'ER' Spoilers

An Iraqi-war vet hits a nerve with Carter, who picks up an old, ugly habit; Neela’s choice to quit medicine brings her furious folks to town; Abby gets off to a rough start with the nursing staff; and Ray (Shane West) gets to strut his stuff after a man is rushed in wearing a shark. Literally. Meanwhile, Corday is reunited with a former chum; Kovac makes a romantic breakthough with Sam; and a hate crime rocks the ER.

A lonely Dr. Carter struggles with his unfulfilled dreams in the wake of his girlfriend Kem’s departure — and lurches toward a dangerous temporary solution — while new doctor Abby faces resentful nurses and tends to a tearful and injured young woman kidnapped from Mexico and forced into sexual slavery. Elsewhere, Dr. Kovac makes an honest confession to a fleeing Sam while Neela must face the music when her domineering, old-school Indian parents arrive in a huff after she abandoned her Michigan medical assignment. In the meantime, Carter treats an Iraqi war veteran who was disfigured in combat, Dr. Weaver suggests to new intern Ray that he tone down his alternative-punk look in deference to frightened patients — and two ER staffers recover from their injuries.

Abby, with Haleh and the new intern, treats a Spanish teen with a dislocated arm. Haleh and the intern are concerned about mixing two types of pain meds together but Abby tells them that if they were the one with the injury, they would love to have all the pain meds possible to ease the pain of putting a bone back into the socket. Abby gets suspicious about how the teen was injured but the language barrier will make her investigation harder. Neela asks Weaver to get a job, any job, while she gets refocused on her career. Neela’s parents drop by. Sam is back in the ER and looks like Kovac went after her to bring his love back to Chicago. Corday gives a lecture. Carter shares with Kovac his bad dreams and the fact what he thought he would have at this point in his life is not happening.

Credit: SpoilerFix, TitanTV