Rolling The Dice

Alrighty, Blatt and I agree that Carlito Cool really threw off EVERYTHING last week. But whatever, this week is a new week and with WWE being overseas the waves of change could be coming. And away we go…

Woo, sorry about my absence last week. It was my birthday last Sunday and I didn’t secure my picks until 6:30 anyway. Not much help for anyone.

So Here we are, one week later after Dan’s made fun of that he was on top of the Team Inside Pulse standings, here I am, once more on top of the standings. I actually took control on Monday, after losing my lead Sunday night. So, congrats Dan, much like the Red Sox, you had your moment inthe sun and now the Yankees/Deconstructing the Moveset will beat you back into second place.

Or something like that.

So here is this week’s picks, picked all the way from PUERTO RICO! (I’m on a small vacation)

Carlito Caribbean Cool $1,000,000
Gene Snitsky $1,000,000
JBL $6,500,000
Mark Jindrak $1,000,000
Rene Dupree $3,500,000
Spike Dudley $3,500,000
Sylvain Grenier $2,750,000

Who the hell would have thought that Triple C would have taken Cena’s gold in his first appearance? Damn, a champion for only a “cool” million? Sign me up! I missed out on that, and also on Spike Dudley last week as he made no apperances and had no matches. Such is life.

Renee Dupree and Rob Conway both appear on my rosters this week because I have no idea how the Englisn crowd in going to react to them. Do they hate the French as much at the WWE wants Americans to? Who knows.

Also – these will be TV events PACKED with Superstars. You damn well know that ALL the titles will be represented this week because of this.

JBL, HHH, La Resistance, Conway/Suzuki, Spike, Jericho, and Carlito will all be defending their titles or involved in big matches.

It’s reported that Cena and Booker are NOT in Eurpoe for these shows, so DON’T PICK THEM! These are bad choices. This week’s hot picks for me are the champions. Carlito’s only one mill, so he’s up there. If you pick JBL or HHH it’s up to you, but they are sure to be in the main events this week.

Wait…did Blatt just insinuate that I was a Red Sox fan? Let me state this clearly: As I am writing this I am wearing a 1918 hat and a “Hey Red Sox, Who’s Your Daddy?” T-shirt. I think that this series will be give us some of the best games we could possibly see. Yankees in 7. LET’S GO YANKEES!

Now my picks:

Wrestler Salary
Billy Kidman $2,750,000
Carlito Caribbean Cool $1,000,000
Gene Snitsky $1,000,000
Hardcore Holly $2,500,000
Mark Jindrak $1,000,000
Rene Dupree $3,500,000
Rob Conway $2,750,000
Triple H $5,500,000

Blatt is correct. Expect the unexpected this week as the WWE has to keep the overseas market strong because lord knows the USA hasnt been too kind recently.

-Billy Kidman is on a hot streak and they might push hard to get him over as a woman killer. Maybe he’ll kill his wife.

-Speaking of killers, you know Gene Snitsky will be featured this week as they build up for Taboo Tuesday. He’ll probably get his ass kicked but it’s all good.

-Carlito, as stated before, threw EVERYTHING off for me last week. But the guy is cheap and a champion. And getting pushed…pushed HARD.

-Hardcore Holly faces off against JBL in a Hardcore Match on smackdown. Guess what that means? Time to rack up those “foreign object shot” points!

-I picked Rene because Kenzo lost to Rey last week. Meaning, as is common, Rene should be facing off against RVD this week.

-Mark Jindrak is cheap and is being featured often.

-I got burned by not having Conway or Grenier last week so from now until they lose the titles they won’t be off my team.

-Triple H is Triple H and that means Main Event overseas…hopefully because if not I’ll be PISSED!

That’s it for this week. Remember, your picks week by week can make or break you for the entire competition, so choose wisely. And remember two things heading into Tuesday night’s Yankees vs. Sawx:
1. This Guy:

Is better than this guy:

And Number 2: