InsidePulse’s WWE Afterburn report


Welcome to InsidePulse’s 5th Afterburn report!

It’s October 2, 2004 and we’re on the air with WWE Afterburn!

Last Week: Kurt Angle shoots Big Show with a dart, then gives him a haircut.

Our host today is Josh Matthews and talks about this Sunday. The card for this PPV is shown. Check the end of the report to find out the card.

We are in the ring with Kurt Angle. Only NOW does he get angry with the Big Show. What if Big Show picked to wrestle Eddy? Anyway, Angle shows last week’s picture on the screen. He humiliated Show. To all the fans that have been picked on, please feel free to show your admiration. He’s got a point. Mark Jindrak and Luther will be in his corner at No Mercy. They come to the ring in suits with Big Show’s hair. They pick Angle up like a king. Here comes the Smackdown GM to ruin Angle’s moment. Doesn’t look like Show is here. Long says that Jindrak and Luther will NOT be Angle’s corner on Sunday. Threats of firings are heard. And that’s about it.

We now see pre-recorded comments from Show in the dark. Summary: Angle’s dead.

Coming up: Luther and Mark vs Eddy and ???
Up Next: UT has some words for JBL.

We’re back with Josh talking about the Booker T-John Cena feud.

We see on SD, Josh interviewing Cena. Josh says he can’t wait to hear Cena’s rap about this Sunday. Cena says he’ll do a special rap for Josh. “Hell no”, says Cena. Cena pushes Josh away and does a promo about Booker T. It’s all about the US title. No Mercy, US Title, etc. Too many promos on Afterburn.

Next, UT is shown with a hearse. At No Mercy, this will be Bradshaw’s last ride. The last image he’ll see will be the Undertaker with the WWE championship. RIP, JBL.

Josh Mattews interviews JBL. JBL is looking for OJ. He says he isn’t scared. He mentions a few superstars that UT beat. I don’t think he ever wrestled Randy Savage. He never beat JBL. Well, UT did beat Bradshaw by DQ the night after WMXII. JBL has a plan and it starts tonight. He is going to destroy the “hardcore king” Bob Holly. Jus as he says that, Holly comes out and knocks him out. Holly: “your plan just started”.

JIP, JBL vs Bob Holly. Holly with a suplex for a 2 count. Whip by Bob, reverse, Big Boot by JBL for a 2. Holly put on the top turnbuckle. JBL with 2 chops, 2 punches and Holly puts him down. Holly with a top rope clothesline for a 2. Best dropkick in the business for another 2. JBL comes back with a fallaway slam.

Clip, JBL has the stairs and hits Holly with them. JBL throws it in the ring. A bloody Holly thrown into the announce table and beat on by JBL. A chairshot by JBL. Back in the ring, JBL with the clothesline from H-E, double hockey sticks. JBL mocks the UT, put his hat on (very important) and takes the mic: he will end UT’s career. The lights go out and the music plays. The Deadman is on the screen and says that it started with 4: Gangrel, Viscera and now OJ. It looks like OJ is on a cross/symbol, but the camera never shows it. And then, there was one.

Coming up: Dudley Boyz vs Charlie Haas and Rico
Up Next: Booker T vs Paul London

Afterburn returns with Josh talking about the Kidman-London feud.

JIP, Booker T vs Paul London, and it looks like we have a new referee. Booker T with a right hand, then misses a charge. London fights with punches and the Bestest dropkick in the business for a 2. London with more right hands, but Booker T comes back with a sidekick. Head to buckle and Booker T kicks him. Kidman is looking on in the entrance. London with a superkick to Booker. London looks at Kidman and goes to the top to miss a 450 splash. Scissors kick for the 1, 2, 3. Booker T grabs a chair, but Kidman runs in, grabs the chair and Booker T leaves. God bless Kidman. What a great guy he is. I guess there’s no match at No Mercy. WHAT!? Kidman hit London with a chair! That was totally unexpected. I haven’t seen that since… Raw this Monday.

Up Next: Dudley Boyz vs Charlie Haas and Rico, and we got a catfight

Afterburn is back. Josh talks about:

Last week: Old School match

Josh says that there is a rumor that Jackie and Charlie Haas are engaged.

JIP, Dudley Boyz vs Charlie Haas and Rico. Dawn Marie is on commentary. Bubba and Haas are legal. Bubba with slam for 2. Bubba and Haas do some basic wrestling, but the important thing is, Dawn Marie is on commentary. Dawn says that it’s her Charlie. Rico tagged in and does some homo mind games. Tag to D-Von. After more games, Rico with right hands on D-Von. Double team puts Rico in trouble. Head to Bubba’s foot and a tag to Bubba. Neckbreaker to Rico and Haas gets knocked down. Dawn comes to check on Haas, but Jackie comes and Dawn goes back to commentating. D-Von with a resthold on Rico. Rico comes back with right hands and a superkick. Tag to Haas and he’s cleaning house on both Dudleys. German suplex on Bubba. Backbody drop on D-Von. Haas goes to the top rope and drops on D-Von for 2. Dawn throws her shoe at Jackie and a catfight errupts! 3D on Charlie for the cover, the count and the victory. Dawn Marie and Jackie have another catfight, but is separated by Rico. Stupid Rico.

Up Next: Luther and Mark vs Eddy and ???

We’re back with our final segment of Afterburn.

JIP, Luther and Mark vs Eddy and … Rob Van Dam. Mark has the chinlock on RVD. Tag to Luther and kicks are done to RVD. Head to the buckle to RVD. Luther with left hands and knocks Eddy off the apron. Mark in the ring now and beats on RVD. Tag to Luther. Rains with a kick and a backbreaker for a 2 count. Resthold. RVD fights out it with punches and kicks. RVD with a weird kick from the second rope and a spinning legdrop. Tag to Eddy. Eddy is in with dropkicks, clotheslines and punches. Flying head scissors to Mark. Dropkick to Luther. Eddy knocks both men out. Triple suplex to Jindrak. Frogsplash to Jindrak, but Luther stops the count. RVD in now and does a jumping leg lariat to Luther. RVD distracts the ref and Luther does a neckbreaker. Um, a neckbreaker is legal. RVD and Luther go out of the ring. In the ring, Mark covers Eddy for the 3 count. Replay of the neckbreaker.

Hype time -> WWE No Mercy:

Eddy Guerrero vs Luther Rains
Kurt Angle vs Big Show
Match #5: John Cena vs Booker T
Paul London vs Kidman
Rey Mysterio and RVD vs Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki
Last Ride Match: Undertaker vs JBL

Josh Matthews says his goodbyes and that does it for Afterburn.