NYC Mech #5 Review


Reviewer: Chris Delloiacono
Story Title: N/A

Script by: Ivan Brandon & Miles Gunter
Art by: Andy MacDonald
Colored by: Fabio D’Auria
Lettered and Designed by: Kristyn Ferretti
Cover by: Esad Ribic
Editor: N/A
Publisher: Image Comics

The first arc of NYC Mech (issues 1 & 2), featuring a modern-day Wild Bunch that knocked over various stores in NYC, was outstanding. The twist ending left me waiting for more. With the events that unfolded, I was anxious to see the direction that the featured characters from those issues lives would take in issue #3. Surprisingly, none of the characters that appeared in the first two issues have shown up in the second arc (currently in the 3rd of 4 parts). This was a surprising little twist; as there were some interesting threads left hanging.

Much like the brilliant Vertigo series 100 Bullets tends to do, it seems that this current arc is totally unrelated to what we saw before, except for the overall premise. Yet, I’m getting the distinct feeling that the events within that first arc will play a large part in what’s going on in this current one. How or why? That’s the question that I’m anxious to find out.

How? and Why? are the FAQ of NYC Mech thus far. In case you aren’t aware of the overlying premise operating within these pages—let me clue you in. NYC Mech could be a part of the Twilight Zone. The series takes place in a world that looks and feels just like our own, except for one small difference—the setting is New York City occupied by robots that act and do all the things that we do. They talk, dress, party, love, drug, and hate as if they were human. Why this is the case and where it’s all going are questions that will be answered another time. For now, it’s wonderful to sit back and enjoy the ride.

The current arc is focused on a brother and sister sharing an appartment in NYC. Marco is living a lie. He goes around pretending to be a police officer. He means well and does quite a bit of good. Marco also does quite a bit of bad—that is on top of the felony of impersonating a police officer. Marco’s sister, Valeria, is a well-to-do model that adores her brother and his work in law enforcement. She’s as clueless as they come with regard to her brothe’s lies.

Ivan Brandon & Miles Gunter have created another outstanding script. The past two issues have been building up the strange lives of Marco and Valeria. The pitfalls that Marco faced the past couple of months are nothing compared to the trials he’s facing now. Potential-love comes knocking, as does something far more sinister. The story is highly-character focused that is until the end. That’s when they sinister moment comes up. The moment is oddly comparable to real-life concerns. Brandon and Gunte’s ability to weave these real life concerns into a story with robots is what makes the series so gripping and truly original.

Bringing the world of NYC Mech to life is artist Andy MacDonald. It sounds like a line when I say that MacDonald gets better with every issue. But, he does! The art started out excellent, but it looks more fantastic, yet grounded in reality, each month. The synthesis of reality/unreality is the special talent that’s needed on NYC Mech–and its talent that Andy MacDonald has in spades!

The fantastic artwork coupled with the surprises and twists are what has got me hooked with NYC Mech. Five issues in a row the talent behind this book have delivered. Like any great title, it’s becoming old-hat for these guys to deliver an A effort!