Sunday Night Heat Spoilers/Dark Matches/Off Camera Happenings

First Match = Dark Match
Val Venis def. Muhammed Hassan w/his manager (couldn’t make out the name). Venis wins with The Money Shot. MAJOR heat on Hassan.

Sunday Night Heat

-Victoria def. Gail Kim with the Widow’s Peak

-Rhyno and Tajiri def. Danny Doring and Mark? Kinkade. Tajiri gets the pin with the stiff kick on Kinkade.

-Maven def. Stevie Richards with a roll-up

-Shelton Benjamin def. Rodney Mack w/Jazz via a weird finisher. Kind of a spinning urange mixed with a samoan drop.

Off Camera Notes:

-The t-shirt guy caught hell because he sucked. He kept trying to hit someone’s target.

-Lillian looked great and sang the national anthem great.

-After Raw, Orton hit the turnbuckles to a big ovation. Y2J, Shelton and Coach stayed out and Orton seemed to be having a conversation with Y2J and Benjamin, who then relayed something to Coach. Either way Coach waled to the back, as did Y2J and Shelton. Orton hit the turnbuckles again and slapped hands on the way to the back.