InsidePulse’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 10.10.04


Hey, I do give a f*ck about wrestling.

Taped from MSG
Hosts are Al Snow and Todd Grisham

Gail Kim vs Victoria – The two exchange arm bars and Victoria gets her down for 1. Kim gets a move which Al calls the “Divorce Court” and goes to work on the arm. Back hammerlock-suplex gets 2. Victoria comes back, and a backdrop gets 2. Kim looks to get her arm-submission on, but goes for a sunset flip, but Vic sits and gets 2. Widow’s Peak finishes it @ 4:19. Love that move. I honestly wouldn’t mind a whole Heat with nothing but women’s matches, as they have trouble getting over on RAW, but the crowd is more generous here.

Rhyno & Tajiri vs Jobbers – Tajiri takes down one of the jobbers, bringing in jobber # 2, who apparently has a degree in porno. Also, # 1 is Marc Lloyd’s brother. You know, he hosts the show which actually gets less fewers than this one. Rhyno in, as # 2 tries to make friends, and offers his hand. So does Rhyno, but in a much more aggresive way. That’s not very nice. Shoulder-thrust and snapmare get 2. Jobber fights back, and brings in his partner. The two work over Rhyno, and # 2 gets…2. # 1 comes in and beats on Rhyno, getting 2. Rhyno gets a belly to belly, and brings in Tajiri. Handspring back-elbow gets 2. Rube Goldberg Bulldog gets 1 thanks to # 1. Tajiri gets sent into the corner by # 2, but gets the Tarantula. Gore to # 1, and a Buzzsaw Kick to # 2 finishes it @ 5:52. By the way, their names weren’t really #s 1 & 2, but their named never popped up, so I wasn’t going to type it.

We get highlights of the JBL/Foley debate from the University of Miami. Hey, there’s Stephanie! But I thought she was fired? Hmmm. Foley seems more pro-Kerry, while Bradshaw’s more pro-Bush. I always did like Mick more. Though it’s hard to take him seriously. I mean, look at him, then look at Bradshaw. Foley,”I remember as a kid, Christmas morning, opening up a box of little French soldiers, and they all looked so cute coming out of there with their hands in the air.” Remember kids, it’s up to you to get Bush out of office! Err, I mean…vote!

Maven vs Steven Richards – They have a pose-out, but Stevie jumps him for 1. How rude! They have a chase, but Maven flattens him with a clothesline. Powerslam of some sort gets 2. Richards comes back, and a baseball slide to the gut gets 2. Stevie gets on a bodyscissors, as Todd tells us the crowd gets behind Maven. Guys standing up when the camera’s on their section doesn’t count Todd. Maven tries for a comeback, but Steven gets a fallaway slam, and goes up, but gets Electric Chaired. Maven gets a dropkick for 2. Steven looks to be going for a underhook suplex, but Maven reverses to a cradle and win @ 4:07.

We get an audio of Lita’s EMOTIONAL speech from RAW. Snitsky is a DEAD MAN!

Package of the Flair announcing him vs Orton at Taboo, as well as the lumberjack match.

We get to see WWE getting a award from Make A Wish.

Rodney Mack w/Jazz vs Shelton Benjamin – Shelton takes him down to the MAT. Oh, Mack is so out of his element. Benjamin takes him down by the waist, and gets a roll-up for 2. Jazz gets a cheapshot in, and Rod takes control. He gets 2, and gets the move which was earlier titled “Divorce Court”. It gets 2. Benjamin comes back with a Russian Legsweep. BARE elbow, and Benjamin gets a top rope clothesline for 2. Shelton whips Mack into Jazz (who is stupidly arguing with the ref on the apron), and gets a splash. His T-Bone Suplex finishes @ 5:21.

REMEMBER TO CATCH RAW TOMMOROW NITE, AS IT WILL BE IN MANCHESTER, ENGLAND! Man, WWE would be stupid to not use Regal in a good way. So, expect him to be on this show.