SD News: Top Smackdown Moments Online


On the results page for the 09.23.04 episode of Smackdown, has posted more exclusive video as well as links to video of top 25 of the top moments in Smackdown history!

These include:


Moolah & Mae

London injury

25 Moments

1st Ever SmackDown!

Tag Team TLC

Stephanie wins!

Kurt’s little hat

Hogan returns

Big Show vs. Brock

Billy & Chuck Wedding

Mr. McMahon kisses ass

The McMahon Divorce

DX Explosion

Stone Cold vs. Booker

Edge vs. Eddie

Undertakers return

Rock makes Coach Dance

Rey vs. Matt Hardy

Torrie vs. Marie – Pudding match

Rock ‘N’ Sock

Big Boss Man

Hogan and Edge

Mysterio’s Debut

Stephanie McMahon interview

Mick Foley interview

Hogan interview

Stone Cold interview

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