Rolling The Dice


Welcome to the first installment of Rolling The Dice, where your Inside Pulse staffers will be giving you the heads up on who and why these people should be on your fantasy team.

Blatt’s Team for week 2:
Total salary used: $20,000,000.00
Billy Kidman – $2,750,000
Booker T – $4,500,000
Rob Van Dam – $4,500,000
Shelton Benjamin – $2,750,000
Undertaker – $5,500,000

It’s my prediction that the Pay Per View weeks are going to be the hardest to even start thinking about who is going to be winning what matches. My picks are simply indicative of who I think will win. Although AT the trade deadline I’ll probably have switched Shelton Benjamin for
someone on Smackdown! with a PPV match. PPV weeks are going to be interesting also because they are weeks where we will see the main
eventers more than once. Or someone like Luther Reigns might make three appearances that week (Velocity, Smackdown AND the PPV).

Blatt’s “HOT PICK”: Booker T:
He hasn’t had a clean over Cena yet (even heels get clean wins once in a while), and with Cena’s movie coming up, I’d imagine that he doesn’t have time to be representin’ the US title.

Hevia’s Team:
Total Salary Used: 20,000,000
Billy Kidman $2,750,000
Booker T $4,500,000
Carlito Caribbean Cool $1,000,000
Kenzo Suzuki $2,500,000
Mark Jindrak $1,000,000
Paul London $2,750,000
Rob Van Dam $4,500,000
Tyson Tomko $1,000,000

Pay-per view weeks will absolutely be the weeks you’re knocking your head on your desk. Billy Kidman and Paul London? I normally would have only chosen one of them but I’ll take both because at the very least they get the PPV appearance points. Even if Paul London gets DQ’d, (My personal call for the match) he still gets the appearance points. Carlito is a good pick because he gets his vignettes every Thursday and what better way than have him debut at No Mercy helping out Rene and Kenzo. At $1,000,000 that’s a good bye. Kenzo is on here for logistics: Him and Rene have to beat RVD and Rey because Rey has unfinished business with Spike Dudley. However, throw RVD in the mix and you have the points either way for retaining/winning a title. Jindrak is there for appearance points only…he’ll show up on Smackdown with Angle and Reigns and will probably interfere in both matches at No Mercy. Trifecta appearance points! Tyson Tomko is on this least because he’s cheap and Christian is on Raw every week. Tyson is always with him so you grab the points.

Hevia’s “Hot Pick”: Booker T
Agreements from Pulse Staffers? WHAT!? Yea folks grab The Book this week. John Cena will be off saluting the flag pretty soon and logically you’d want Booker T to have the U.S. Title. If Cena wins and bolts for filming it makes the title look weak. If the title gets traded back and forth it cheapens the title. Booker T just makes sense. Smackdown appearance? Check. Smackdown match? Maybe. No Mercy match? Check. Probable title retention? Check.

Currently Blatt leads the staffers league on WWE Fantasy. Deconstructing The Moveset is rocking on with 108 points. In dead last is Hevia’s Hevnation with 48 points. How could you score so low you ask? Easy actually: I picked Cena last week under the assumption he wouldn’t just be rapping for three points. That and Blatt had Spike Dudley and his 31 points. C’mon if you told me Spike Dudley would grab you 31 points I would’ve sharted.

That’s all this week. Let us know how you’re doing, if any picks we gave you destroyed your life and any surefire winners for next week. Remember: If Inside Pulse doesn’t get it right, no one will.