InsidePulse Indies Report 09.19.04


NWH – 9/11 – Island Falls, ME
IWA MS – 9/15 – Evansville, IN
IWA MS – 9/16 – New Albany, IN\
PWA – 9/17 – Florence, KY
SRPW – 9/17 – Tulsa, OK
XCW – 9/17 – Denton, TX
LWA – 9/18 – Swansea, IL
HWA – Cincinnati, OH
MPW – Oak Hill, WV
NWA NE – Buxton, ME
NWA CW – Fayetteville, WV
ACPW – Clinton, NC
CCW – Evansville, IN
NWA CW – Huntington, WV
RWC – Fayetteville, NC
MSW – Oak Hill, WV

New Wrestling Horizon results
Sat, 9/11 – Island Falls, ME

*CN Power def. Cameron Mathews
*Dangerous Donny def. Larry Huntley
*Legion Cage def. Paul Hudson
*Hardware def. Sonny Roselli (w/ Nickolas Santone)
*Survivor Series Match: Hardware/CN Power/Paul Hudson/Dangerous Donny/Gina Marie def. Sonny Roselli/Larry Huntley/Cameron Mathews/Nickolas Santone/Legion Cage

IWA Mid-South results
Wed, 9/15 – Evansville, IN

*Danny Daniels def. “The King of Diamonds” Eddie Kingston via pin after a piledriver
*MsChif def. Tracy Brooks & Mickie Knuckles
*”Spyder” Nate Webb def. “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy via pin with a roll up
*Elimination, Falls Count Anywhere, Tables Match: Mad Man Pondo/Cash Flo (w/ Pearl Harbor) def. Corporal Robinson/2 Tuff Tony
*”Metalhead” Steve Stone (w/ Jim Fannin) def. JC Bailey
*”Anarchist” Arik Cannon def. Roderick Strong via pin after a Glimmering Warlock
*”Double C” Claudio Castagnoli def. Alex Shelley w/ Swiss Sleeper Holding.
*”The Phenomenal” AJ Styles def. Matt Sydal
*2/3 Falls Match: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. CHRIS HERO went to a draw
*Petey Williams def. CM Punk via submission with a sharpshooter

IWA Mid-South results
Thurs, 9/16 – New Albany, IN

*IWA MS Women’s Title Contender Match: Mickie Knuckles def. Tracy Brooks
*”Metalhead” Steve Stone (w/ Jim Fannin) def. Danny Daniels via pin
*CM Punk def. “Double C” Claudio Castagnoli by pin after hitting the Pepsi Plunge top rope pedigree
*No Countout, No DQ Match: Corporal Robinson def. Rollin Hard (w/ Jim Fannin)
*NWA Midwest X Title Match: champion Matt Sydal vs. “Spyder” Nate Webb went to a no contest
*The Wildcards (Eddie Kingston/”Black Jack” Marciano) def. Matt Sydal/”Spyder” Nate Webb
*JC Bailey def. Cash Flo (w/ Jim Fannin)
*”Anarchist” Arik Cannon def. Ian Rotten by pin after a Glimmering Warlock
*Alex Shelley/Roderick Strong def. Chris Hero/Nigel McGuinness
*”American Dragon” Bryan Danielson def. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles via pin
*IWA World Title Match: champion Petey Williams retained against “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy

Power Wrestling Alliance results
Fri, 9/17 – Florence, KY

*Super Destroyer (w/ Ted Dibiase) def. Shane Mathews
*Vic The Bruiser def. Billy Maverick via pin
*Eric Darkstorm def. George South

Steel Rage Pro Wrestling results
Fri, 9/17 – Sapulpa, OK

*Dexter Hardaway def. SRPW Light Heavyweight champion Cade Sydal in a non-title match
*SRPW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Luc Lapointe def. “Dirty” Harry Sanchez via pin
*SRPW 24/7 Hardcore Title Match: Bobby Dalton def. Shane Morbid by pin
*Jack Dalton/Adam Thornstowe def. Timmy J/Kenny Campbell via pin
*SRPW Heavyweight Title Contender Battle Royal: The Prophet

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 9/17 – Denton, TX

*Scott Phoenix (w/ Lady Draven) def. Dave the Rave (w/ Bryan Justice) via pin
*XCW TNT Title Match: champion Gemini (w/ Southside Steve Moody) def. Aldo Nova
*”Dirty” Craig Jerikho def. Jack Drastic by DQ
*Action Jackson vs. Jack Drastic vs. Sidd Chaos (w/ Steve Moody) went a no-contest
*John Allen def. Bullman Downs/Lenny Lane

Lethal Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 9/18 – Swansea, IL

*European Scumbag/Shamus O’Flannery def. Team Nature (Gary The Barn Owl/Eric The Aardvark)
*”Pretty Boy” Paul Parker def. Kiwi Jell-O
*Adam Raw def. Reverend Evan Gelist
*Nightmare def. “Hard Knox” Ryan Ash
*Jordan Lacey def. Bruce Van Chan
*LWA Title Match: champion Frankie Big Balls retained against Pondula

Heartland Wrestling Association
HWA Arena, Cincinnati, OH
Tues, 9/21

Mountaineer Pro Wrestling
Barry’s Skateland, Oak Hill, WV
Tues, 9/21 – 7:30 pm

NWA New England
Skips Bar, Buxton, ME
Tues, 9/21 – 8 pm

NWA Championship Wrestling
Soliders & Sailors Memorial Bldg, 200 W Maple AVE, Fayetteville, WV
Wed, 9/22 – 7:30 pm

*Ricky Morton vs. Bobby Eaton
*Barbarian vs. Scotty Riggs
*”Handsome” Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant vs.
“Mr. #1” George South
*”Wild Eyed Southern Boy” Tracy Smothers vs. “Superstar” Shane Matthews
*Eric Darkstorm/Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy vs. Masked Assassin/Super Destroyer/Chris Vega
*Scotty McKeevor vs. “Cut Throat” Josh Cody

Clinton Pawn Shop Building, Clinton, NC
Wed, 9/22 – 8 pm

*Featuring ACPW TV champion Stro & more

Coliseum Championship Wrestling
Evansville Coliseum, Evansville, IN
Wed, 9/22

NWA Championship Wrestling
Veterans Memorial Field House, 5 AVE & 26 ST, Huntington, WV
Thurs, 9/23 – 7:30 pm

*Ricky Morton vs. Bobby Eaton
*Barbarian vs. ??
*”Wild Eyed Southern Boy” Tracy Smothers vs. Scotty Riggs
*”Mr. #1″ George South vs. Scotty McKeevor
*NWA CW Unified Tag Titles Match: champions “Cut Throat” Josh Cody/Super Destroyer vs. Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy
*NWA CW TV Title Match: champion “Pure Talent” Eric Darkstorm vs. “Superstar” Shane Matthews

Ring Wars Carolina
Cumberland County Fair, Fayetteville, NC
Thurs, 9/23 – 7:30 pm

*Featuring Stro, Jimmy “Boogie Woogie” Man Valiant, and more

Mountain State Wrestling
Bargain Park, Oak Hill, WV
Thurs, 9/23 – 7:30 pm

Cumberland Co Fair, Fayetteville, NC
Thurs, 9/23