SD-6 Report #5

Welcome back Agents. I know a few of you have been wondering where I’ve been, and why I missed a week of your favorite briefing – without going into the details, I will tell you I was busy. Very busy. Anything past that is not up to your clearance. Do you understand? Never question me again.

Questioning your superiors is asking for your superiors to question you, and you don’t want to have to tell the entire syndicate about your late night calls to 900-Hot-Spys, do you? No, I didn’t think so.

Now let’s get right back into Season 2, where things start to heat up. Not before I mention the continued dilligence of Agent McNutt for his Lost commentary as well as PUnka for harrassing me on the forum boards. Both have been given new secret agent names their missions will be given in the weeks to come. Here is their secret agent names, just in case you were wondering.

Miles McNutt is now known as Agent LostReference
Punka is henceforth known as Agent BananaDance

On to the show.

Open up your dossier to Season 2 – Episode 5 – The Indicator

Now as per standard, quite a bit has happened since we left at Episode 1. I chose this episode because it runs through each subplot, as well as starting the biggest one of the season with Project Christmas. I will do my best to bring you up to par with each of these plots as we get to them.

We start off with Sydney testifying against her mother Irina. You see, Irina apparently set up a trap that Jack found out about ahead of time – saving Syd’s life. This brings Sydney and Jack together in a united front against Irina once and for all. What we know though, is Jack conspired to make this whole affair look like a trap from Irina. Twisted, eh? It is an established fact that Jack has no love lost for his ex-wife, and wants to make sure Sydney doesn’t get close enough to care about her.

Vaughn though, seems to have figured it out, and tells Syd. The power plays run rampant as now Jack is giving Sydney her counter missions, leaving Vaughn in a kind of CIA purgatory. Sydney seems to think that these two things are related and blows him off. Once again, Vaughn gets the shaft.

If you were wondering what was happening with Will and Marcy, well Will can’t get a job – he’s a damned drug addict with no credibility whatsoever. Marcy is nice enough to let him help open up her new resturant when *dramatic beat* Jack shows up! He let’s Sydney know her current FBI countermission which involves stealing information for the CIA, making sure that SD-6 gets fake information, and befuddles the nefarious SD-6 once again.

Syd heads out to Budapest, where she is to retrieve some specs and photos of new NEXT GENERATION weapons being created by SD-6 opponent’s the Triad. Dressed in a sexy librarian number, pretends to be a sexy girl checking out her sexy family tree. She sneaks around in her se– you get the point; she sneaks around to where these weapons are supposed to be and what do we see, but children. Children learning how to put guns together.

After she returns home, Sloane clears it all up – these are kids being trained as Sleeper agents. They borrow the brightest kids, test them for the ability to be the next wave of super secret sexy spies, and then send them home, having erased that from their memory. This does not sit well with Syd… Hmmmm….

While we’re here, let’s catch up with Sloane’s whole “Killing his own wife” angle. In the last few episodes, he’s been recieving messages from beyond the grave. A phone call from the Bed & Breakfast Emily and he used to go to. Mysterious comings and goings in his spy-proof house. It’s enough to go tell Jack the whole thing. Which he does. He tells Jack that he did in fact poison her and Jack is to work on who in the hell is trying to mess with Sloane’s head. Specifically who might gain from Sloane’s growing insanity. Jack agrees as Sloane’s friend. This is finally topped off by Sloane going home and finding a single glass of wine on his dining room table – which ominously contains an antidote to the poison he used on his wife.

Now, in the tense last bits of the show we move to the quick bullet format that’s worked so well before:
-Vaughn finds out who was instructing those kids in Budapest.
-Sydney says she’ll go get them.
-Jack’s not thrilled.
-Vaughn threatens Jack with the knowledge of setting that trap on Irina. Jack tells Syd, or Vaughn will.
-Sydney goes to Buenos Aires to capture the instructor, Kolakov.
-They meet. They fight. Kolakov dies.
-Sydney finds a childs puzzle and does it faster than you can say “Mister Jennifer Garner”

Back home, Sydney finds out through hypnotic regression that she was once performing similar tests of creating guns and completing puzzles for a mysterious man…… wait for it …. JACK! Well, his cover is blown so he explains that her mother’s original mission was to come to America and find out what Jack’s “PROJECT CHRISTMAS” was about. A plan that helped the American government prepare kids to be spies.

“You programmed me to be a spy,” she says, “I will never forgive you for this.”

…see… I told you it was cool.


Once again, the theme of family comes up in this episode multitudes of times. Jack’s relationship with Irina. Jack’s inability to keep Syd from Irina. Sloane’s relationship with Emily. Vaughn’s continuingly confuddled relationship with Sydney. And was Will looking at Marcy a little funny? I think he might have been.

You also might have noticed that the Rambaldi artifacts have taken a backseat, and justifiably so. There is so much interpersonal knowledge to relate this season, that where Rambaldi never disappears – you do start to wonder if they are just going to give up on him. Trust me – they aren’t – but since this season is lauded as the best season of the show – and arguably the best season of television that year, you will learn to live without Rambaldi for awhile.

Until next week, I am your Debriefer saying – Wear Sexy Spy Outfits. All spies do it.