Amazing Race 6 Teams Revealed [Spoiler]

1. Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller – Married. Call themselves “Team Hollywood”. He’s an entrepreneur. She’s an ex-Playmate. He is rumored to have dyed his hair blue for the race.

2. Lori Chestnut Harvey and Bolo Dar’tainian – Pro wrestlers from Molino, Florida. Dar’tainian says, “Being pro wrestlers, our job is to piss people off.”

3. Rebecca Cardon and Adam Malis – Call themselves the “Weird Ex-Dating Couple”. They’re spinning teachers.

4. Kris Perkins and Jon Buehler – Dating long distance. She goes to UCLA, he is a bar-owner in Scottsdale, Arizona.

5. Freddy Holliday and Kendra Bentley – Models, engaged. He says if he has to eat “something funky” it can “ruin” him for the whole day.

6. Lena and Kristy Jensen – Sisters. Kirsty is a devout Morman, mother, model and student. Lena is a striptease aerobics instructor.

7. Aaron Crumbaugh and Hayden Kristianson – Models, dating. Say they argue a lot.

8. Hera and Gustavus Mcleod – Father and daughter. She teaches special education. He’s an ex-CIA operative currently working as an adventure pilot.

9. Maria Sampogna and Meredith Tufaro – Best friends from Queens like to laugh.

10. Donald and Mary Jean St. Claire – Married for 23 years. Call themselves “Team Medicare”.

11. Avi Schneier and Joe Rashbaum – Friends since high school. Schneier is a high school teacher who studies Eastern philosophy. Rashbaum is an ad exec.

The sixth edition of the show has been pushed back to November.

Credit: TV Guide