InsidePULSE’s Live WWE No Mercy Coverage

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To start, we see a video montage of the 3 big matches (Angle/Show, US Title, WWE Title).

Eddie Guerrero vs. Luther Reigns
Tie-ups to start. Eddie ties to out muscle Luther to start, but Reigns is all over him. Eddie comes off the ropes, and drop kicks Luther in the gut, but Luther shoves Eddie into the corner, then lifts him for a Military Press for 2. Luther slugs away, tossing rights and lefts in Eddie’s face. Luther has a Eddie stretched over his knee. Eddie fights out, and leaps toward Luther, but Luther lowers the top rope, and he hits the floor. Luther distracts the ref, and Jindrak roughs him up. Luther puts Eddie back over his knee. Luther then lifts Eddie up and nails a big time powerslam for 2. Luther goes for the Roll the Dice, but Eddie fights out, and runs up the ropes, turning it into an inverted DDT. Eddie then fires up, and backs Luther in to the corner. Eddie then nails two of the Three Amigos, but Luther reverses the last one. Eddie rolls outside, and bumps into an officer, and appears to take a baton (you know, the kind that look like the toy lightsabers) away from him. Eddie tries to bring a chair in the ring, but Luther pulls it away, only for Eddie to dropkick it in his face. Eddie goes up for the Frog Splash, but misses. The ref puts the chair out of the ring, and Eddie takes out the baton and drill Luther. Eddie nails the Frog Splash for the pin.
Winner — Eddie Guerrero

Recap of Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie from Thrusday.

Josh with Dawn Marie. Josh thinks that Miss Jackie will take an exception to what Dawn has to say. Dawn then says that she will tell Jackie to her face. Dawn walks into Jackie’s lockerroom (Jackie is topless, with her hands covering her breasts) and says that she thinks Jackie purposed to Charlie. She tells Jackie to keep putting the pressure, because she knows how to blow it off. Jackie is sure she does. Dawn looks at Jackie’s breasts and says that Jackie just doesn’t stack up to her. BURN!

Spike Dudley (c) (w/ The Dudley Boyz) vs. Nunzio (w/ Johnny The Bull) — Cruiserweight Title
They scrap back and forth, but Nunzio fires up, and nails a few hiptosses, and Spike rolls to the outside. Back in the ring, Nunzio is back on Spike, and rolls him up for 2. Spike works around Nunzio, and but Nunzio sends Spike to the outside. Nunzio then leaps to the floor on Spike. Back in the ring, Bubba distracts the Ref, and D’Von KOs Nunzio. Spike then lays in with a full nelson, but Nunzio fights out, and counters it into a roll up for 2. Back up quickly, Spike nails a big drop kick for 2. Spike goes back to the full nelson. Nunzio fights back again, and gets Spike on the 2nd rope, and takes him down with a power slam. Nunzio with a back suplex for 2. Nunzio nails the Sicicialan Slice for 2 when Spike puts his foot on the rope. The roll outside, and Spike charges, but Nunzio back body drops him on the floor. Nunzio puts him back in the ring for another 2 count. Nunzio with a back slide for 2. Nunzio hits the ropes, but D’Von grabs his ankle. The Bull comes over to break it up, and Nunzio charges Spike in the corner. Spike moves, then distracts the ref, and Bubba pulls Nunzio down, and crotches him on the ringpost. Spike slides in and scores the pinfall.
Winner & Still Champion — Spike Dudley

Recap of UT’s first WWE Title win at Survivor Series 1991.

Recap of the London & Kidman saga.

Billy Kidman vs. Paul London
Kidman exits the ring quickly when London enters, but London nails a baseball slide, then goes out and puts Kidman back in the ring. London is on fire! London nails the dropsault, and Kidman slides right through to the outside. London with a springboard moonsault all the way to the outside. London rolls him back in for 2. Kidman then racks the eyes of London, then kicks him square in the face. Kidman then runs London, and slides him under the ropes, gut first into the ring post”¦also hitting the camera man. Kidman opens up London’s broken nose. Kidman then nails a gutbuster, then sends London off the ropes, and lifts him high up in the air, and London lands face first on the mat for 2. Kidman locks on an abdominal stretch, and holds it, as it seems as Kidman is softening up the midsection. Kidman goes for a Tornado Bulldog, but London shoves him off, and nails a leg lariat. London goes for a power bomb”¦apparently, he doesn’t know that YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB KIDMAN. HAHA. Kidman hits the ropes, and London back body drops him to the apron. London tries to bring Kidman back in the hard way, but Kidman flips through, and goes for the Sky High, but London nails a hurracanranna for 2. London hits the ropes, and goes right into a standing drop kick by Kidman. Kidman goes to do the SSP, but he backs off, and walks around on the outside. He comes back in, and London takes him down, and goes for a SSP of his own”¦and flies right in to Kidman’s knees!! Kidman nails the SSP, and scores the pinfall!!
Winner — Kidman

Kidman gets on the mic, and says that London now has internal injuries because of the SSP, and its all the fans fault. They show London bleeding from the mouth, and Medics come on in, and strap him to a stretcher board. Kidman attacks London again, and nails another SSP while London is still on the stretcher!

They show UT’s win at WM13 for his 2nd Title win.

Josh with JBL. JBL doesn’t think that it’s fair that they keep showing UT highlights. He has gaurenteed victory in every title match he has been in, and tonight”¦if UT wants the Title, it will have to be over his dead body.

Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree (c) (w/ Hiroko) vs. RVD & Rey Mysterio — Tag Titles
Kenzo is on the mic, and he sings ‘Born in the USA’ in honor of NJ’s own Bruce Springsteen. Dupree and RVD start with back and forth action. Mysterio gets a blind tag, and Dupree gets to Kenzo. Kenzo and Dupree on the outside to regroup, but the faces hit a double suicide flip to the outside on both men. Kenzo down in the ring, and RVD goes up for the 5*, but Dupree shoves him off to the wall. Kenzo is all over RVD. Dupree tagged in, and starts working on RVD’s neck. Kenzo back in, nails a giant knee drop for 2. RVD gets the hot tag to Mysterio, who lights up. He nails a spinning DDT on Kenzo for 2, when Dupree breaks it up. Mysterio then hits the springboard senton for 2. Mysterio picks up Kenzo, and Kenzo nails a HUGE chop. Kenzo lifts up Mysterio for a powerslam, but Mysterio flips though, and drops Kenzo down for the 619. Dupree blocks him, and picks up him for a Powerbomb, but RVD comes in and sweeps Dupree, and Mysterio falls on him. RVD then back flips Mysterio on top of Dupree, then nails the Rolling Thunder. Mysterio goes for the 619 again on Kenzo, and drills it. Mysterio goes to Drop the Dime, but Dupree pulls Mysterio down, and his throat goes across the top rope, and he is rolled back in the ring, and Kenzo folds him up for the pinfall.
Winners and Still Champions — Crepe Sushé

Recap of Angle/Big Show saga.

Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show
Hey, Big Show is bald, how will I tell them 2 apart. I was actually hoping for a Liger tattoo on the back of his head. Show attacks. Show is tossing Angle around like a rag doll. Show nails a Military press, and Angle has had enough, and he walks up the aisle. The ref counts the 10 count, and Big Show is declared the winner. Theodore Long comes out, and says that if Angle doesn’t get back in the ring and wrestle the match, he will be fired. Angle takes his time, but gets back in the ring, after tripping over the ringsteps. Show continues to dominate, and keeps tossing Angle around like a rag doll. On the floor, Angle grabs a chair, but Show punches it back in Angles face. Big Show then hits a big time body slam, and calls for the Chokeslam. Angle flips out of it, rolls Show through, and locks on the ANKLE LOCK! Angle has it locked in for a good minute to 90 seconds, and Show finally kicks out of it, but he takes out the ref as well. Angle gets a chair, and starts cracking away on the ankle and knee of Show’s leg. Angle then applies pressure on Show’s leg, while hanging off the apron. Angle continues to work on the leg, but Show fires up, and nails a big boot. Angle nails a chop block, then goes under the ring, and gets his tranquilizer gun, but Show grabs it, and breaks it over his knee. Show then grabs Angle and hits the backwards Powerbomb. Show then sets Angle up on the top rope, and nails a chokeslam!! Show then makes the pin.
Winner — Big Show

Carlito is coming next week.

Recap of the Booker T/Cena saga.

Booker T (c) vs. John Cena — Match 5 of 5 — US Title
Oh look at that, back and forth to start. Booker goes for his roundhouse, but Cena ducks it, and slugs away on Booker, and sends him over the top rope. Booker back in, Cena off the ropes, and Booker nails a big time spinebuster for 2. Booker hits a superkick for 2. Booker locks on a head lock, but Cena fires out, and nails a Crossbody for 2. Booker up quickly, sends Cena into the turnbuckle hard. Booker with a snap suplex for 2. Booker then locks on the sleeper. Cena finally gets back up to a vertical base, and hits a Fisherman’s suplex. Cena charges Booker, but Booker nails a flapjack for 2. Cena off the ropes again, this time nails a bulldog. Cena then nails the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena pumps up the Reeboks, and goes for a FU, but Booker slides though and hits the Book End for 2. Booker gets a chair, but the ref says that if he brings it in the ring, the match is over. Booker drops the belt, and runs in to hit the scissors kick, but Cena dodges it and rolls up Booker for 2. Cena then nails the FU for the pinfall.
Winner and NEW Champion — John Cena

UT winning his 3rd title at Over The Edge 99 over Stone Cold.

The Dudley Boyz & Dawn Marie vs. Rico, Charlie Haas, & Miss Jackie
Dawn Marie has a shirt on that says “Charlie loves Dawn Marie” HAHA. D’Von jumps Haas to start. D’Von charges, and Haas hits 2 hiptosses, then a dropkick for 2. D’Von with a huge slam, and Dawn tags herself in. Dawn goes to console Charlie, but Haas wants none of it. Dawn shows Charlie her shirt, and Charlie backs up and Jackie tags herself in. Jackie tears off Dawn’s shirt, then hits the ropes, and Bubba grabs her hair. Bubba tagged in, and he manhandles Jackie a bit, and wants her to kiss him. Bubba closes his eyes, and Jackie gets Rico in there, and Rico kisses him! HAHAHA. Bubba leaves disgusted, and Rico is all over D’Von. Rico to the top, and Bubba returns and pulls Rico down. D’Von tags in Bubba, and Bubba starts to create a hate crime. D’Von and Haas are tagged in, and Haas is on fire. Dawn distracts Haas, and D’Von slugs him in the back, then sends him to the ropes. Rico gets the blind tag, and hits the top rope Crossbody for 2 on D’Von. Bubba runs in, and sets up Rico for the WAZZZZZZZZUP but D’Von won’t dive off the ropes, because Rico wants it!! HAHA. The girls then start cat fighting, as Haas takes out Bubba, then nails a Crossbody axe handle on D’Von. Rico then comes off the top with a textbook moonsault to pin D’Von.
Winners — Rico, Haas & Jackie

UT beating Hogan for the 4th Title at Judgment Day 2002.

Recap of the UT/JBL saga.

JBL (c) vs. The Undertaker — WWE Title — Last Ride Match
They go over the rules, and basically it’s an ambulance match, with a hearse instead. JBL tries to jump UT to start, but UT pounds away. UT nails ‘Old School’ early. UT sends JBL off the ropes, and nails a big boot. UT then goes to drop the elbow, but JBL moves out of the way, then thumbs UT in the eyes. JBL starts to fight back, but UT grabs JBL and nails the Chokeslam. UT then drapes JBL under the ropes, and hits the leg drop on the apron. UT then drives JBL shoulder first into the ringsteps. UT goes over, and starts clearing off the SAP table. JBL comes around the corner, and drills UT in the face with the ringsteps. JBL then fires up, and starts punching away on UT. He nails a big boot against the wall. JBL then slams UT along the aisle wall, and grabs the ringsteps again and drives them into UT’s face! JBL then drags UT to the hearse, and UT slugs him before he can open the door. JBL sends UT back in the ring, and JBL goes to the top, and hits a shoulder block off the top. JBL with a giant swinging neckbreak. JBL goes to grab UT by the throat, but UT catches him, and locks on the Triangle Choke. JBL is viciously taps out, then he passes out. He sends JBL to the floor infront of the announce tables. UT then continues to clear the SAP table. He goes to send JBL into the other set of ringsteps, but JBL reverses it, and sends UT knee first into the steps. JBL takes the top steps off, and goes to hit a pile driver on the bottom steps, but UT back body drops him off. UT sends JBL into the crowd, slams him off a wall, and sends him back over the wall to ringside. UT then picks up JBL”¦AND NAILS A TOMBSTONE ON THE STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL STEPS!!!!! JBL is sliced wide open on his forehead, and UT starts working on that. UT tosses JBL over the Tazz/Cole announce table, but is up quickly, grabs a chair from the ring table, and KOs UT. Now, JBL clears off the Tazz/Cole announce table, and lays UT out over it. JBL gets on the table with a chair, but UT grabs him by the throat, then CHOKE SLAMS HIM THROUGH THE SAP TABLE!!! Awesome. UT then puts JBL over his shoulders, and brings him to the hearse. UT goes to open the door, and Heidenreich pops out! He takes down UT, the choloforms him! Heidenreich puts UT in the hearse, and sends the hearse on his way. The hearse stops, and UT pops back out, and takes out Heidenreich, but JBL then hits the Clothesline from Hell, and sends him back in the hearse and the match is over.
Winner — JBL

In the back, the hearse has stopped, and Heyman was the driver. Heidenreich then drives a huge 4×4 into the hearse! Heidenreich gets out of the truck, he’s all bloodied and bruised, but he and Heyman get out of there.