The Monolith #9 Review

Reviewer: Mathan “The Evil One” Erhardt
Story Title: “Everything Old Is New Again.”

Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Penciled and Inked by: Phil Winslade
Colored by: Chris Chuckry
Lettered by: Phil Balsman
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Publisher: DC Comics

The issue begins on a creepy note with a pedophile preparing to molest a boy. Fortunately The Monolith comes to save the day. The criminal’s life ends quickly. The Monolith notices a children’s book titled “The Golem’s Heart of Stone” that’s written by Alice Cohen. Then we journey across town to find Alice’s granddaughter, also named Alice, and her roommate Tilt walking after receiving news on their AIDS tests. It’s clear that Alice’s was negative and Tilt’s was positive.

The Monolith sits under a bridge (I’m guessing the Brooklyn Bridge) and reads the book he found. We then flashback to 1934, where gangsters, fed up with the Monolith’s initial heroic career are torturing some rabbi’s into creating a new golem. One eventually agrees. And he leads them to Rabbi Rava, the man who created the Monolith.

He tries to fudge the words to the spell, but the statue comes to life nonetheless. The mobsters kill Rabbi Shragra, whose blood splatters on the statue, sealing the deal. The new Golem comes to life and kills the mobsters. Then he sets his sights on Rabbi Rava. Fortunately the Monolith arrives on the scene and the two brawl. Some quick thinking by the Rabbi encases the Golem in molten metal, and the Monolith tosses it in the river.

But back in the present Tilt and Alice go to a restaurant where the Golem is a centerpiece, having been salvaged from the river. And when violence breaks out the Golem’s eyes begin to glow again. To be continued.

Gray & Palmiotti have gotten me addicted. This book is so well written. I really enjoy how the past plays a role in what happens in the present. I dig stuff like that; a back-story is a great thing. I mean how many other books do you have characters that died years ago playing a vital role? It’s also nice to see a really multicultural NYC, as opposed to the NYC on TV.

Winslade’s back on the title, and his work looks as great as ever. The shadow effect on Tilt’s face on page #5 really captures the moment. The brawl between the Monolith and the new golem is just cool. There’s no better word for it. “Cool” perfectly describes the scene. And that last page is just creepy.