Adam Strange #1 Review

Reviewer: Mathan “I dig Colu” Erhardt
Story Title: Planet Heist

Written by: Andy Diggle
Penciled and Inked by: Pascal Ferry
Colored by: Dave McCaig
Lettered by: Rob Leigh
Editor: Eddie Barganza
Publisher: DC Comics

This issue begins with Adam Strange talking to a Gotham cop about his current situation. The cop is reluctant to believe that Strange is actually a “spaceman.” Adam goes on to try to explain his story; Zeta Beam, Rann, wife & kid. Adam then gets to the part when the Zeta Beam never came to send him back to Rann. Eventually Superman goes to investigate and returns with bad news; the primary star in Rann’s system went supernova vaporizing the entire system.

Understandably Adam doesn’t take the news well. He calls Kal a liar and goes to drown his sorrows. It’s there that two cops find him. They want to question him about the destruction of the block that he lives on, and more about his penchant for wearing silly costumes. But it’s a hokey story that may work on Metropolis, but not in Gotham. The cops prepare to transport Adam to Arkham.

He escape and sees a familiar energy signiture that he mistakes for Zeta beam. It’s actually two aliens who are looking for Adam to question him about Rann. It appears that Rann disappeared before the supernova, and they want to know where it went. A battle ensues and Adam prevails, gaining a rocket pack and two blasters for his trouble. Now he’s ready to look for some answers. To be continued.

Diggle has made Adam Strange interesting. This is an action-packed read. He manages to fit most of Strange’s history into a couple of pages. He’s also created an interesting mystery. What did happen to Rann? How will Adam get back? This is everything a first issue should be!

Ferry is phenomenal. Gotham looks amazing. I liked how Rann is shown in vibrant colors to contrast Adam’s present surroundings. Ferry’s take on Superman is superb. The scene where Adam escapes from the cops looks marvelous. The alien enemies look weird yet cool. I’m really diggin’ Adam’s lack of a costume, it really adds something in my eyes.