InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report

InsidePULSE’s WWE Raw Report 10.04.04
Live from MSG
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Recap of Flair/Orton from last week.

Intro”¦HBK vs. Christian, and KANE returns to confront Gene Snitsky.

HHH and Flair come on down to the ring. Flair wants to clarify that when he said that HHH was the greatest wrestler alive, Flair is the only one to say that. Flair then says that Orton is barred from the arena tonight. Flair the says that if Orton calls him a legend, then he calls Orton a virgin. Flair announces that it will be him vs. Orton at Taboo Tuesday, but the fans will decide if it’s a Falls Count Anywhere, Submission Match, or a Steel Cage Match. HHH then hits the mic, and says that the first interactive PPV will be a disaster. He says that he doesn’t care what the fans want. Jericho then comes out. This should be good. Jericho says that this is not a repeat of last week, even though HHH is whining the same way he did last week. He says that everyone has right to vote, so they will have a bit of a crowd poll. Jericho asks if anyone thinks HHH is great, then if he is the greatest wrestler alive, then asks if he is a giant horses ass. Jericho then tell HHH that he came up with the Taboo Tuesday idea, and feed it to Vince. Flair then calls Jericho down to the ring. Jericho walks to the back, and comes back out with a chair. Batista then runs down the ramp and jumps Jericho from behind. 3 on 1 on Jericho, but then Benoit, then Edge comes out to make the save. I smell a 6 man tag.

WWE Rewind — Christian upsetting HBK last week in a tag match.


JR and King preview Christian vs. HBK with footage of Day of Reckoning.

Coach with Christian & Tomko. Christian reminds us that HBK lost his WM10 match at MSG, whereas Christian won his WMXX match. He says that for some reason, people still hold a torch to HBK, well he will take that torch away from HBK tonight.

Shawn Michaels vs. Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko)
Christian gets in HBK’s face, but HBK slugs him, then chops him down for a quick 2. HBK locks on a headlock, and holds it for quite some time. Christian battles his way to his feet, and pull HBK’s hair to knock him down. Christian sends him off the ropes, but HBK comes back with a Lou Theiz press. HBK in the corner, and Christian charges, but HBK moves, and Christian crotches himself on the middle rope. HBK tunes up the band, but Tomko pulls Christian to the outside. HBK then slides out, then nails a swinging neckbreaker on the floor, and gives Tomko a Superkick. Then, the cut to commercial.


Christian is in control when we come back, and JR informs us that Tomko was brought from the back, with is mouth bleeding. Christian with an Inverted Tornado DDT for 2. Christian then hits an inverted DDT into a backbreaker for 2. HBK off the ropes, and both men run into each other with a shoulder block. HBK up first, and backs Christian to the corner, and hits a 10 punch count. Christian comes out groggy, but blocks HBK, and goes for an Unprettier. HBK slides out, and hits a sunset flip for 2. Christian up first, then nails the Unprettier but only for 2 when he takes too long to cover. They battle up the turnbuckle, but HBK back body drops Christian off the top. HBK then nails the elbow drop, then the Chin Music for the pin.
Winner — HBK


Benoit vs. Batista & Jericho vs. HHH is announced for tonight.

New Guy Todd with Lita. She regrets the problem with KANE and Matt, but she doesn’t regret her pregnancy. She said that her baby was the only thing innocent out of all this. She blames Snitsky. New Guy Todd says that Snitsky claims that it isn’t his fault. Lita says that she helped him by stopping KANE from breaking his neck, then Snitsky cost her her baby. She hopes that KANE does what he intends to do with Snitsky.

Bischoff making a deal with some female (they don’t show her face). Coach then comes in, and Bischoff tells him to get Eugene, because he has an announcement about their match at Taboo. Coach wonders if they can trust ‘her.’ Coach then says that he doesn’t want to interview Snitsky with KANE in the building, so Bischoff says he will make JR do it.


JR is in the ring, and he brings down Gene Snitsky. Snitsky comes to the ring, pushing a baby carriage. HAHA. JR then says that he has some questions for Snitsky”¦but Snitsky just screams that it isn’t his fault. Kane’s music plays, and he walks down to the ring. Snitsky tosses the baby carriage at him, but KANE just sidesteps it, but he was hiding a lead pipe in the carriage, and he just destroys KANE with it. KANE is busted open from a shot over the head.


Recap of KANE getting beat up. He crawls himself up the ramp.

Chris Benoit vs. Batista (w/ Ric Flair)
Benoit quickly attacks Batista’s knee. Benoit hits the Trifecta of Germans, and calls for the headbutt. Batista is back up, and Benoit hits 2 more Germans. Flair distracts Benoit, letting Batista to get back up, and he tosses Benoit to the outside. Flair runs Benoit into the post, then back in the ring. Batista goes for a Demon Bomb, but Orton runs.
No Contest

Bischoff comes out and says that he told Orton to stay out of the building, so, he calls Security in to take him away. As about 6 Security Guards take him away, Flair and Batista jump him.


Bischoff in the ring, announces that Orton has been successfully ejected from the building. He does want to update us on Taboo Tuesday. He says that we know there is a choice of 3 men to face HHH. We know that Flair will face Orton, and we get to choose between 3 different consequences. What we don’t know is that Gene Snitsky will face KANE in a weapon of choice match (Lead Pipe, Steel Chair, or Steel Chain). Also, anyone on the roster will be eligible to face Jericho for the IC title at Taboo Tuesday, and he wants to see them all in his office later. He then has an announcement for Eugene, and asks him to come on out. He says that there is someone there that wants to meet him, because she has a crush on him. He brings out Carmella. Bischoff says that Carmella will face Christy at Taboo Tuesday. Carmella says that Eugene is almost perfect, but she loves bald men. Bischoff says that if the fans choose a hair vs. hair match at Taboo, and then Eugene loses on purpose, Carmella would be his girlfriend. Eugene says he wants a kiss from his new girlfriend first. Carmella breaks down, and says that she can’t do it. Bischoff says that it’s ok, and the match with her and Christy is still on. Bischoff says that not only does Carmella not like him, but NOBODY likes him. Christy then comes down, KO’s Carmella and kisses Eugene”¦then jumps on him and starts Frenching him! Christy and Eugene leave together.


La Resistance (c) vs. SuperHeroes — World Tag Team Titles
Helms and Conway start. For some reason, there’s a melee. Conway tries to tag, but Helms won’t let him. Helms tries to tag, but Greiner runs in and takes out Rosey. Greiner and Rosey fight on the outside, and Greiner runs in the ring, and helps Conway hit the Au Revoir for the pinfall, as Rosey is late getting in the ring to break it up.
Winners — La Rez

Rosey then takes out both Greiner and Conway, but Conway turns his mask, and Rosey accidentally drills Helms with a Spinning Side Slam. Rosey realizes what he did, and checks on Hurricane.


A new Simon Dean Commercial.

Coach asks Edge why the fans should vote him in at Taboo Tuesday. Edge says that he deserves it more then the other 2. He has never faced HHH, and has never received a Title Shot, so Taboo Tuesday is finally his shot.

All the IC candidates are in Bischoff’s office (I can see Christian, Tomko, Rhyno, Tajiri, Batista, Regal, Shelton, Mack, Chucky P, Venis, Conway, Greiner & Maven). Bischoff says that all of them will get a closer look at Jericho tonight, as they will serve as Lumberjacks for the Jericho/HHH match.

WWE Rewind — Stacy beating Molly 2 weeks ago.


Trish joins JR and King. She recaps what happened with Christy last week, and calls her a slut for being OK with being in public in her bra and panties.

Molly Holly vs. Stacy Keibler
Molly dominates the match. Stacy tosses her to the outside, and when she gets Molly back in, Trish ran down, and tried to trip her up, then Molly tries to roll her up, but Stacy sits down on Molly and gets the quick pin fall.
Winner — Keibs

Promo for the Lumberjack match”¦Helms, Rosey, Stevie Richards and Coach are added.


Chris Jericho vs. Triple H — Lumberjack Match
HHH is still posing for the fans, and Jericho jumps him. Jericho tosses him out, and Regal and Shelton rough him up. HHH gains the advantage quickly, and tosses Jericho out, right at Batista. Batista, Mack and Chucky P beat down Jericho, but Jericho gets back to the apron. Sunset flip over the top rope gets 2, but HHH tosses Jericho out again, this time Conway and Stevie beats him down. Back in the ring, Jericho gets going again, and goes for a Walls, but HHH twists him through the ropes. Christian beats him down, but Rhyno chases him off, but Jericho baseball slides into Rhyno, thinking that Rhyno was beating him down. Flair comes down, Jericho fights him off, then leaps off the top rope on the floor on a group of people. Jericho gets back in the ring, but Rhyno comes in and GORE GORE GORE’s him. HHH rolls over and makes the pinfall.
Winner — HHH

The Lumberjacks get in the ring, and a melee ensues. Orton comes out of nowhere and drills Batista, then Conway, then Christian, then Rosey with an RKO.

Show Over