InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report


InsidePULSE’s WWE Raw Report 10.11.04
Live(?) from Manchester, England
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Intro”¦Stacy meets Trish for the Woman’s Title, La Rez defends against Eugene & William Regal, and Evolution takes on Benoit/HBK/Edge.

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Stacy Keibler — WWE Woman’s Title
Stacy pins Trish in the corner, and stretches out he legs to Trish’s throat a couple times. Trish then starts working over one of Stacy’s knee, slamming it against the ringpost. Trish with a one legged crab, but Stacy gets to the ropes. Trish sits on the top turnbuckle, and pulls up on Stacy, choking her. Trish tries it a second time, but Stacy is able to kick upward to Trish’s head. Trish with a snapmare off the 2nd rope for 2. Trish fights back, and takes Stacy’s knee out again. Stacy back up to her knees, but Trish nails a chin kick for the pinfall.
Winner — Trish

Molly comes out and jumps Stacy, Nidia comes out to even the odds, Gail comes out, then Victoria, starting a 6 woman melee. The faces end up clearing the ring.


Simon Dean tells us that we are fat.

La Resistance (c) vs. William Regal & Eugene — World Tag Team Titles
La Rez tells us that the UK is not worthy of hearing the national anthem. Regal and Eugene come down while they are on the mic still. Regal is fired up, waving the Union Jack. Regal and Eugene are on fire to start. The match settles, and Eugene hits Conway with an airplane spin, but Conway comes back quick with a big clothesline. Greiner comes in, hits a big vertical suplex on Eugene, but he turns is back, and Regal is tagged in. Regal runs roughshot over both men. Conway trips him up, and they hit the Au Revoir on Regal. Eugene takes out Conway with a Stone Cold Stunner, and the ref is distracted with them. Regal pulls out some knucks. Greiner has the Tag Title in his hand, and the ref pulls it away, allowing for Regal to plant the knucks for the pinfall!
Winner & NEW Champions — Eugene & Regal


We come back, and Bischoff has restarted the match, because of the brass knucks. La Rez is working over Eugene. Eugene gets Regal on the hot tag. Regal hits a series of T-Bone suplexes. All 4 men in the ring. Regal gets Conway out of the ring, and Eugene nails a Rock Bottom on Greiner, and goes for a People’s Elbow, but calls for Regal to drop the elbow. The Ref gets Eugene out of the ring, and Conway sneaks in, and hits Regal in the crotch with the flagpole, and Greiner rolls him up for the pinfall.
Winners & STILL Champions — La Resistance


La Rez runs into Bischoff backstage. He tells them that they were supposed to soften up Eugene for the Taboo Tuesday match. Bischoff then says that since they didn’t accomplish that, then they will defend their Tag Titles at the PPV. And since there are 3 people in line for a Title Shot, the 2 that don’t get in, will face La Rez for the Titles.

HHH flipping out. Flair and Batista calm him down.

Recap of KANE/Lita/Snitsky

Snitsky live from Stamford. He says that he knew what he was doing last week. It was the only choice KANE gave him. He says that the KANE told him that he would be a dead man. Well, the only thing dead now is KANE’s baby he says!!!! Snitsky starts fake crying, and they show KANE watching a monitor getting mad”¦.and the crowd cheers for him”¦


Steven Richards & Val Venis vs. The SuperHeroes
Before the match can start, KANE comes down and cleans house. He takes out all 4 men. Venis is crawling up the ramp, and KANE follows him with a chair, and just pummels his back with the chair.


Recap of Venis’s mauling. EMT’s take Venis away.

Slam of the Week — RKO’s all around last week.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. He has mixed emotions about facing Ric Flair. On one hand, Flair cost him the title shot at Taboo Tuesday. On the other hand, he can’t stay mad at the shell of a man he has become, and he feels sorry for the man. This brings out Flair. Flair goes on and on about how he is the man. Orton says that Flair named him the Legend Killer, and after Taboo Tuesday, he will make Flair respect him.


The King is with the Page 3 Girls from the local newspaper.

Chris Jericho vs. Rhyno
JR mentions that there are 15 people on the ballot to face Jericho at Taboo Tuesday. They go back and forth to start. Rhyno starts pounding away on Jericho’s shoulder. Rhyno stomps Jericho down in the corner, but Jericho chops his way out. Jericho off the ropes, Rhyno with a GIANT spinebuster for 2. Rhyno off the ropes, and Jericho pulls him down for 2. They slug back and forth. Rhyno lines up for the GORE GORE GORE, but Christian and Tomko come out and trips up Rhyno. Christian and Tomko then take out Jericho.
No Contest

Coach comes out, and he says that, by the orders of Bischoff, Rhyno will team with Jericho to face Tomko and Christian right now.


Rhyno & Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
Rhyno is all over Christian. Jericho in, standing vert suplex”¦Bulldog style. Rhyno back in, military press on Christian, then takes Tomko off the apron. Rhyno goes to the turnbuckles, and Tomko shoves him off. Rhyno is now being double teamed in the heels corner. Christian starts taunting at Rhyno, Rhyno off the ropes, grabs Christian, and nails a huge belly to belly. Jericho in, and is on fire. Jericho with a springboard dropkick knocks Christian off the apron. Tomko comes in with a big clothesline, then a big boot, gets Jericho in the corner. Rhyno comes out of nowhere and hits the GORE GORE GORE on Tomko, and Jericho nails the Lionsault for the pin.
Winners — Rhyno/Jericho

Christian jumps Jericho, but Jericho locks on the Walls. Batista comes out and jumps Jericho, then nailing the Demon Bomb.

Benoit getting ready. HBK comes in, and says that this is familiar territory for them, but HBK says that he will do what’s best for him. Benoit says he will do the same thing. Edge comes in. HBK reminds us that Edge said they were not worthy of another title shot. Edge says that it is true, and that they have had multiple shots at HHH and the World Title, yet Edge hasn’t. He will go out and help prove his point tonight. I’m voting for HBK by the way.


SmackDown! Rebound

  • JBL celebrating his win over UT, saying he had no idea that Heidenreich was not in the hearse.
  • JBL losing to Hardcore Holly again, setting up a Title match for this weeks SD.
  • Cena losing the US Title to Carlito.

    JR says that Cena was involved in a melee at a nightclub after SmackDown, and had to be hospitalized.

    Recap of Carmella/Christy stuff.

    JR says that the voting for Taboo Tuesday will start at 10pm EST next Monday.

    Taboo Tuesday Card

  • HHH vs. HBK, Benoit, or Edge
  • La Resistance vs. HBK/Benoit, Edge/Benoit, or HBK/Edge
  • Christy vs. Carmella — Aerobics Challenge, Lingerie Pillowfight, or Evening Gown Match
  • KANE vs. Gene Snitsky — Weapon of Choice (Lead Pipe, Steel Chain, or Steel Chair)
  • Eugene vs. Bischoff — Hair vs. Hair, Losers is the Winners Servant, Loser wears a dress
  • Diva Battle Royal — Woman’s Title — Women will wear School Girl outfits, Bikinis, or Maid outfits
  • Chris Jericho vs. Rosey, Rhyno, Batista, Shelton, Tajiri, The Hurricane, Coach, Palumbo, Mack, Maven, Christian, Regal, Venis, Richards, or Tomko
  • Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair — Steel Cage, Submission, or Falls Count Anywhere Match

    Evolution walks.


    Edge, Chris Benoit, & Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair, Batista, & Triple H
    Batista roughs up Benoit to start, and Edge is quickly in. Flair and HBK then come in. Now Benoit is in, and he goes chop to chop with Benoit. Flair with a kneebreaker, then right into a figure four, but Benoit reverses it, and goes into a Figure Four of his own. HHH and Batista come in, then Edge and HBK”¦and the HBK puts a Figure Four on HHH, and Edge does the same to Batista. Awesome.


    We come back and HHH is all over Benoit. Batista in, and a backbreaker on Benoit for 2. Benoit fights back, but Batista nails a huge spinebuster for 2 when Edge breaks it up. HHH in, and hits a big vert suplex, again, Bulldog style. Flair in, chops away on Benoit in the corner. Flair drops the elbow, then tags in Batista. Batista roughs up Benoit’s legs and lower back, and Flair locks on a Figure 4. Batista back in, and Benoit nails an ezaguri. Both men tag, HBK and HHH respectively. HBK slugs away on HHH, then on Flair. HBK off the ropes, and hits a flying forearm for 2, when Batista breaks it up. Edge and Benoit come in the even the odds, and the 4 non-legal men fall to the outside. HHH with a face to knee, then goes for a Pedigree, but HBK with back body drop on HHH. Benoit comes off the top rope with the Swandive, and then HBK tunes up the band, but Edge tags himself in. Edge and HBK have a few words, and Edge turns around and HHH hits him with a foot to the gut, and goes for a Pedigree, but HBK nails a superkick. Batista pulls HBK to the outside, and the opportunistic Edge makes the pinfall.
    Winners — Edge/HBK/Benoit

    Edge on the mic, says that he did what he said he would, and he defeated HHH making him the clear choice to face HHH at Taboo Tuesday. Benoit gets in his face and says that HHH hasn’t beaten him. HBK then takes a vote from the crowd there, but is interrupted by a SPEAR from Edge. Bischoff comes out and says that next week, they will have a Triple Threat match to finally prove whom the #1 contender should be. Benoit checks on HBK, and gets SPEAR from Edge as well.

    Show Over.


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