InsidePULSE Indy Report 10.04.04 – Results & TU-FR Shows

NEWS: Check out the latest Dory Funk’s “In Funk’s Corner”
Trash Talking Radio Hosts Terry Taylor & Mike Shaw (aka Norman/Bastian Booger/Mahka Singh)
NWA NE/NWH – 9/28 – Buxton, ME
NWA NL – 10/1 – Rock Island, IL
GCW – 10/1 – Overland, MO
XCW – 10/1 – Denton, TX
EWR – 10/2 – Quebec, Quebec
EWF – 10/2 – Marion, IN
WCWA – 10/2 – Kokomo, IN
RWC – Sat, 10/2 – Fayetteville, NC
PCW – 10/2 – Arlington, TX
SWA – 10/2 – Huntsville, TN
TUES SHOW – 10/5: IWA EC – Nitro, WV
WED SHOW – 10/6: CCW – Evansville, IN
THURS SHOW – 10/7: IWA MS – New Albany, IN
FRI SHOWS – 10/8:
NWS – Keyport, NJ
MAW – Memphis, TN
WPW – Reading, PA
MFW – Sanford, FL

Check out the latest Dory Funk’s “In Funk’s Corner”

Funk discusses The Funkin’ Conservatory’s TV taping schedule & upcoming training sessions.

1 Week, October 13-17: Wrestling Training all week.

2 Weeks, October 13-24: Wrestling Training For Two Weeks and An appearance in Valdosta Georgia with The Funking Conservatory at SpineBuster Championship Wrestling.

3 Weeks, October 13-November 1: Wrestling Training For three Weeks, An appearance in Valdosta Georgia with The Funking Conservatory at SpineBuster Championship Wrestling and also an Appearance at the !BANG! TV Taping of Morbid Power II.

Trash Talking Radio Hosts Terry Taylor & Mike Shaw (aka Norman/Bastian Booger/Mahka Singh)

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NWA New England/New Wrestling Horizons results
Tues, 9/28 – Buxton, ME

*NWA NE/NWH Tag co-Champion “Enforcer” Larry Huntley (w/ Miss Bobbi) def. Craig Stratton via pin
*NWH Heavyweight Title, Contender Match: NWA Brass Knuckles champion Gino Martino def. “Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble by pin
*Michaels, Inc. (Dangerous Donny/Steve Rupard) def. Scott Vegas/Mark Moment
*NWH Heavyweight Title Match: champion Hardware retained against Legion “Freakin'” Cage
*NWH Maine State Title Match: “Rugged” Rick Daniels def. CN Power, “Hott Stuff” Paul Hudson, & Cameron Mathews

NWA No Limits results
Fri, 10/1 – Rock Island, IL

*Gage Octane def. Whiplash & Anacrombie
*Trik davis/Mickie Knuckles def. The All Stars (Chandler Mcglure/Bryce Bejamin)
*NWA NL Midwest X Title Match: champion Matt Sydel retained against Zach Gowen
*Delirious def. Justin Kage
*Hardcore Match: Ian Rotton def. J.C. Bailey
*Kid Krazy/Joey E def. Danny McKay/Mr. Elite after Arik Cannon & manager interfered
*Daizee Haze def. Traci Brooks
*Truth Martini def. Jimmy Jacobs, Danny Dainels, & “Spyder” Nate Webb
*NWA Iowa Heavyweight Title Match: champion Ryan Boz retained against Truth Martini
*Christopher Daniels def. CM Punk

Gateway Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 10/1 – Overland, MO

*Jynx def. Jackal w/ a crossface submission hold.
*Cabal/Rat Boy def. D.N.S. (Jimmy Charisma/Melvin Talent)
*Trainee #14 def. Trainee #11 via pin
*Super Castaldi VII def. Trainee #15 by pin
*GCW Heavyweight Title, Contender Match: Kory Twist def. Kevin X (w/ D’Mon G/Steve Sharp)
*GCW Light Heavyweight Title Match: “Slim Sexy” Sean Vincent (w/ Richard Head) def. Dingo (w/ Sindy), Outkast, & Makaze
*Steve Sharp vs. Kevin X went to a no contest when D’Mon G interfered
*GCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Chaz Wesson retained against Kory Twist via tap out with a Fujiwara armbar

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 10/1 – Denton, TX

*”Dirty” Craig Jerikho def. Scott Phoenix by DQ
*XCW Tag Title Match: Team Extreme def. The Brown Brothers
*The Niggaz (Gemini/Sidd Chaos) def. Total Justice
*XCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion John Allen vs. Bull went to a no contest
*Action Jackson def. Bullman Downs by DQ

Elite Wrestling Revolution results
Sat, 10/2 – Quebec, Quebec

*Pee Wee/Beef Wellington def. Big Larry/Giovanni
*Excess 69 def. X-TreeM/Viking
*Damien Steel def. Kona
*The Arsenal def. Fred La Merveille
*El Generico def. Hell Storm By DQ
*Useless Authority 50 (Radd Adams/Steve Parker) def. Los Tabarnacos (Senior Kid/Simon Sanders)
*EWR Heavyweight Title Match: Crazy Crusher def. Kevin Steen

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 10/2 – Marion, IN

*The SiKness def. JD Elite
*Jimmy “The Hype” Shalwin/Great Maukua def. Blake Stevens/Seth Clash
*Snake vs. Mac Daddy went to a no contest after Fallon Dragon interfered
*Fallen Dragon def. Big John
*The Gameboys def. Jeff King/Adam Reynolds
*Ryan Paradise def. Hypnosis

10 PM – Uncensored II event:
*Jeff King def. Adam Reynolds
*Dog Collar, Loser Eats Dog Food Match: Justin Fury def. James Vulgar
*2/3 Falls Match: Anarchy def. Phoenix
*EWF Midwestern Title Match: champion Bob retained against Hank Calhoun
*EWF Tag Titles Match: The New Jack Hustlers def. The Soul Shooters
*EWF Title Match: Osyris def. Big Cheez by DQ
*EWF Xtreme Title: Capitan Psychedelic def. Melliki & Brandon Prophet

World Championship Wrestling of America results
Sat, 10/2 – Kokomo, IN

*Bi-Polar def. Insane Wayne by DQ
*The Mercenary def. Dirty Don DeMarco
*Tommy Drastic def. Bi-Polar
*The Rancher def. NERD & Big Daddy Dean
*The White Boy/JB Hogg def. JH Hogg/Troy Miller
*Dog Collar Match: Troy Miller def. Tommy Drastic
*WCWA Tag Titles Match: The Hoggs def. NERD/The Rancher
*Battle Bowl: The White Boy
*WCWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion Big Daddy Dean retained against the White Boy

Ring Wars Carolina results
Sat, 10/2 – Fayetteville, NC

*The Phat Boyz def. Simlpy Delicious Dino/Petey Poacher
*Tre G def. Eric Gibson by DQ when the ref found a chain G placed on Gibson
*RWC Tag Titles Match: champions The Dream Lovers retained against Krash The Milkman/ “Stunning” Steve Michaels
*RWC Heavyweight Title Match: champion Ali Steele def. Stro & Aaron Devil
* DJ P Roc/Hangtime def. “Notorious P.I.G.” Eddie Brown/The Big Law Man

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/2 – Arlington, TX

*Shea Wright def. Symetrico
*JT LaMotta def. The Wraith & “Reckless” Ricky Jackson
*PCW Cruiserweight Title Match: champion BJ Turner retained against Nathan Sane
*No Rules Match: Apocalypse def. G-Slice
*PCW Tag Titles Match: Action Jackson/Sexy Steve DeMarco def. champions The Professionals (John Allen/Mike Thunder) (w/ Attorney Paul Lewis) by DQ

Hoosier Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 10/2 – IN

Crowd: 110
*Brian Beech def. The Warlock
*Trick or Treat Match: Average White Guy def. Tony Bryant
*HPW Cruiserweight title Match: champion Tiny Tim retained against Pompano Joe
*The High Rollers def. Leatherface/Michael Myers by DQ when Leatherface & Myers fought with each other
*Brian Beeech vs. Donny Idol went to a double coutout
*Ox Harley def. Billy Ray Hickerson

Southern Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 10/2 – Huntsville, TN

*SWA TV Title Match: champion Adam Antieum retained against Rich Kavana via pin
*Eclipse def. Big Bad John by pin
*Big Daddy def. Thorn via pin
*Rico Guerrero def. Ben Shamrock by pin
*Bad Medicine def. Rico Guerrero via pin
*Skull def. Edward Idol by pin
*Gabe Casteel def. Cuban Assasian II via pin
*SWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion Da Studd retained against Jack Diamond by pin
*Eric Adamz/Robbie Race def. Chris Harris/Ron Killings

IWA East Coast presents “The Battle of the Butchers”
Nitro Community Center, Nitro, WV
Tues, 10/5

*Necro Butcher vs. Abdullah the Butcher
*Big Japan Death Match Heavyweight champion Ryuji Itoh vs. Mad Man Pondo
*Zach Gowen vs. El Drunko
*Ian Rotten vs. Sakimoto
*Also featuring Crowza, Woody Numbers, Atrocity, Dr. Max Graves, Mr. Christian, The 108 Dragons, & more

Tickets: $10 G.A., $15 Ringside

Coliseum Championship Wrestling
Evansville Coliseum, Evansville, IN
Wed, 10/6

IWA Mid-South
National Guard Armory, New Albany, IN
Thurs, 10/7

National Wrestling Superstars
Keyport High School Gym, 351 Broad ST, Keyport, NJ
Fri, 10/8

*NWS Jr Heavyweight Title Match: champion Damian Adams vs. Rob Eckos
*Also featuring Dusty Rhodes, Chris Candido, NWS Regional Title champion TNT, JC Rage, New Wave, Shane O’Brien, & more

Tickets: $18 Golden Reserved Ringside, $16 Open Ringside, $14 Bleachers

Midsouth Allstar Wrestling
MAW Arena, McFarland Community Center, Memphis, TN
Fri, 10/8 – 7:30 pm

*MAW Heavyweight Title Match: “Career Killer” Chris Lexx vs. “Big CA” Carnage Antwane’
*MAW Southern Title, Ladder Match, Reno’s Career vs. Kaut!on’s Title: champion Kaut!on vs. “The Magnifiecent” Reno Diamond
*The Crime vs. Jason Richards
*Fan’s Strap Match: “The Punisher” Dre Black vs. Big Country
*Also featuring Traci Brooks, Ron Killings, & more

Tickets: $10 Chairs, $7 Bleachers, $6 Advanced

World Professional Wrestling
Riverside Beneficial Association, Reading, PA
Fri, 10/8

*WPW Hardcore Title Match: Sinister X vs. Cannonball
*Anything Goes Match: Jack Bailey (w/ Hat Guy) vs. “Playboy” Vince Bono (w/ Cobra)
*WPW World Heavyweight Title Match: Dino Divine vs. The Hungarian Barbarian
*Also featuring Doink The Clown, Corporal Punishment, Luvbug, Marshal Law, Steve The Teacher, “The Bounty Hunter” Larry Brown,
Moondog Molson, “The Flamingo Kid” Pinky, The Himalayan Players, Gemini, The Rachies, The Hooch Holla Boys, & more

Mid Florida Wrestling
Sanford Civic Center, 401 E. Seminole BLVD, Sanford, FL
Fri, 10/8