InsidePulse’s WWE Afterburn report


Welcome to InsidePulse’s 4th Afterburn report!

It’s September 25, 2004 and we’re on the air with WWE Afterburn!

Our host today is Josh Matthews and talks about the Kurt Angle-Big Show feud and the 5 year anniversary of Smackdown. But first:

Last Week: London slaps Kidman, but Kidman walks away.

Kidman vs Paul London: After staring at each for a minute, Kidman once again walks away. London wins by countout in this hard fought match. Booker T’s music and out he comes.

In the ring, a Booker T-Paul London match begins. T with a kick, a chop and right hands to London. Back elbow for a 2. Booker T continues to pummel a bloody London. Whip to the buckle by Booker, London with a foot to the face and a knee from the second rope. Booker comes with a stungun and a clothesline. Replay of the back elbow that caused London to bleed. Booker with a surfboard and London gets out of it. London with 3 kicks and 3 punches, off the ropes, reverse, slides under, spin kick. Cool dropkick by London. Enziguri for a 2. Body press by London is reversed and Booker T uses the ropes for 1, 2, 3.

T grabs the mic. He hopes that John Cena saw this match, because that’s what will happen to him. He wants to prove the world that he is the undisputed US champion. As Booker does his catchphrase, London hits him from behind and referees come and separate them.

Backstage, we see Kidman leaving, while the SD GM stops him. Long says he made the Kidman-London match because people want to see it. People want to see Kidman doing the SSP. Long doesn’t want a quitter on the SD roster. At No Mercy, it will be London vs Kidman, and if Kidman doesn’t show or walks out again, he will be fired.

Coming up: Tag team main event
Up Next: Spike vs Rey Rey

SD Throwback: Austin says his favorite Smackdown moment was when they went to Iraq to entertain the troops. Lame. Another favorite moment was when he and Kurt sang to Mr. McMahon.

We’re back with Josh talking about the Rey-Spike feud.

From SD, Josh interviews both Spike and Rey (who are face to face). Spike says that he had to anything he could to be the Cruiserweight champion. Spike is the boss and he is proud of that. Rey says he will stop at nothing to win the CW title. Rey starts to speak Spanish, until Kenzo Suzuki arrives and tells him to speak English. Rey says “I understand”, then smacks Suzuki with the microphone.

JIP, Spike vs Rey Mysterio. Rey misses a charge in the corner and Spike throws him shoulder first into the post. Both men outside as Spike continues to work on the shoulder. Back in the ring, Spike with a 2 count. Bodyslam by Spike, to the top, Spike gets crotched. Hurrincarana for close 2 count. Spike with a headbutt to the gut, then does a sunset flip, Rey gets out with dropkick to the face for a 2. Pinning combination for another 2 count. Rey with a whip off the ropes, reverse, Rey with a spring body press to the referee. Somebody is going to interfere. Spike going for the Dudley Dog, no, whip to the corner, reverse, face first goes Rey. Spike to the top and as he goes down, Rey puts the boot up. Spike now in the position for the 619. The tag team champs arrive and pull down the ropes so Rey goes to the outside. Kenzo with takedown move. Rey back in the ring, and Spike goes for the cover and is victorious with the 3 count. Rene Dupree and Suzuki stomp on Rey, until RVD comes out and chases the champs out of the ring.

Backstage, Theodore Long talks with Suzuki and Dupree. Dupree says that Rey disrespected Suzki’s honor. Long doesn’t like the champs involved in a title match that they don’t belong in. At No Mercy, it will be Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki defending their titles against Rey Mysterio and RVD. For some reason, the champs are shocked at this. What did they expect? To face midgets?

Coming up: Torrie goes back to school
Up Next: UT vs Gangrel and Viscera

Afterburn is back. Josh talks about the latest JBL-UT feud.

JIP, Undertaker vs Viscera and Gangrel. UT with right hands on Viscera. Gangrel charges and hits Viscera. Big boot to both Viscera and Gangrel. JBL is looking on from his limo. UT working on Gangrel’s arm. Old school on Gangrel. OJ distracts the Deadman as Viscera splashes UT in the corner. Choke/powerbomb combo on UT. Gangrel with an elbowdrop and punches. Tag to Viscera. A splash gets a 2 count. Tag to Gangrel. Viscera misses a splash. Gangrel whips UT off the ropes, flying clothesline. UT with 2 clotheslines to each men in the corner. DDT on Viscera. Snake Eyes and big boot to Gangrel. Tombstone to Gangrel for the cover, the count and the victory.

UT and JBL look at each other, as Viscera starts to beat on Taker. Whip by Viscera, duck, UT with a chokeslam. UT grabs a chair, places it on Viscera’s neck and smashes it in the steps. UT motions that he will be the new champion. JBL goes in the limo and gets the F out of there.

Up Next: Torrie and Dawn face off in a schoolgirl match

SD Throwback: Hogan’s favorite SD was when he and Edge won the Tag Team titles.

Carlito Caribbean Cool is coming. I can’t wait!

Afterburn returns with Josh talking about the 5 year anniversary of SD, as well as the schoolgirl match. He says that Mae Young and Moolah came out as part of Old School. Oh no.

In the ring, it’s a wrestling match. Dawn Marie and Mae Young are in the ring. Lockup to the corner. Both Young and Marie rub the referee’s butt. Okay, now we have a test of strength. It looks like they’re dancing or something. Tag to Torrie. Mae with kick, off the ropes, sunset flip by Torrie and oh my god! 2 count. Now, Torrie is in the Rikishi position. Bronco buster. Tag to Dawn Marie. Why would Dawn want to tag in? Tag to Moolah. Moolah with right hands. Moolah is trying to take off Dawn’s shirt and does it. Moolah and Mae Young push Dawn down and pin her.

Up next: Kurt Angle and Luther Rains vs Eddy Guerrero and Big Show

We’re back with our final segment of Afterburn.

JIP, Angle and Rains vs Eddy and Big Show. Tag to Luther while Eddy has Angle in the anklelock. Luther with a whip, Eddy with a dropkick. Both men down. Tag to Angle, tag to Big Show. Clotheslines and bodyslams to Luther and Angle. Big Show squashes both Luther and Angle in the corner. Sideslam to Angle, then tags Eddy. Eddy goes on Big Show’s shoulder and frogsplashes Angle! Mark Jindrak comes in to beat on Eddy and Big Show, plus, he throws the referee out of there. Big Show comes back with a clothesline to Mark. Luther with a neckbraker to Eddy on the outside. Luther goes in now and Big Show beats on both. Angle goes to get something under the broadcast table. It appears to some sort of gun. He goes in the ring and shoots it at Show: it’s a tranquilizer dart. Now THAT is memorable. Big Show slowly starts to fade away. He tries to chokeslam Angle, but can’t. Finally, the Big Show is out. Mark Jindrak leaves to get some scissors and some electric thing. Angle cuts Big Show’s hair. Now, Luther and Mark do it. Angle takes out a shaver and I guess you know the rest. Angle shows the Big Show’s face to the photographer.

We take a look at the picture that the photographer took of Angle and Big Show.

WWE No Mercy:

Big Show vs Kurt Angle
Booker T vs John Cena in match #5
Kidman vs Paul London
Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree vs Rey Mysterio and RVD
Eddy Guerrero vs Luther Rains
JBL vs Undertaker in a Last Ride Match

I don’t know about you, but this looks like a strong card to me.

Josh Matthews says his goodbyes and that does it for Afterburn.