the season premiere of CBS’ television show, “Survivor: Vanuatu,” the 31-year-old Hobart native will get the opportunity to display that same Brickie brand of tough competitiveness, this time under the national spotlight.

Friends and family will cheer him on the big screen at the End Zone bar in downtown Hobart, including parents, Jenny and John F. Palyok, and his younger brother, Mike Palyok, who all reside in Hobart.

“Trust me. We will be out front and center tonight watching him on television compete,” said his mom.

She said her son currently lives in Los Angeles, where he works in retail management at The Home Depot.

John could not be interviewed about the show in compliance with a nondisclosure form he had to sign with CBS. She said the family, which also had to sign a nondisclosure form, knew earlier this summer he had been one of 18 men and women from around the country selected for the television show. But they weren’t able to discuss his being on the show until the information was released by CBS.

“He went to Vanuatu, an island in the South Pacific in June and came back in August. All the shows are taped but the last two, which are live,” she said. The family has the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles in December to watch the final taping.

“We’ll get flown in there in December. It’s all taped. There is no winner (yet),” she said.

Mike Palyok, 26, said he was in shock when he learned his big brother was one of those selected for the show.

“He’s such an outgoing person that I can see him doing well,” he said.

“Anything he takes up he generally excels in. He’s one of those people who doesn’t like to do anything halfway,” he said.

John Palyok said his older son, who skydives and scuba dives and most recently took up bow hunting, is perfect for the spot on “Survivor” since he is just naturally adventuresome.

“He’s very intense when he tries to do something. He goes all out. He went to Europe last year and just hopped on a plane and hitchhiked and backpacked. If he has the opportunity to do something he does it. He’s the type of person to go for it. He’s also a people person. I hope he does well,” he said.

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Credit: NWI Times