Batgirl #56 Review

Reviewer: Tim Sheridan
Story Title: Collateral Damage

Written by: Dylan Horrocks
Pencilled by: Mike Huddleston
Inked by: Jesse Delperdang
Colored by: Jason Wright
Lettered by: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Michael Wright
Publisher: DC Comics

This issue was fine. It was alright. I didn’t love it, nor did I hate it. I was incredibly “ok” about the whole thing. I read it, put it down, and within a few minutes, had forgotten about it. I gotta tell you though. This War Games thing has gone on for too long. It’s a cool idea, but I think that 3 months was a little too much to tell the story. You look at the reviews I wrote when this crossover started. I was excited about. But slowly, it has worn on me. It was chock full of stories like this. Good, but not great.

So, if this review sounds a bit uninspired, its because the comic itself was uninspiring. I suppose if I were a better writer, I would be able to infuse some passion in it, but I just can’t.

What was good about this issue was the Black Mask stuff. He meets up with Hush, and there’s quite a little argument between the two. It’s a little cheesy, with one wanting to team up and the other saying, “No, you had your chance.” That sort of thing.

Meanwhile, our protagonist, Batgirl, is attempting to maintain order in her neck of the woods in Gotham during a blackout. And of course, it’s night, because blackouts just don’t happen and/or are not cool during the day.

Batgirl eventually arrives at Leslie Thompkin’s clinc, which really seems to be the hangout for the superfolk in Gotham city. If this were Saved By the Bell, Thompkins would be the owner of The Max. But you know, it’s a good thing that Batgirl was there, because shortly after she arrives, so does a gang, wanting to claim the clinic as their own personal hospital. The gang is the “Ghost Dragons,” led by Lynx, who I think I’ve followed since her first appearance in Robin #1, back in 1990. So, I guess, it was nice to see her again. But do you really think she took control of the place? Please. Is this comic called “Lynx and the Ghost Dragons?” No, it’s called “Batgirl” so the mono-named but very talented Batgirl beats the crap out of the Ghost Dragons for a little while, until some dude with a sword (!) comes along and makes sure this is Lynx’s final appearance. Hmm…weird.

Anyway, we end with Leslie basically telling Batgirl to tell Batman that he’s finally spilt too many milkshakes in her “Max.” And that he’s none too welcome back, even with AC Slater.

Like I said, it was a fine issue. We’re over halfway done with this epic story, and it’s a lot less fun, and a lot more redundant than I thought. So, I’m looking forward to the climax.

Final Word: M’eh.

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