Rasslin Roundtable: WWE SmackDown Presents No Mercy


The IP staff is back with our predictions for this weekend’s NO MERCY! As it turns out, an old friend from the motherland, Jacob Ziegler, has joined us this time through. Without any further ado, this month’s ROUNDTABLE!

Spike Dudley (c) vs. Nunzio – WWE Cruiserweight Title

PK: This whole match is happening because Nunzio had a fluke win over Spike on SD this week. There is no way he gets 2 fluke wins in a row. However, this maybe a sign that they are finally ready to use the CWs properly. Now introduce Shannon Moore, Akio, & Funaki into the mix, and we have a division!
Winner – The Boss

Eric Szulczewski: I’m actually liking Boss Spike. The rest of the
Dudleys, of course are an iffy proposition. This’ll be a total schmozz with interference from every possible direction. That means no title change.
Winner – Spike Dudley

Gordi: I’m guessing that this will be one of many matches using interference to set up future matches.
Winner — Spike

Raven West: Match will probably be dull, as the crowd doesn’t really care about either man that much. Don’t really see why Nunzio would get it.
Winner – Spike Dudley

Jed Shaffer: It’s as if the Black Scorpion came back and is doing more of his shitty magic tricks. In this case, making a useless match appear out of thin air! I’m sure the two will put on a decent show, but there’s just no hook to this whatsoever.
Winner – Evil Midget Dudley

Jennette: Spike’s brothers help the little guy retain here. I wouldn’t mind seeing some gold on Nunzio though.
Winner – Spike

Nate Stein: For some reason, Nunzio has yet to really be taken seriously ever by the WWE. By that alone, I don’t see him taking the gold on this one.
Winner – Spike Dudley

Jacob Ziegler: Nunzio already got his win on Smackdown, so I imagine Spike will retain here, maybe with the help of his brothers. I wonder if everyone in the audience knows that Nunzio & Stamboli are faces now?
Winner – Spike Dudley

Eddie Guerrero vs. Luther Reigns

PK: This is Luther’s 2nd PPV match, and it’s a tad bit more high profile then wrestling Charlie Haas at the last minute. Luther hasn’t exactly proven himself in the ring, but, from what I can tell, he is good enough that Eddie can carry him to a good match.
Winner – Eddie

Eric Szulczewski: This one might turn out to be surprisingly good. Reigns doesn’t require much carrying, and Eddy can work miracles. If they can get over the misfit of styles, it’ll be entertaining.
Winner – Eddy Guerrero

Gordi: Guererro should be able to make Reigns look like a monster and then pull out a last second victory.
Winner – Eddie, hopefully in entertaining fashion.

Raven West: Geez, WWE picked a good time to release the Eddie DVD didn’t they, when he’s in a match with Luther Reigns. Well it’s pretty obvious that Angle’s playing politics, as Eddie probably wouldn’t be down the card just for not drawing in bug numbers. I mean, look at JBL. Anyways, Luther got the win on SD!, so therefore-
Winner – Eddie G

Jed Shaffer: Does Costco sell big, dumb, gallumphing big guys in bulk? Vince is stocking up on them like they’re being discontinued. Anyway, Eddie has been on a severe downward spiral since dropping the belt, losing like three matches to Angle, and being stuck in a program with Generic Big Guy #976,120. Unless they intend on doing an injury angle to give Eddie some time off (which he needs), don’t expect the newbie to do much other than screw up.
Winner – Latino Lukewarm (he ain’t got no heat, cause they’re killing it)

Jennette: Luther goes over and Eddie hopefully gets some much needed time off.
Winner – Luther

Nate Stein: Does anyone ever take Luther seriously?
Winner – Eddie Guerrero

Jacob Ziegler: Sucks to think that Eddie was champion just more than 3 months ago, and now he’s wrestling this green rookie. Luther actually isn’t bad, and I think there’s a pretty solid match to be had with these two. It looks like Eddie needs some time off pretty badly, and Luther could use the rub, so I’m betting on the upset.
Winner – Luther Reigns

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman

PK: All I want is to give these guys 20 minutes. Kidman should pick up the win, as they can still push this feud.
Winner – Kidman

Eric Szulczewski: Gee, an angle development match. You know how I feel about those. London wins because he has to get something back for all of this.
Winner – Paul London

Gordi: If London screwed up his Shooting Star Press and hurt Kidman it wouldn’t be funny, but it would be ironic.
Winner – London

Raven West: Probably a **** match. Oh wait, this is WWE, not WCW. Sorry. Expect a * mess.
Winner – London

Jed Shaffer: Nice to see “creative” is building the tag ranks with solid tag teams, generating a real buzz and sustaining it for a long period of time, then splitting for singles careers when they have nowhere left to go. Oh, wait. My bad. Should be a good match, but they didn’t let these two partner long enough for anyone to care about their break-up. Back to Velocity for both of you.
Winner – Not their careers, that’s for sure.

Jennette: One guy sucks, one guy is good. Going with the good one.
Winner – London

Nate Stein: I’d say Kidman would go over with a Shooting Star Press, but since there’s no one left in WWE who likes Billy Kidman, I’d say Paul London EASY. I’m interested in seeing what they do with London after all this. This might create a good opportunity for him, but doubtful by how WWE runs.
Winner – Paul London

Jacob Ziegler: Amazing that these two guys have an entire program not involving the Cruiserweight Title. I think it was rushed entirely too fast, but Kidman and London are doing a great job with it, and it’s a good story. If these guys get 12-15 minutes, look out. Oh, and London needs the win more, so I think they’ll give it to him.
Winner – Paul London

Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree (c) vs. Rey Mysterio & RVD – WWE Tag Team Titles

PK: They have real tag teams, yet these 2 teams are going for the Titles”¦blech.
Winners – Crepe Sushé

Eric Szulczewski: Have I emphasized enough how much I don’t like Van Dam lately? In case you missed it, I don’t like him, I don’t like his spotfests, and I fear for this match turning into that with him teaming up with the spotmeister Rey-Rey. It’s not going to be a good match, folks, but the heels will come out on top.
Winners – Suzuki and Dupree

Gordi: I myself am getting tired of reading articles where people complain about the poor state of the tag division, but gee whiz…
Winners – Reyfer Madness

Raven West: Geez, I always have to keep reminding myself that Suzuki and Dupree are tag champs. They should at least come up with a clever name. I think Dupree, Rob, AND Rey Mysterio for that matter, should all be battling for the US title. Rey and Rob are pretty over, and have tagged in the past, so why not.
Winner – The HIGH Flyers

Jed Shaffer: This matches exists for one reason: Rey & RVD need something to do. Much like the rest of this card. No need for for them to win the belts…”creative” has a hard-on for Suzuki & Dupree (god only knows why).
Winner – Mismatched Ethnic Comedy #435

Jennette: That random heel team sucks. Van Dam always seems more motivated with gold as well.
Winners – RVD/Mysterio

Nate Stein: I really think that RVD has run his course in WWE. I’m not sure what more he or WWE thinks he has left. Suzuki is also supposed to be the next monster for WWE. If it wasn’t for RVD, I’d say Rey would go over & Suzuki would go on to a higher singles picture. But for the moment
Winners – Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree

Jacob Ziegler: RVD & Rey seem to be the team that always gets thrown together when there’s nothing else. They teamed back in May against The Dudley Boyz in a series of matches, and the Dudz actually looked really solid in them, so it’s clear that RVD & Rey can carry a good tag team match, which I think they’ll need to here. Dupree is coming along nicely, and Suzuki is getting a little less awkward, so this should be an entertaining match. I don’t see the champs losing just yet though.
Winners – Dupree & Suzuki

Booker T (c) vs. John Cena – WWE US Title

PK: Well, it appears as Cena is leaving to do his movie, and Booker can prove more useful as Champion, and put over someone new (maybe London?). This also leaves Cena as a WWE Title Contender when he returns.
Winner – Booker T

Eric Szulczewski: It’s now Match Five, so I can care about this.
Simple math: a title has to change hands on this show, and this is the
only match that makes logical sense for that.
Winner – John Cena

Gordi: I’m afraid that they are going to try and extend this feud as a way to get people to tune in to SmackDown.
Winner – I predict No Contest, but I hope I’m wrong.

Raven West: I’m guessing the two are gonna go all out on this match, so it will probably be decent. Cena needs to get it back.
Winner – Vanilla Ice

Jed Shaffer: I like Cena. I like Benoit. But this series has managed to do more damage to the both of them than anything they’re done so far. It’s gone on WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long, all for it to, predictably, go to the fifth match. And with Cena going off to shoot his movie, the ending is all but telegraphed anyway.
Winner – All us fans, for this horrid series will be over

Jennette: Cena going off the film “The Marine” means the Bookerman goes over here. Bring on Booker/London next!
Winner – Booker T

Nate Stein: This might be Booker’s swan song. I understand why Cena’s not in the World Title picture (it’s easier to use a title to build up some more main event talent as opposed to just using someone already popular who can always be used & using him elsewhere while you create better & more popular talent).
Winner – John Cena

Jacob Ziegler: Well we all know Cena’s going off to film a movie, and will only be around sparingly. I talked about this in 411’s “Fact or Fiction” column the other day, and I think Cena being gone for a bit will be positive. But what that mostly means is that Booker retains the strap, and moves on to his next feud.
Winner – Booker T

Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show

PK: I am really torn in this match. Angle is the man, but Show really shouldn’t lose his first match back. Show looked like a real bitch 2 weeks ago”¦they have to give them the win, don’t they?
Winner – Big Show

Eric Szulczewski: Can’t have TBS job in his first big match back after injury. Also, there’s a practical explanation for why he wins this: Bradshaw needs another monster face to keep him over, and TBS is next on that list.
Winner – The Big Show

Gordi: Every time these two match up I pine for the return of The Showster.
Winner – Angle, with a little help.

Raven West: Match should be pretty good. NOW what SHOULD happen, is Kurt should win, and then Taker would win his belt. Then Angle would have that match he wants so much, Angle/Taker, except for that it would happen at Survivor Series, and not at WM, where it DOESN’T belong. Angle would win that match, and then drop the belt to Cena at a ppv before WM, and have Cena/Orton at WM 21. But Angle’s playing backstage politics, and he’s been dominating most of the feud, so I think he will lose, since if he beats Show, there will be nobody else to beat except for Taker, which will probably happen at WM.
Winner – Big Show

Jed Shaffer: So let me get this straight…Big Show attempts to murder Kurt Angle by throwing him off a balcony, and he’s a FACE for that?!? That’s WWE Logic for ya. Angle’s push with his new stable has some buzz going, but Big Show’s return is hot too (as hot as things get on SD), so a loss to either hurts. Expect a schmozz or an SE-ending.
Winner – It IS a big, bad show tonight, dawg (by DQ)

Jennette: Angle is logically the next contender for the WWE title, why shouldn’t he go over here?
Winner – Angle

Nate Stein: Big Show’s big return & Angle will do about anything. Winner – Big Show

Jacob Ziegler: Big Show became more over in his first night back on Smackdown than he has been in years. Putting him with Angle was a great move too, Angle can pull the best matches out of him right now. I expect the Show push to go on for a little bit, and with Angle’s assistant Luther getting a win earlier in the evening, I gotta go with the Show.
Winner – Big Show

JBL (c) vs. The Undertaker – WWE Title – Last Ride Match

PK: JBL will win, and will keep the Title. The question is, how? The Ministry and Orlando is out of the picture. So, then Heidenreich? How about Mordeci? How ever it happens, Bradshaw is still the champ at the end of the day.
Winner – JBL

Eric Szulczewski: This is WWE. No one wins “their” match. Expect lots of cheating and interference, and expect a set-up for Bradshaw/TBS at Survivor Series.
Winner – High-Quality Speaker Boy

Gordi: It’s a gimmick match where ‘Taker can lose without being pinned.
Winner – JBL, with a lot of help.

Raven West: Again, I think Taker should win, but Heidenreich will cost Taker the match. Oh well, Cena getting the belt from JBL wouldn’t be so bad.
Winner – JBL

Jed Shaffer: WWE.com mentions how Undertaker has been in like 30 stipulation matches, and that they are his forte…never mind that, of those, he’s lost 2 out of 3 Buried Alive matches, 3 out of 5 Hell In A Cells, 1 First Blood match, 1 Boiler Room Brawl and 1 Biker Chain match. How does this make him good at stipulation matches again?!? The H’s, now HE’S good at them…Ladder matches, Hell In A Cell, Elimination Chamber, Last Man Standing, Cage, Three Stages Of Hell…But I digress. Smackdown seems to be leaning towards an all-Angle/UT main event (funny, too, since UT is supposed to be part-time), so to get it to Angle, they need to put it on a face…so JBL gets flushed in favor of another token UT push. Color me thrilled.
Winner – Mark “Part-Time” Calloway

Jennette: Crap.
Winner – Undertaker

Nate Stein: JBL, but I don’t know how much longer he can be the champion & allow the WWE do what’s good for business. The Undertaker is someone else who can be used to build great talent, but it’s been reported before that ‘Taker is just used sporadically to maintain his good image with the fans.
Winner – JBL

Jacob Ziegler: I assume that washed-up has been Undertaker takes the title here so he can hold on to it all the way until WrestleMania. It’s too bad, because JBL had a good series of matches with Eddie and was starting to improve his reputation and improve as a worker. I can’t stand JBL, yet I said all that about him, so that means something. Then ‘Taker comes along and makes him look like a jobber all over again. Thanks, Mark. Thanks a lot.
Winner – The Undertaker

Also, added last minute, Charlie Haas, Rico & Miss Jackie will take on The Dudley Boyz and Dawn Marie.

You can check out InsidePULSE’s Live Coverage of No Mercy with me, PK, starting at 8pm EST. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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