Diva Search News: Carmella, Real Heat, Reasoning Behind Boxing Change

One of the final two Diva Search Contestants, Carmella DeCesare, has legit heat backstage in the WWE Raw lockerroom.

Apparently she comes across as if she is bigger than wrestling and only is there for the money and PR. In the segment where the Divas berated each other, the other Divas all discussed it with each other, but Carmella was left out. All the biting comments were given to her without warning.

In addition, Triple H is unsurprisingly unhappy with the segments as well. In particular, he reacted negatively to the cursing in the segment. According to Wade Keller, HHH supposedly said something along the lines of: “So now it’s okay to cuss? In that case, I’m going to call Randy Orton a c—sucker on next week’s show.”

credit: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter