WWE News: RAW & SD Tapings in England Next Week


– RAW and SD will both be heading to Europe this weekend.

RAW started out yesterday in Helsinki, Finland, and wraps up in Manchester, England with Monday’s RAW tapings.

SD starts out tonight in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and wraps up with its Manchester, England tapings on Tuesday.

– Byte This returns to the Internet on October 14, after a two-week hiatus.

– Danny Doring and Arch Kincaid had tryouts before the RAW show started on Monday. Also visiting was Low Ki, who has worked dark matches and Velocity in the past, but he was just there to say hi to friends.

– Brock Lesnar’s still keeping in touch with the Vikings, hoping to get a spot on the practice squad. For the complete story click here.

– Booker T is on the European tour despite a cracked rib.

– The following may spoil tonight’s Smackdown for you, and is the final item of this news post, so please skip this if you don’t want to know:

With John Cena set to take time off of TV to shoot The Marine, the plan is to take the US Title off of him at tonight’s Smackdown. Check out our SD spoilers to see who will win the belt tonight.

[Credit: PWInsider.com]

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