Recapped: Lost Episode 1, Part 2

I won’t bore you with opening words, let’s just get right into the recap, since you’re obviously all dying to figure out what happens next.

Lost: Episode 1, Part 2

Previously, on Lost: A plane crashes, and one man emerges from the jungle to save about seven people in the course of fifteen minutes. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but Dr. Jack really is a hoss when it comes to saving the day. Dr. Jack meets Kate, a girl foolishly believes that they will be saved and not…Lost. SOME KIND OF MONSTER is knocking down trees in the jungle, but a group is gathered anyway to get the transceiver from the cockpit. The group meets the pilot in the middle of a very bad storm, and the pilot gets sucked out in a surprise visit from the monster. Now Dr. Jack, Charlie, and Kate are on the move, Kate gets lost and screams for her loverboy Dr. Jack, and Charlie asks how the oh-so-dead pilot can look like he was chewed on by this monster, but not engulfed completely. For this pilot, all hope is…


And we’re back in the jungle, with the sun shining. Charlie is anxious to know if Dr. Jack has the transceiver working, but Dr. Jack is being a dick again and telling him that Charlie is bothering him. After finally telling Charlie that no, the transceiver isn’t working, Kate decides to switch the interrogation over to Charlie, and ask him once again, “What were you doing in the bathroom?” The last time she said this, the monster came…! But no monster this time, only Charlie admitting that he blew chunks into the toilet. Must’ve been fun with the toilet at an angle. Charlie is down on himself for only being able to puke his guts out on the trip into the airplane, but Kate is sympathetic and tells Charlie she’s glad he came, and that he’s not a coward.

A series of metal tapping against metal sounds sends us into another flashback. We’re back on the plane, pre-crash, and Charlie is tapping his Driveshaft ring on the arm of his chair. Charlie assures that he is okay when a flight attendant questions him–the same attendant that has just given Dr. Jack those fateful bottles of vodka. Anyway, Charlie looks very uncomfortable despite what he says, and he gets even more uncomfortable when he looks back and sees the flight attendant talking with other attendants. You know something’s going to go wrong when flight attendants start grouping together. The flight attendant starts back towards Charlie and his nerves get the past of him, as he gets his hobbit ass moving. He blows past Dr. Jack as the flight attendants get on his trail. Charlie tries to get into a bathroom in coach, but no such luck. Charlie goes through first class, getting a rude reaction out of the young girl who’s afraid of chocolate as he makes a beeline towards another bathroom. The plane hits its big bump and Charlie uses this as a chance to gain some ground on the flight attendants, finally finding an unlocked bathroom and heading in. Once inside, Charlie wastes no time in taking off his shoe and grabbing the heroin inside, quickly indulging himself into ETERNAL SIN (/preacher mode) as the burly flight attendants insist that he open the door. Charlie is doped out of his mind, however, even as the plane rumbles into more turbulence. Charlie decides to dump the drugs in the toilet, and as he reaches out to touch the handle that will send his convenient little baggie down the drain…crash. Chaos. Charlie gets thrown into the ceiling, exits the bathroom and dodges a flight attendant tray, before finally hustling to a first class seat and strapping on an oxygen mask. So obviously Charlie was looking for his horse when he was in the bathroom before the monster struck. Perhaps the monster is a very big preacher who wants Charlie to kick the habit. How insane would that be?

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…and now, toenail girl is sunbathing on the beach. The licensed lifeguard comes up and asks if she wants to help out people who are trying to recover their luggage, but she doesn’t seem interested in such a thing. “You’re wasting your time. They’re coming,” she says. The lifeguard just walks away, and then the pregnant lady strikes up a conversation. We find out that the lifeguard is toenail girl’s brother, and that is name is also Boone, “God’s freaking gift to humanity.” Preggers takes her dirty gray shirt off and engages in small talk with toenail girl; we learn that she doesn’t know whether the baby is a boy or a girl, and it might not matter since she hasn’t felt the baby move since yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Korean guy is gathering food in the ocean while the Korean woman stares off into the ocean. Augustus from Oz comes up and asks where his boy is. The Korean woman answers…in Korean, but her husband (I assume) tells her to button her blouse up, interrupting her. Augustus simply walks off, calling his son’s name: “Walt!”

Walt, in fact, is in the jungle–but not deep inside–calling for his dog, Vincent. He doesn’t find the dog, but he does find something else–handcuffs. Walt’s daddy catches up to him and scolds him for wandering off, and then notices the handcuffs in his son’s hands. Father and son walk off, as father knows best and figures that there’s something that’s not right.

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…and now, the scruffy blonde who was smoking in the last episode is fighting with Sayid. Dr. Jack and Walt’s daddy break it up before too long, and it seems that the fight resulted from the discovery of the handcuffs. Scruffy blonde redneck tried to put two and two together and suggest that since Sayid was sitting in the back of business, he’s obviously a terrorist. Sayid tries to get to the redneck, but Kate’s the voice of reason and yells for them to stop. Kate explains about the problems with the transceiver, and Sayid offers his help, much to the chagrin of the redneck. The husky man tries to calm the redneck down: “Hey, we’re all in this together man, why don’t you show a little respect–” “Shut up, lardo!” Dr. Jack tells the redneck to knock it off, and the redneck obliges: “You’re the hero.” Damn right he is, didn’t you see what this man DID? Sayid explains that the battery is good but the radio is not, and asks for more time to fix it. Meanwhile, the middle-aged black woman who was saved by Dr. Jack tells him that the man with the sharpnel could use some observation.

Somewhere else on the beach, Sayid takes a look at the radio as the husky man takes a seat next to him and berates the dumb redneck. They introduce themselves–the husky man is actually named Hurley, and Hurley asks Sayid how he knows about the radio repairs. Sayid explains that he was in the Gulf War, but he wasn’t in the same batallion as Hurley’s buddy…he was in the Republican Guard. Hurley has no response.

Kate is in the water, and she’s bathing herself. This is a staple of J.J. Abrams as well: Give the 18-49 male demographic a little bit of what they want. It’s not long before she takes off her top, leaving her in a off-white bra and black bottom. The Korean woman interrupts this masturbation fantasy and says something that Kate obviously does not understand. She nods anyway, as Kate can only stand in her skivvies.

Now Kate has got some clothes on: a tight orange shirt and an equally tight pair of blue jeans, probably stolen from some dead woman who was her size. She walks up to Sayid and asks about the radio, and Sayid explains that they need to get reception to make sure that there’s someone out there before they waste their battery with a distress signal. Sayid suggests, however, that they could try to get a signal from higher ground. “How high?” Kate asks, and before you can say Method Man and Redman, the camera pans over and then up, up, up towards the very peaks of the island.

Cut to an unconscious man laying on the ground with a big whopping piece of sharpnel in his stomach. Dr. Jack is cleaning his hands as Kate watches on. Dr. Jack explains that he wasn’t going to get rid of the shrapnel because he figured they would be saved. He then explains that if he is able to do a laundry list of tasks after removing the shrapnel, including finding antibiotics, then he might be alright. Kate tells Dr. Jack that she’s going on the hike to get the signal, and Dr. Jack wants to go, but Sayid says the battery won’t last and they have to go now, they can’t wait for the hero to help Shrapnel Man. Dr. Jack gives one piece of advice, should Kate hear anything: Run. Fair advice, but she ended up in the middle of the jungle screaming and counting to five last time that happened.

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…and now, the Korean man is putting his finishing touches on the food that he has prepared. The Korean wife looks on in somber silence, and as the husband walks off, she defiantly unbuttons her blouse again–only one button, but a statement nonetheless. The husband walks up to Hurley, who is washing his clothes, and tries to pass off his food to Hurley. Hurley doesn’t seem interested: “Dude, I am starving, but I’m nowhere near that hungry.” Hurley laughs as the husband walks away. It should be noted that the guy who plays Hurley is doing a very good job thus far.

Walt is reading a comic book in Spanish, but he doesn’t read Spanish, he simply found it among the wreckage. Walt’s daddy tries to make little Walt feel better by offering to get him a new dog when they get home. Walt knows the name of the show, however, and walks off.

Charlie hits his knees in a clearing away from the beach, and whips out his heroin. As he’s riding the horse…

…Dr. Jack enlists the help of Hurley to find antibiotics…

…and Charlie is just dismounting.

Back at the beach, toenail girl seems very distraught as she looks at a dead body lying in the sand. Boone asks her what’s going on, and she explains that she may have been mean to this dead person, even though he denied them first class seats, he saved their lives. Boone wants his sister, Shannon, to help clear some of the wreckage instead of being “useless.” Shannon takes offense to this, however, and through her sobbing tries to explain what she’s going through. “I’ve just been through a trauma here, okay?” But Boone won’t take none of that, noting that she’s the only survivor who’s given herself a pedicure since the crash. Shannon is on her feet now, still sobbing as they argue. Shannon seems poised to lose the argument with Boone until she decides to interject herself in the hike for the signal with Kate and Sayid. Boone tries to convince her not to go, but Shannon seems set in her decision. Charlie arrives and provides a comedic moment. “Yep, I’m definitely going.” Hobbits on heroin are so funny.

While another gang is being formed, scruffy dumb blonde ignorant redneck (please give me a name here) is smoking up in what appears to be a piece of what was a jet engine. He reads a letter and seems to have some kind of epiphany.

Sure enough, joining Boone, Shannon, Michael, Sayid, and Kate is the scruffy dumb blonde ignorant redneck. “I’m a complex guy, sweetheart.” The six of them scale a cliff, with Shannon getting some helping hands from Boone and Sayid as she struggles up the cliff. They all eventually reach the top however.

Walt’s daddy is reflecting on his dumb comment about a new dog as Dr. Jack is rummaging for “some kind of blade.” Dr. Jack asks how Walt is doing, and Daddy Walt thinks that he’ll be alright. He stumbles over Walt’s age however–“Nine-Ten. Ten.” Dr. Jack talks with Daddy Walt about Walt’s dog, and explains that he saw the lab in the jungle yesterday, leaving Daddy Walt astounded that Vincent is alright.

The old man who loves him some rain is playing backgammon in the sand as Walt eventually notices him and asks about the game. The man asks Walt about his pa, but Walt lives in Australia with his mother. That would explain the stuttering over the age by Daddy Walt. Walt explains that they move a lot, which explains the lack of an accent, furthermore, his mother just died a couple of weeks ago. “You’re having a bad month.” “I guess.” Walt sits down in the sand with the old man, and he introduces Walt to the game of backgammon, basically acting like a grandpa as he talks about the history of the game and its significance. Without warning, we get a tight shot of the man asking, “Walt…do you want to know a secret?” This is not going to turn out well, I fear.

The Korean man is back again, trying to get rid of his food to the pregnant woman–sitting in a strewn about airline seat. She finally accepts the food…and likes it! And then a miracle happens, as she feels the baby kicking. She invites the man to feel as well, but he seems reluctant, so she forces his hand onto her tummy. The Korean man seems shaken by all of this, but she figures that the baby’s a he.

Meanwhile, Party of Six has reached an open space, and the redneck is anxious to try and get some reception. Sayid doesn’t want to waste the battery again, and it seems that another fight is starting to eruput when…uh-oh, noises. This monster lives! Everyone is freaked out, and we get a vision of whatever it is roaring through the tall grass. Everyone makes a break for it, except for the dumb redneck, who seems like he’s about to meet his maker. The monster doesn’t seem to be making the same noises, however, so something is definitely up. Kate calls out after the redneck, named Sawyer (finally!), but Sayid wants to keep running. Sawyer is as cool as a cucumber, and suddenly whips out a gun from who-knows-where and fires off nine shots, stopping the runners dead in their tracks as Sawyer finishes off the animal with the tenth shot, dropping it. It sounds like a bear…it moves like a bear…and it is a bear. “A big bear,” Shannon corrects. Charlie immediately refutes that this is the monster, but there is something weird about it: It’s a polar bear. W-T-F, mate?

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…back to Shrapnel Man, as Hurley has joined Dr. Jack at the “operating table”. To test if the man is out cold, Hurley makes a fail-proof test. “Yo, there’s a rescue plane, we’re all saved, yay!…yeah, he’s out.” Dr. Jack explains that Hurley is only there to hold the man down should he wake up from the pain. Hurley explains that he’s squeamish around blood, but Dr. Jack encourages Hurley to press on as he begins to operate. Hurley is encouraged not to look, but we all get to see Dr. Jack violently rip the shrapnel out of the stomach. Hurley grimaces, and as Dr. Jack tries to get him to help out with stopping the bleeding, Hurley looks at the blood…and immediately passes out. Funny stuff.

“Polar bears don’t usually live in the jungle.” Wise words from Shannon as the Party of Six is gathered around the dead bear. Kate is only interested in where Sawyer’s gun came from, and Sawyer claims that he got it off one of the bodies. That’s too suspicious though, and Sayid is doubtful, but Sawyer explains that it came from a U.S. Marshal, which makes him sound even more like the man who was in those handcuffs. Why did he take the gun? “Thought it might come in handy. Guess what? I just shot a BEAR!” Sawyer also took the Marshal’s clip-on badge because he thought it was cool. Sayid says what everyone is thinking and fingers him as the prisoner, but Sawyer explains that if he’s the criminal, Sayid’s the terrorist. As Sawyer asks Shannon what part she wants to play in this, Kate swiftly swipes the gun from Sawyer. Kate doesn’t want to use it on Sawyer, she just wants to take it apart. She empties the magazine and takes the bullet out of the chamber, giving the bullets to Sayid and the harmless gun to Sawyer. Sawyer pulls Kate close, however, and says that he knows Kate’s type, but Kate doubts it. Kate walks off to be alone and…

“Can I get you a refill?” the flight attendant asks (not the same one who chases down Charlie and gives Dr. Jack vodka), but Kate denies a refill and the man in the seat next to him just wants coffee, asking for it rudely. Kate and the man have a strange conversation about believing stories, leading into the man asking if Kate wants more juice. Kate has enough juice, and makes sure to inform us of that by reaching out with…oh shit. Kate grabs her juice with handcuffed hands, and it’s a SWERVE~! as she takes a sip. Big bump, fasten seat belts, more turbulence. Kate has one favor to ask of the man (who I assume is the U.S. Marshal), but before she can ask that favor…crash. People go flying and down goes the plane. Carry-on luggage flies out of the overhead compartment and BLASTS the U.S. Marshal in the head, blood spewing out of his head as he kneels over. The oxygen masks fall and Kate struggles to reach out with her handcuffed, shackled hands. She’s able to wrangle a key from the Marshal, however, and unlocks the handcuffs, putting an oxygen mask on the Marshal and herself…right as the back end of the plane snaps off and people go flying out the void.

…Back to present time, as Sayid walks up to Kate and advises that they keep moving.

The passenger formerly known as Shrapnel Man is still bleeding…but he’s waking up. And Hurley is still passed out. The man grabs Dr. Jack’s collar, and we quickly realize that this is the Marshal. “Where is she?” he asks. “Who?”

Kate, of course, as the Party of Six has reached a rather large clearing at a fairly high elevation. Sayid decides that this is a good time to check the radio, pissing off Bear Killer Sawyer. The higher elevation works, however, as they get reception and Sayid immediately sends out a call of “Mayday,” and quickly gets feedback. The radio isn’t broken, something else is already transmitting…from somewhere close. Speculation arises, most are optimistic but Bear Killer Sawyer thinks that it’s nothing. Sayid locks on to the frequency, as a female French voice comes on the radio. “I’ve never been so happy to hear the French,” Charlie exclaims, even though he can’t understand what the French woman is saying. Shannon should, however, since she spent a year in Paris…”drinking, not studying,” Shannon finishes. But the French voice is interrupted by a computerized voice: “Iteration 1-7-2-9-4-5-3-1”. Sayid says that the battery is dying, as Boone and Sawyer try to get Shannon to listen to the transmission. Shannon and Sayid realize that the message is looping. Sure enough, the iterations are going up by one, which is the number of times the message has been repeated. Sayid does the math in his head as Shannon translates:

“Please, please help me, please come get me. I’m alone now, on the island alone, please someone come, the others…they’re dead. It…it killed them…it killed them all.”

The Party of Six stands in stunned silence, and Boone commends her on her translation. Meanwhile, Sayid figures out the math. The transmission is a distress call that has been playing over and over for…sixteen years and five months. Yeah, these guys are screwed. Someone else was stranded here, and obviously no one came for them, otherwise the distress call wouldn’t be playing. A short silence is broken up among the group by Charlie.

“Guys…where are we?”

End show! Roll credits!

Parting Thoughts:

The second part throws a lot of curveballs into the storylines, and fleshes out a few characters even more. From start to finish, this had me gripped as mysteries were solved and new mysteries were put in its place. The second episode promises to be a doozy, as plenty of people who have been waiting for answers for a week will finally get those answers. And I don’t think J.J. Abrams and his writing team will disappoint. This episode was a great capper to the first part, and together, the pilot episode has to be considered two of the best hours on television in a long time. That’s how it feels to me, anyway. If you haven’t seen this yet, get on the bandwagon and catch Episode 2 on ABC, Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST. If you want to add any speculation to what you think is going on on this crazy island, feel free to drop me an e-mail by using the link below. If your message is funny, intriguing or something else fantastic, I might add it into the recap to get some think tanks cranking in the reader’s mind. Or just read the recaps/reviews. That works too.

Until next week, support your local animal shelter, have your polar bears shot by Sawyer.