Plastic Man #10 Review


Reviewed by: Mathan “Floyd Lawton?” Erhardt
Story Title: Easy To Chew, But Hard To Swallow!

Written, Penciled, Inked, Colored, and Lettered by: Kyle Baker
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Published by: DC Comics

Plastic Man and Morgan go off on vacation for a little “together” time. However while they stop for gas, the stumble into a mystery that has all the markings of vampire novel. They decide to try to call for help from the only house in the area: the lone house on a hill!

As they approach the house Morgan berates Plas for his appearance, to which he alters causing him to, hilariously, lose his sight. The owner of the house seems like a kindly old gent, but his “daughter” looks like your typical vampire or goth chick, whatever.

The owner of the house offers Morgan and Plas shelter but little else; he has no phone or internet. Plas goes to unpack and finds that Woozy has stowed away in the back of the car. Their host then offers Woozy a room as well.

While they sleep for the night, the owner reveals his true nature, as a vampire and tries to bite them as they sleep. He punctures Plas like a balloon, and can’t puncture the “tough” Morgan. The always-hungry Woozy makes a fatefully late night food raid, and finds the fridge stocked with blood, which he mistakes for tomato juice. The host hypnotizes him.

Plas and the vampire get into an epic shape shifting battle and Morgan eventually decides to take the vampire on herself. Finally the vampire is vanquished in an inventive way. The issue ends with a new cast member joining the book.

I don’t think that Kyle Baker gets enough credit. This guy singled handedly produces a monthly comic book, and it’s a consistently great comic book. It’s visually witty and it’s wittily written. But most of all it’s fun, like comics should be. This is an all ages book that deserves to be read more.