InsidePULSE’s WWE Smackdown Report


WWE Smackdown for October 7th, 2004. Taped from Boston, Massachusetts
Report by Brad Jennette, EXCLUSIVELY for

As many of you may or may not know, I was directly hit by Hurricane Ivan three weeks ago. It knocked my power out for 8 days and my cable JUST came back on this weekend. Anyways, I’m back with the first Smackdown since No Mercy which actually sounded pretty good.

We start off with a still picture recap of No Mercy. JBL retained his WWE title with help from HEIDENREICH. I dig the gory bladejob the champ did. Oh yeah, Heidenreich crushed the hearst Taker was loaded into with a truck.

Cole announces that The Big Show will face off against Mark Jindrak tonight. Tazz announces a rematch between JBL and Hardcore Holly also for tonight.

WORD LIFE! The NEW United States champion, John Cena, comes out to the massive babyface/hometown pop. Cena is wearing a Red Sox jersey to the delight of the live crowd. A loud and legit “Cena” chant starts up before Cena can even speak. Cena says “the champ is HOME” and proceeds to put over the Red Sox and the Patriots. Cena pays Booker T some respect for a terrific best of five series. Cena then makes fun of Michael Cole for liking O-Town and New Kids on the Block. Cena says he can make fun of Cole all night, but he would rather let someone else from the crowd do it. Cena looks for a fan when CARLITO CARIBBEAN COOL comes out with an apple in his hand! YES! MARKOUT CITY! CCC says Cena winning the US title is cool. But then he says that people who wear that jersey (the Red Sox) never win anything. Carlito says he came out to find out who was the coolest guy on Smackdown. CCC doesn’t think Cena is cool, he thinks he’s a punk. Carlito says he spits in the face of people who aren’t cool and he goes to take a bite of the apple. Cena stops him and says he looks like Manny Ramirez, but he’s a bigger jackass then A-Rod. Carlito says says it took Cena 5 matches to win the US title and CCC can win it in 1. Cena says he would be cool for Carlito to get his ass beat by Cena all over Boston. Carlito says fighting for the US title is cool but fighting right now isn’t cool. CCC says he wants to go change and he offers Cena a handshake. Cena does the “you can’t see me” so CCC boots him low and DDT the champ on the US title! Carlito then pulls out his apple, takes a big bite and spits in right in Cena’s face! Carlito Caribbean Cool leaves the ring to some massive heel heat.

Commercial break.

They recap what just happened in the ring between Cena and CCC. Cole informs us that General Manager Theodore Long has made John Cena vs Carlito Caribbean Cool for the United States title TONIGHT.

Kenzo Suzuki vs Rey Mysterio
Tazz busts out a f*cking HILARIOUS “My Woman from Tokyo” bit from Deep Purple as the tag team champs are making their way to the ring. Kenzo busts out “New York, New York” in Boston!! Oh man this show is one of the best I’ve ever seen and we are only 20 minutes in to it. Rey is wearing pink and is out with his partner in getting highness RVD. Rey uses his speed to get the early advantage with some thigh kicks and a dropkick. Kenzo hits big boot and takes over the offense with some chops and clubbing forearms. Rey comes back with a flying headscissors and a springboard crossbody for 2. Rey tries another flying attack but Kenzo catches him with a very unique double underhook neckbreaker. Kenzo goes for a powerbomb but Rey punches him down. Rey hits a corkscrew splash for 2. Rey goes for a 619 but Dupree distracts so RVD takes him out. Rey gets the 6-1-9 but Kenzo catches him before Rey can hit the second part of the move. Kenzo goes for the Claw STO and Rey slips out and rolls up Kenzo for the 1-2-3.
Winner – Rey Mysterio

Josh is backstage with YOUR WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL says he had no idea that Heidenreich was going to attack Taker from the back of the hearst. JBL says he is a proud New Yorker and he is the most popular WWE champion of all time. He forces Josh to chant “J-B-L” as the crowd adds “sucks” at the end. JBL takes on Hardcore Holly NEXT.

Commercial break.

JBL vs Hardcore Holly
The longhorn limo pulls up and JBL gets out with a large bandage on his forehead and a slight limp to his step. Hardcore Holly comes out to an obviously piped in face pop. JBL goes on offense early with clubbing forearms and right hands. Hardcore fires right back with right hands of his own, focusing in on the gash on JBL’s forehead. More straight right hands to JBL and the champ’s gash are busted back open! Both guys exchange clubbing blows and Hardcore gets some chops to the chest. Hardcore tries an irish whip but JBL catches the challenger with a fall-away slam. JBL takes Holly to the outside of the ring and slams his head against the announce table. Hardcore comes back and fires JBL into the steel ringsteps that gets 2 inside the ring. More clubbing blows and a suplex by Hardcore gets 2. JBL gets a quick thumb to the eye and follows it up with a swinging neckbreaker for 1. Orlando Jordan walks out in a suit as Holly hits a backdrop and his standing dropkick for 2. Holly gets another suplex and climbs to the top rope. FLYING ELBOW DROP by Holly gets 2. JBL goes for the Clothesline from Hell but Holly ducks and hits the Alabama Slam. Orlando grabs Hardcore’s foot which allows JBL to take a breather on the outside….. and never come back. JBL stays on the outside and gets counted out! Hardcore has defeated JBL two straight times.
Winner by countout – Hardcore Holly

Commercial break.

They show a highlight package of Kidman knocking Chavo Guerrero out cold several weeks back. But wait! Its actually a hype video for Chavo Guerrero! He returns in two weeks!

Heyman is walking backstage when he runs into Theodore R. Long. Long says that Heyman and Heidenreich went over the line at No Mercy. Long says the rescue crews had to use the jaws of life to get the doors of the hearst open. Long says there was no body found in the hearst. Heyman says Heidenreich is a fearless demon who is going to read poetry in the ring tonight.

Raw Rebound: All the Evolution/Orton hijinx from Raw on Monday Night. “Stone Cold” Randy Orton took out faces and heel alike on Raw.

The Honor Society is backstage. Angle is complaining that he had a bronchial infection when he had his match with Show at No Mercy and that when he got counted out, it should have been the finish. Angle wants Jindrak to teach Show that no one messes with the world’s greatest athlete. They walk off screen as we fade to commercial.

Commercial break.

Theodore R. Long is on the screen and he announces that next week JBL will face Hardcore Holly for the third time next week, in a HARDCORE rules match. Oh yeah, its also for the WWE title.

Mark Jindrak vs The Big Show
Angle is doing color…. well actually, he isn’t saying a word but he’s sitting there. Show actually looks pretty cool with a shaved head. Show takes Jindrak down with a headbutt and some serious slaps to the chest. Show stands on Jindrak’s chest a couple of times then picks him up and drops him with a scoop slam. Show hits a clothesline and stares Angle down. Show goes outside to stare Angle down further and Angle just sits down in his seat. Jindrak dropkicks Show as he climbs back into the ring. Jindrak pounds away on the outside and tosses Show into the steps. Back in the ring, Jindrak works over the shoulder he weakened. Show tosses Jindrak to the outside with one arm and Luther Reigns runs out. Before Luther can hit the ring, Eddy intercepts him and takes him out via the ringpost. Angle slides in with a chair but Show boots it into Angle’s face. Jindrak then tries his final attack but Show chokeslams him for the 1-2-3.
Winner – The Big Show

Josh is backstage with CARLITO CARIBBEAN COOL! Josh asks why my favorite wrestler on Smackdown disrespected Cena in his hometown. Carlito stops to inform us that Josh’s frosted hair, fake tan, and ugly shirt isn’t cool. Carlito says Cena wouldn’t shake his hand. CCC says he doesn’t demand respect, he COMMANDS it. Carlito says tonight, there will be a new COOL US Champion and his name is Carlito. Caribbean. Cool.

Commercial break.

They show a replay of Kidman giving London the Shooting Star Press, then the second one while London was strapped to a stretcher!

Kidman vs Charlie Haas
Oh man, new ring attire for Kidman and it is f*cking PIMP. Chaz Haas comes out with his new fiancee Miss Jackie who is looking incredibly smoking tonight. Haas takes Kidman down a couple of times and works the mat. Kidman is able to comeback with a hangman on the top rope. Kidman goes to a chinlock and takes Haas down right before he fights out. Haas reverses Kidman and hits a suplex. Haas hits a backdrop and his springboard flying axe handle. Kidman comes back with a thumb to the eye and a double boot to the face. Kidman climbs to the top rope to attempt the Shooting Star Press, but Jackie climbs in the ring and protects Charlie with her body. Kidman jumps down and HITS A SPINEBUSTER ON JACKIE! Kidman then takes out Haas and the referee and teases hitting a shooting star on Jackie but Rico runs out to make the save. Kidman is like the Dudleyz, only without the tables, when it comes to beating women.
Winner – No contest

Commercial break.

They show a “during the break segment” when Miss Jackie is being helped off by the trainers as well as Rico and Chaz.

Backstage, Orlando Jordan is running to grab JBL some more ice when he runs into Booker T. Orlando talks up Booker and pats him on the arm. Booker says he isn’t anyone’s dog, especially no ass-kissing suckup like Orlando. Now can you dig that? SUCKA!

They show the same still frame recap of the Last Ride match as they did at the start of the show. JBL retained, Taker will get his revenge on Heidenreich.

Commerical break.

HEIDENREICH comes out with Heyman in tow. Heidenreich has some bruises on his face and chest. Heyman tells the crowd how Taker was not found in the back of the hearst at No Mercy. Heyman says it’s time to add a little bit of culture to this uncivilized broadcast. Its poetry time from Heidenreich. He starts to read and the crowd starts booing loudly. Heidenreich doesn’t care for the crowd stopping him so he hops the barricade and beats the shit out of 4 fans! THAT WAS GREAT!

Commercial break.

United States Championship Match: John Cena (c) vs Carlito Caribbean Cool
Cena comes straight into the ring without playing to the crowd or taunting Carlito at all. Cena goes on offense right away with hard rights. Carlito takes a quick breather but Cena follows him out and lariats him down. Cena hits some clubbing forearms and slams Carlito’s head off the steps. Cena sends Carlito back in the ring and stomps him down. Cena holds a vertical suplex for a solid 30 seconds for a 2 count. Cena hits a backdrop and follows it up with a legdrop for 2. Cena punts Carlito in the ribs and hits a sidewalk slam complete with muscle flexing. Cena stomps Carlito to the outside and sends the newcomer into steel steps. Cena rolls back in the ring and the referee starts the 10 count. Carlito rolls back into the ring at 8 and Cena slugs him down with a right hand. Carlito FINALLY gets in some offense by low-bridging Cena out of the ring. Carlito slams Cena’s head off the apron and then the announce table. Carlito rolls in to break the count and rolls back out to stomp on Cena some more. Carlito snaps some lefts but Cena comes back with rights of his own. Carlito rakes the eyes and goes for a piledriver on the concrete floor! Cena counters it and slingshots Carlito over the barricade and into the crowd in a fun spot. Carlito is hurt in the crowd as we go to commercial.

Commercial break.

We come back with Cena kicking Carlito in the gut. Cena climbs to the second rope and goes for a flying crossbody but Carlito moves! Carlito hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Carlito hits some more snapping left hands and slams Cena’s head off the turnbuckle. Carlito hits a back elbow for 2. Carlito follows it up with a suplex for 2. Carlito gets on the apron and hits a very Latino Heat-like springboard flying elbow from the apron into the ring. Carlito locks in a chinlock and turns it into a sleeper. Cena fights out and hits a backdrop. Both men are down until the count of 7. Both men get up and Cena slugs away with right hands. Cena hits a back elbow, a clothesline, and finishes it off with his flying shoulderblock. Cena hits a bulldog and follows it with the Five Knuckle Shuffle for 2. Cena pumps up the kicks and goes for the FU. Carlito grabs the top rope so Cena dumps him to the outside. Carlito goes to the ring announcer table and grabs the US title. Carlito goes to hit Cena with it but Cena attacks him and grabs the title for himself. The referee sees this and he wrestles the title belt away from Cena. This give Carlito the chance to grab Cena’s chain off the apron, roll it up on his fist, and knock out the champion! The pin gets the 1-2-3!
Winner and NEW United States Champion: Carlito Caribbean Cool

Post-Match, Carlito demands that the referee places the title around his waist. Carlito also grabs the chain he knocked out Cena with and puts it around his neck!

What a great debut for my new favorite wrestler…


End of Show.