InsidePulse’s Sunday Night Heat Report 09.26.04


First off, my $ 0.02 on Taboo Tuesday, since I’m sure everybody’s wonderin’ what the Heat guy’s thinkin’. Anyways, I think it is a GOOD idea, and that Vince WILL lets the fans pick the title challenger. The only thing is, that he will have a limited amount of choices. For instance, with the World Title match, the 3 choices will probably be Benjamin, Benoit, and Orton. Well Benjamin isn’t that over, and I don’t think the fans will want to see Benoit/HHH again, so tada, we get the Orton/HHH rematch. As for the IC title, I think fans will pick the stipulation, as it will probably definetly be Edge/Jericho, if Edge is healthy. Same for the Christian/HBK match. If Edge isn’t healthy, the fans will probably choose between Christian/Jericho, HBK/Jericho, or Christian/HBK/Jericho. Now, again, I don’t think WWE will do triple threats or anything like that, unless they have to. Now they’ll probably choose the tag contenders, as the choices would be Benoit/Regal, Rhyno/Tajiri, Batista/Flair, or Hurricane/Rosey. And they’ll probably choose the women’s contender, and what outfits they have to wrestle in. Now, WWE should have you choose ANY match that’s possible, but then we’d probably end up seeing another Hell in a Cell, so I’m kinda glad in that sense that they don’t.

Taped from Tuscon, Arizona
Hosts are Todd Grisham & Al Snow

Gail Kim vs Nidia – Kim gets a side headlock and takes Nidia down for 2. Nidia gets out, and gets a quick cover for 1. Dropkick gets 1 for Gail. Nidia pulls on Kim’s arms some, and gets a cover for 1. Nidia gets a backdrop, and grabs an arm wringer. Kim tries to escape, but slips up. She suckers Nidia in, and tosses her out on the turnbuckle. Back in, Gail gets 2. Snapmare and kneedrop gets 2. Nidia counters a suplex attempt into a roll-up for 1. Backslide gets 2. Crossbody gets 2. Kim gets am octupus abdominal stretch, as the crowd actually gets behind Nidia. She gets out with a hiptoss. Northern lights suplex gets 2. Another one gets 2. Kim gets another submission move (think stretch muffler [ aka Brock Lock] + body scissors) for the win @ 5:55. Surprisingly good match, as women’s matches on Heat are a really good idea, as the crowd is willing to get behind them here. I predict in a couple years, Kim’s gonna be an awesome wrestler.

We get a video package of the whole Divas search, from the beginning. Man, I forgot abouth that woman with the cut down the front of her dress, the one who also appeared on RAW. Damn she shoul’ve won. Anyways, we get Trish interrupting, which pretty much steals the whole package. Yeah, Christy won. REMEMBER to tune into RAW tommorow night, as Trish will be hosting her party thingy.

We get a package of the Snitsky/Kane crap. Thank god that baby died.

Val Venis vs Chuck Palumbo – The two do a quick lockup, and Chuck gets a back suplex for 2, twice. Palumbo takes him into the corner, and pretty much beats the hell out of him. Vertical suplex gets 2. Chuck gets a Camel Clutch, and continues the beating. Venis comes back with a spindbuster, and goes for the Money Shot, but Palumbo gets his legs up, and his modified Somoan Drop @ 3:18, for the win.

We get cuts from the WM 21 conference.

I see the first No Mercy promo, as it’s apparently next Sunday.

We get a backstage interview with Grisham and Regal. Interesting, Grisham’s interviewing Regal backstage, but he’s doing commentary. Hmmm. Todd asks about the Eugene/Bischoff match, as Regal gives his own options for the match. Boiled in oil anybody

Clips from the 6-man main event from RAW.

Simon Dean promo. I buy it.

Rodney Mack vs Steven Richards – Back to the mediocre main events I guess. I’d rather have the ladie’s match be here. Richards gets a nice pop. Stevie jumps and dumps him to start (how ya like that rhyme Rodney?), and gets a crossbody off the apron. Back in, Richards gets 2. Richards gets distracted by Jazz, and goes out to tell her that he still has his eyes on Victoria, and calls her a transexual, so she of course rams his head into the steps. Mack brings him back in, and gets 2. Swinging neckbreaker gets 2. Some more offense gets 2. Stevie jawbreaks out of a chinlock, and a sidewalk slam gets 2. Jazz distracts the ref, for no reason at all, and Mack goes low. The “Ghetto Blaster”, or as I like to call it, the DDT, gets the win @ 3:46.