New Kids On The Blech: Canadian Idol Theresa Sokyrka Conference Call Highlights

When the top ten was reunited it was one of her favorite moments

How do you think gender is going to play itself out?- Whoever’s performance does better, total toss-up

Do you think the teenage support Kalen is getting is going to help him?- Kalen has a lot of teenage girls behind him, deserves teenage votes

How’s your voice holding up?- Doing okay, not so great

How are you preparing for Wednesday?- Concentrating, running over a lot of camera angles, trying to stay relaxed.

Did you finish your college music program?- No, only did a half year.

A. What’s going on with the voice and How do you maintain it- Lots of tea and rest, doesn’t like to drink water. Has a very tired voice

Discuss relationships with the people you’ve lived with- Very supportive group, never any stress behind the scenes? Had to release anxiety, but there was never any competition.

How important is age going to be tomorrow night- It’s just a question of taste’

Can you tell us about you’ll be singing- She can’t.

What is your preferred style of music- A jazzy-folk kind of feel, likes Norah Jones

What’s it been like having Saskatoon behind you?- It’s amazing, feels such warmth. Incredible to have support. The caricature Star Phoenix drew for her is most memorable

Will there be a sense of relief?- Absolutely. Nice to get some rest

When will you be in Red Deer again?- Going to be there hopefully in the next three or four weeks

Have you thought about your routine, what are you wearing, eating- Will probably just eat some tofu, and think about my performance. It’s going to be a lot different than any performance day. Says she’s a vegetarian.

What do you think of the new single “Awake In A Dream?” Huge possibility of being a hit, very relatable lyrics. She’s having a lot of fun making it her own. The songwriters give you say on what you like to do with a song.

What’s going to happen if you don’t win, what are your plans?- Taking some time off, and writing. Not going to give up music. Plans on staying Toronto

How much time do you spend with the judges off camera?- Not much. They can’t really chat with you that much. It’s fraternizing.

Is there a judge in particular you’d like to get along with?- Gets along with them all well

What will you and Kalen be doing and will you spend time together?- Will spend time with their families. Missed her family a lot, has spent a lot of time with Kalen already.

She’s really excited about the finale.

Do you think you’ll win- You realize win or lose, you’ll still be okay. She’s keeping her fingers crossed

Have you had any serious offers from record labels?- She hasn’t had any offers, since legally there’s three months of time off, where she can’t do anything contractual.

Do you feel people are voting based on looks?- She doesn’t, she thinks its based on talent.

If you come out on top, will you write your own songs- .Says there is talk of including one or two original songs on the new album. Thinks its good to have a compilation of songwriters

Who would you like to be facing in the Top Ten?- She says Shane, who would be a fantastic Canadian Idol

Who supports you and who will be there at the performance?-her mom, dad, grandma, aunts, uncles, and sister

The premier of Saskatchewan is in the audience, did you have anything to do with that?- She didn’t, though she’s glad he’s there.

She really wants “Vico more than anything”

How do you think your confidence has grown, leading into the competition tomorrow night- Feeling very nervous, and less confident. Songs are longer, and that’s new to her.

How are you going to deal with your nerves- Jumping and breathing, lots of breathing

Do you think you need a perfect performance, or does she expect the fans to help her-She needs a good performance to win.

Any marriage proposals yet- None whatsoever

How do you deal with recognition- In Toronto not many people recognize her, but in Saskatoon they would. She was once in a store and someone identified her, which felt really cool. Life is still normal

What has it been like dealing with the press and the media- It’s definitely a learning experience. Been very shy most of her life.

How do you feel about the support your getting from your old college- Is in correspondence with her friend J. C. there.

Thinks it great that the college is holding a Canadian Idol night for her

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from Canadian Idol- Dealing with nerves. Very nerve-wracking experience. You learn how to deal with pressure. She’s seen all the top ten deal with nerves

How important is it to come out on top in this completion- She’s worked really hard, but she thinks she’s going to be okay no matter what, as will the rest of the top ten.

Any songwriters you’d like to work with- Sarah Harmer(?), Sarah McLachlan, Jann Arden

Several of the writers at the conference, wish her good luck. End conference.

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