InsidePulse’s WWE Afterburn report


Welcome to InsidePulse’s 3rd Afterburn report! Soon, I’ll stop numbering them.

It’s September 18, 2004 and we’re on the air with WWE Afterburn!

Last Week: Big Show came back with a bang!

Our host today is Josh “what’s up” Matthews. Josh talks about the Big Show’s return and says he had a huge decision to make. But first:

JIP, John Cena vs Booker T (Match #4). Cena is in control with a clothesline. Cena with a 2 count after a hiptoss. Booker T comes with a stungun and a spinkick for a 2. Back elbow for a 2, then the Bookman does a chinlock. Cena gets out of it with elbows and a headbutt. T comes back with a chop. Whip into the corner by Booker, reverse, Booker T does a weird pinning combination, but Cena gets out it and gets a 2 count. SWEET superkick by Booker T for a 2. Replay of the kick. Back to the chinlock. Another replay of the kick. Cena fights back with punches, but Booker takes him down for a cover with his feet on the ropes. Nick Patrick notices and stops the count. Booker with a punch, off the ropes, reverse, Cena with a flapjack. Both men down and up at 9. Cena in control with punches, clothesline off the ropes, back elbow off the ropes and finally misses a flying shoulder. WWE Spinebuster by Booker T for 2. T goes out to get his US title. Patrick takes it away from him. Cena with a rollup (without pulling the tights) for a 2. Cena back with punches, off the ropes, kick to the midsection, bulldog by Cena. John gets the 5 knuckle shuffle for a 2. Cena pumps up, going for the FU, no, Booker kicks him, Cena ducks a spinkick and beats Booker in the corner. Twice, Cena pushes the referee away. On the second one, Booker T smashes Cena with the US title. That gets a 2 count. Booker with a kick to the stomach, off the ropes goes Booker T for the scissors kicks, but Cena does the FU for the 1, 2, 3! Cena and Booker T are tied 2-2.

Coming UP: Big Show makes a decision
Up Next: Kidman speaks

We’re back with Josh Matthews talking about Kidman injuring Chavo.

Last week, Kidman costs him and London the Tag team titles.

Michael Cole is in the ring with Kidman. Cole says that Kidman basically quit. Kidman says first of all, he is not a quitter. Second, he didn’t walk out on anybody, he just tried to prevent another injury. He says he is the most misunderstood guy. He doesn’t want to hurt people, but he hurt Chavo with a SSP. Chavo suffered a sever concussion, but he’ll be OK and provide for his family. Kidman asks the audience if they want him to do the SSP. They agree. He asks if they’re that blood thirsty to see another person get hurt. They cheer even louder. Uh oh, Paul London is in the ring, face to face with Kidman. London brings up a good point: if Kidman wasn’t ready to compete, then why did he agree to defend the belts. London blames Kidman for losing the belts (Duh). London says that Kidman quit. London asks the same question he asked last week: what does he have to say to him. Kidman, once again, says “Nothing”. London slaps Kidman in the face! Kidman leaves the ring, walks down the aisle, stops to turn around and look at the fans, and finally decides to leave for good.

Coming up: Dupree & Suzuki vs FBI
Up Next: JBL has a surprise for the Dead Man

Afterburn returns with Josh talking about the feud between JBL and the Undertaker. At No Mercy, JBL defends the title against the Undertaker in a Last Ride Match.

JIP, UT’s music playing with JBL and OJ in the ring. Here he comes. JBL tells Jordan to leave the ring. Here we go! UT with right hands on JBL. Big Boot by UT. Chokeslam coming up, but JBL backs off on the ropes. The Ministry of Darkness reunion has come forth as Viscera and Gangrel make their return to beat on the UT. Viscera with a corner spash and variation of a sit out powerbomb. Undertaker sits up and punches everybody, except for JBL, who left the ring. Corner clothesline to Gangrel and Viscera. Chokeslam to OJ. Gangrel thown out of the ring. JBL comes back with the clothesline from hell. Elbow drops from Gangrel and Viscera. Viscera with 2 splashes to UT. And to add insult to injury, JBL raises his arms with the WWE title, while putting his foot on the Undertaker.

Up Next: Dupree & Suzuki vs FBI

We’re back with AB.

Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki vs FBI: Dupree and Johnny start out with them hooking up. Headlock on Johnny, Dupree off the ropes, shoulderblock, Dupree misses the elbow. Bull with a armbar. Backbody drop on Dupree for a 2 count. Tag to Nunzio. Armbar on Dupree, kick rollup for a 2, and back to working on arm. Kenzo opens the ropes for Nunzio to go to the outside. Nunzio to the post.

Out of nowhere, Heidenrich snatches Michael Cole and leaves with him. Tazz tries to go back to commentating, but changes his mind and looks for Cole. Meanwhile, Johnny gets tagged in and that’s all we get to see.

Backstage, Cole is pinned against a door with his back facing Heidenrich in a sick position. Mr. Camera man, a message for you: DO NOT LOWER THE CAMERA! He says he’s going to give something Cole wants and locks the door. Heidenrich is stealing JBL’s gimmick!

Another segments shows them face to face with Heidenrich choking Cole and asking him if he’s ready. He’s going to do something to Cole ever since he laid eyes on him. It’s a poem about fear by Heidenrich. He unlocks the door, and before leaving, Michael has to say “Thank you”. He does it and finally gets to leaves. Okay.

Up Next: Big Show signs a contract for No Mercy

We’re back with the final segment of Afterburn.

We see backstage, SD GM and Big Show having a talk. Long is impressed with what Big Show did last week. Long has 2 contracts for a match for No Mercy. One against Eddy Guerrero, the other, against Kurt Angle. In the ring, he has to make a decision. Holla Holla.

Next segment shows Eddy coming to Big Show’s locker room for a talk. Eddy is happy that Big Show returned. Eddy has just one problem: Show making an impact on Eddy. Eddy tells Show to sign the contract that has Eddy’s name on it.

Another segment with Luther Rains visiting Show. Luther says that WWE needs Kurt Angle. Kurt and Show are both misunderstood, but Luther and Kurt understand Show. “We feel your pain.”

We’re in the ring with Eddy on one side and Kurt & Luther on another. Show sits down with 2 contracts on the table and the Smackdown GM has the mic. Long says that if there is anything that the 2 competitors want to say, now is the time. Angle goes first, and tells Show that he doesn’t want revenge for what Show did to him. For business purposes, nobody wants to see Kurt Angle vs Big Show. Angle says that Show should wrestle someone that doesn’t like him, someone that wants to fight him and that someone is Eddy Guerrero. Angle pretty much wants Show to end Eddy’s career. Now, it’s Eddy’s turn saying that Angle doesn’t speak for the people or Eddy Guerrero. If Show wants a fight, he’ll give him a fight. Eddy promises Show one thing: Show is going to remember Eddy and No Mercy for the rest of his life. Yeah, just like last year. Big Show now has a decision to make. Fans chant “Triple Threat”. He looks at Eddy’s contract, then Angle’s. He signs… the contract to fight Eddy. To good to be true. Luther Rains and Angle attack Eddy, sending him to the outside. Big Show takes the contract vs Eddy and breaks it on his knee and signs the one to face Angle! Angle and Luther attack Big Show. Eddy comes back and out goes the bad guys and the table.

Hype time -> No Mercy:

Big Show vs Kurt Angle
Booker T vs John Cena in the final fall

Next Week on Smackdown:

Big Show and Eddy Guerrero vs Kurt Angle and Luther Rains
Undertaker vs Viscera and Gangrel
For the cruiserweight title: Spike vs Rey Mysterio

Josh Matthews says his goodbyes and that does it for Afterburn.