InsidePulse’s Indy Report 10.10.04: Wrestling on Discovery, Results, & TU-TH Shows

Larry Zbyszko on Steve Gerweck Hotline
‘No Opportunities’ Show Featuring Wrestling
IWA EC – 10/5 – Nitro, WV
IWA MS/NWA MW – 10/7 – New Albany, IN
IWR – 10/9 – Hamtramck, MI
WOHW – 10/9 – Schenectady, NY
NGW – 10/9 – Ft Worth, TX
WED shows – 10/13:
RME – Winnipeg, Manitoba
CCW – Evansville, IN
THURS Shows – 10/14:
NWA MACW – Wilkesboro, NC

Larry Zbyszko on Steve Gerweck Hotline

Listen in to the Gerweck Report hotline’s options #1, #2, & #3 for an interview with Larry Zbyszko at 212-502-6636. Zbyszko discusses breaking into the business, dating Verne Gagne’s daughter while in the AWA, working with TNA, & more.

‘No Opportunities’ Show Featuring Wrestling

‘No Opportunities’ TV show in it’s second episode takes an airport sky cab and gives him three days at the Chaotic Training Center to train for a wrestling match. The reality show gives someone $3000 and three days to live out their dream. The show will air Sunday night, October 10 at 8 pm on Discovery Channel.

IWA East Coast results
Tues, 10/5 – Nitro, WV

*Zack Gowen def. El Drunko
*Micky Knuckles def. Alison Danger
*Chris Hero def. “Double C” Cladio Castanoli
*Daisuke Sekimoto def. Ian Rotten
*Mad Man Pondo def. Ryuji Ito
*Abdullah the Butcher def. Necrobutcher

IWA Mid-South Wrestling/NWA Midwest results
Thurs, 10/7 – New Albany, IN

*Ryan Boz def. Prophet
*Danny Daniels def. Truth Martini
*Ryuji Ito def. JC Bailey
*Mad Man Pondo def. Zach Gowen
*Delirious def. “Double C” Claudio Castagnoli & Brandon Thomaselli
*Daisuke Sekimoto def. “Spyder” Nate Webb
*Nigel McGuinness def. Chris Hero

Independent Wrestling Revolution results
Sat, 10/9 – Hamtramck, MI

*Jimmy “The Hype” Shalwin def. Josh Abercrombie
*The Syrian Playboy/Whiplash def. The NEW High Risk Society (Jason Quick/BAM), Thurston Brooks/Curtis Martin, & C.J. Otis/Jack Thriller
*”Maniac” George Morbid def. Jack Knox
*Frankie the Face def. Jeff King
*Bryer Wellington def. Jimmy Jacobs
*Battle Royal: Klunk the Klown
*IWR Tag Titles Match: Dark Skin Productions (Tommy Johnson/Jerome “Do It” Pruitt) def. The Bump-N-Uglies (Josh Movado/Bubba MacKenzie)
*IWR King of the Independents Title Match: champion The Tie Dye Kid (aka Gutter) retained against Jaimy Cox
*Cage Match: Truth Martini def. CK3 & Eddie Venom

World Of Hurt Wrestling results
Sat, 10/9 – Schenectady, NY

*WOHW Women’s Title Match: champion Kayla Sparks retained against Mickie The Quickie
*”Milliennium Millionaire” Scott Scarsdale/Good Lord Willing def. Timmy Wright/Mike Pizzazz
*Shockwave def. Cheech
*WOHW Hardcore Title Match: champion Virus retained against Shane Alden/Swinger Sidusky
*Barbie (w/ Kenny Casanova) def. Pedro Gonzalez
*Jerk Jackson def. Axel Phoenix
*”King Of Clubs” Ricky Dominguez (w/ Ken Chronic) vs. “White Lion” Jim Tanner went to a double count-out
*Jimmy Jact Cash def. Big Ben (w/ Good Lord Willing)
*Nick Neighborhood/Chuck Deep def. “Superfreak” Reed James/Magnum NY

New Generation Wrestling results
Sat, 10/9 – Ft Worth, TX

*Joseph/Mace def. Damian Logan/Dark Dragon
*Mandingo def. Lewis Ranch
*NGW Tag Titles Match: The New Legacy def. Pendragon/BioHazard
*SWAT def. Bill/Mark Larue
*Battle Royal: Mace

Ring Masters Entertainment
Chalmers Community Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wed, 10/13 – 6:45 pm

*TJ Bratt vs. The Axe
*EZ Ryder vs. JC Derksen
*Dick Walker vs. Damon Marx
*Tre Valiant vs. Justin Tyme

Coliseum Championship Wrestling
Evansville Coliseum, Evansville, IN
Wed, 10/13

*CCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion LoneStar (w/ Penelope vs. Vic The Bruiser
*The Naturals Chase Stevens vs. Tracy Smothers
*”Superstar” Shane Matthews/K.C. O’Rilley vs. Beau James/Scotty McKeever
*Pot Head John/Billy Black vs. The Convict/Baker Boy

NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Wilkesboro County Fairgrounds, Wilkesboro, NC
Thurs, 10/13