'ER Spoilers'

Episode 11.03: Try Carter
Airdate: October 14, 2004

The Fourth of July floods County with holiday injuries, giving Carter a chance to bury his grief and Corday a shot at sabotaging her career by performing an above-the-law organ transplant. Meanwhile, Abby goes over Ray’s head to treat a bike-crash patient with some shady symptoms; the new surgical attending turns heads and Neela hits a dead end in her job search.

It’s a busy 4th of July weekend and Carter tries to run an understaffed hospital, which is flooded with patients. A biker with HIV is left brain dead from a robbery and his girlfriend wants to donate his organs to a fellow friend, who is also infected with HIV. Carter persuades Corday to perform the organ transplant after several surgeons refused to perform the operation. Meanwhile, Ray is upset with Abby for going above him and ordering a drug test on his patient, a bicycle messenger. Abby later asks Carter out for dinner and drinks in hopes of talking to him about his past problems. Dr. Pratt is back early from his recent craniotomy and is not operating at his best capacity. Carter notices his insensitivity to a stabbing victim as well as the fact that he is still suffering from headaches and sends him home. Corday confronts Weaver on her latest surgeon choice and the fact that she was not involved in the decision-making process. Lastly, Neela looks for employment outside of the medical field and has a hard time finding a decent job.

New med students arrive. Carter asks Pratt to brief them students on management of chest pain. Pratt tries to convince everyone he’s ready to get back to work but he still has to convince himself. Abby shows med students how to suture, clashes with Ray, and saves on of Kovac’s patient. Neela tries to find a job. She gets interviews at Starbucks, an electronic store, Gap, “¦ Eventually, she goes to a job hunters’ company. Carter, with Kovac’s help, uses a special treatment on a woman who’s perfectly fine but keeps demanding to see a specialist. Some of the patients are a stabbing victim who think he’s bullet proof since he’s been shot six times before, a man dressed as a soldier for a re-enactment of a war and a brain dead biker. Someone sets off a stink bomb in the ER. Kovac attends one of Alex’s soccer games. We meet the new surgical attending, Dr. Dubenko. Corday doesn’t appreciate him. Also in the episode are Morris, Malik, Sam, Jerry, Howard, Chuck, Lewis, and Weaver.

Credit: SpoilerFix, TitanTV