WWE Dress Code Update


Wrestlers are upset that WWE officials have decided that Undertaker and John Cena are exceptions to the dress code policy. While the wrestlers are not really actively complaining about ‘Taker (given his seniority in the company), it is a difference case for Cena. WWE argues that his clothes are a reflection of his gimmick, but some wrestlers have pointed out that the dress code doesn’t exactly mesh with their gimmick either.

Rey Mysterio, Johnny the Bull, and Billy Kidman were fined for violating the dress code a while back. The locker room wasn’t very pleased with the fine, as the wrestlers were arriving at a hotel at 2 a.m. after a long night and were hassled about what they were wearing. The wrestlers say it’s one thing for management to ask them to dress up for airline travel, but insane to ask them to wear a suit and tie while driving at night.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter