'Gilmore Girls' Spoilers


Lorelai and Luke spend the night at his diner after a romantic dinner, but her appearance at his place wearing his shirt causes nary a ripple among the townsfolk—at first; Richard and Emily bicker about their separation protocol; Paris reveals sad news about her older lover; Rory reunites with old friends after returning to Yale.

After Lorelai and Luke spend a romantic night together at Luke’s place, Lorelai, walks into the dinner early the next morning dressed in one of Luke’s flannel shirts, only to discover that the place is full of customers. Lorelai is a little offended when it appears that no one cares about their relationship, until it becomes a topic of heated discussion at the town meeting. Rory has an angry exchange with a haughty, rich student named Logan (Matt Czuchry,”Eight-Legged Freaks”), after he is rude to her friend Marty (guest star Wayne Wilcox). Paris holds a wake for her older lover Asher, who died over the summer.

Luke and Lorelai have sex in this episode but we don’t really get to see it. There’s a scene where they are at dinner, chatting, eating and then after the end of the dinner scene it cuts to them in bed.

Richard and Emily are seperated. Emily leaves in the house and Richard somewhere on the lot. He has a valet named Robert. Rory and Lorelai first visit Richard and then, when dinner is ready in the main house, visit Emily. The Gilmores talk to one another via the maid and valet. Rory moves back in at Yale. She meets Glenn and… his parents! He wants to pretend that they are his older friends. Luke and Lorelai have dinner together in a restaurant where the owners seem to know him… and call him “Lucas”. Paris and Kirk appear in the episode.

Credit: SpoilerFix, TitanTV

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