'Joey' Spoilers

Episode Title: Joey and the Nemesis
Airdate: October 14, 2004

As Joey readies for an audition against an old foe (Michael Landes), he runs into a guy from Gina’s life he never expected to meet. Meanwhile, Michael makes the mistake of letting his mom know that he’s feeling under the weather.

In this episode, Joey meets his acting nemesis, Brian Michael David Scott (Landes). Brian Michael is relentless in making a fool out of Joey at all of his auditions. At home, much to Michael’s dismay, his overbearing mother Gina finds out that he is sick and gets excited that she will get to take care of him. Joey decides to stay at Gina’s house while Michael is sick and mistakenly meets Gina’s boyfriend.

Matt10827 attended taping and reports:

The episode begins with Michael walking into the living room telling Joey he is sick. Joey says he heard the coughing but thought it was the dogs that live in the Hollywood hills. Michael scares Joey by telling him those are dogs were coyotes. Michael does not want Gina knowing he is sick because she will never leave his side. Gina walks in with bagels and immediately senses somebody is sick. Joey pretends it is he. Gina is not fooled and asks him “how did you ever become and actor.” Gina drags Michael to bed, to which he cries for help from Joey. Still shaken from the coyote scare, Joey yells that it’s like the Serengeti out there and he should be lucky to have somebody to watch over him. The next scene is Joey going to an audition. There he meets Brian Michael David Scott, who recognizes Joey from DOOL. Bri-Mi as he calls himself, comments that Joey and he will compete for many of the same parts since they have very similar characteristics. Bri-Mi plays the first of a series of tricks here by telling Joey that the audition was cancelled, so Joey leaves. The following scene is back at Joey’s apartment. Alex walks in and asks Joey if he knows who is parking in her space. He says it is his sister. Gina walks in and gives Alex major attitude and Alex becomes very scared of Gina. At this point, Gina has been living in the apartment for several days taking care of Michael. Joey is annoyed and asks if he could just take care of Michael so that she could take some time for herself. Gina says she is a mother and has no time for herself and does nothing for herself. One of the biggest laughs of the night came when Joey pointed to Gina’s breast implants and said, “so you got those for Michael?” She tells Joey to go stay at her place until Michael gets better. The next scene is at Joey’s next audition where Bri-Mi tells him that the casting director is deaf, so Joey should scream all his lines. Joey believes him and does so. Next is a scene in Gina’s room, where Joey crawls into bed. He is joined by Gina’s secret boyfriend who thought Joey was Gina. This lead to a hilarious scene with the two yelling at each other trying to figure out what was going on. Next was a scene with Bonnie, Joey’s agent. She had called him in because of his behavior at recent auditions and due to the fact that she makes 10% of whatever Joey earns, so she was making nothing off of him since he was getting no work. (Great joke with Joey trying to figure out 10% of 0) This leads to Joey realizing that Bri-Mi was messing with his head. He couldn’t believe it was true. One of the biggest laughs of the night came here when Jennifer Coolidge said, “Yeah well, I don’t believe they take the fat out of my ass and put it in my lips.” Next Joey confronts Gina about her boyfriend throwing her comments about being a mother with no time for herself back in her face. She says she didn’t say anything because Michael always gets hurt when she has a boyfriend. Joey forces Gina to tell Michael about the boyfriend. Michael pretends to be sad, but is really happy since this is his opportunity to get his mom off of his back. He decides that he will do anything he can to keep Gina and Roger (the boyfriend) together. Somewhere in this scene Alex comes to yell at Gina for parking again, but Gina just slams to the door in her face. Roger comes to pick up Gina for a date. Michael pretends like he is a great guy, despite the fact that that he is a real idiot who says jeans are his hobby and that he wants to chop off his pinky to win money in a lawsuit. As the date goes on, Joey goes to another audition where Bri-Mi tries to mess with Joey’s head again, but Joey doesn’t fall for it and tells him off for what he did. Bri-Mi says he wants to patch things up by stepping back from the audition they were at and letting Joey take his slot which was next. However, he ends up locking Joey in a closet. Once Gina comes home from the date, Joey and Mike sit Gina down and tell her she deserves a better guy. Mike also explains to his mom that he is an adult and can take care of himself, she just needs to stop worrying about him. While she is depressed that Roger turned out to be such a “wang” as she says, Michael says to her “I have good news. My fever is back.” Gina replies “oh god you’re so good to me”. Alex pops in being miss tough girl telling Gina she had her car towed. But once again Gina scares her off by saying that she’ll have to get Alex back now. The episode ends with Joey asking her if she was happy that she scared the girl. And Gina says, yeah, she’s real good to me. The tag scene is Joey’s retaliation to Brian Michael Scott. He called him and said the location of the audition had changed so that he would miss it. Bri-Mi asks Joey if he realized that if he was missing the audition, so was Joey. After a few seconds of silence, Joey cracks and says… come on I’ll give you a ride.

Credit: SpoilerFix, TitanTV, Matt10827