Tuesday Daily Pulse

Welcome to The Daily Pulse for Tuesday, October 12, 2004! I have the unenviable task of filling in for Widro this week, as he’s entrusted me with the keys to your Tuesday ride around the site.

And, if we’ve never met, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Aaron Cameron, one of the mainstays of our Music Zone. I contribute CD reviews, the occasional special feature and, of course, The Friday Music News Bootleg.

Think of me as an offshoot of ESPN.com’s Bill Simmons. Except, my writing’s actually accessible beyond white folk from Worchester.

Speaking of which”¦

The Inside Pulse on”¦Sports

For the third time in six years, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees will meet in the American League Championship Series.

Just for the record, I’d like to say that through the magic of baseball digital cable Extra Innings package, I’ve watched dozens of their games throughout the year. Both teams are tremendously entertaining and make listening to their insufferable broadcasters on YES and NESN almost bearable.

That said, was I the only one who noticed how many calls seemed to go Boston’s and New York’s way during the first round? From the Jeter non-tag in the deciding Game Four to the coast-to-coast strike zone for the Angels hitters in Game Three”¦I’m not saying it would’ve made a difference or that the two best teams in the AL aren’t playing for the pennant”¦

I guess I’m just saying”¦that’s all.

So, who’ll win”¦the Yankees or Yankees Lite? Take Boston in five. They’re on a mission reminiscent of a young Mo, Mabel, and Oscar in 1994.

In the Writer’s Words”¦

“Is Janikowski really the sane one? Former Raiders kicker Cole Ford was arrested this week for an attempted drive-by on Siegfried and Roy. Guess Father of the Pride isn’t that good a show after all.” –Mark Urciuolo

Oh, before I forget”¦if haven’t signed up for our personalized sports news service through SportSpyder, what are you waiting for? All of the top online providers such as ESPN.com and CBS Sportsline make you pay for this feature as part of their “premium” sections. We’re giving it to you absolutely free and without any Rob Neyer. What’s not to love?

The Inside Pulse on”¦Music

It’s been a little slow on the Music Beat lately.

Sure, Jay-Z’s taking his life story to the big screen next month, but that’s more of a story for Inside Pulse Movies”¦which doesn’t exist yet, but will.

The Source Awards were held down in Miami this past weekend. For those of you who don’t know, The Source is a shamelessly biased Hip Hop magazine owned, in part, by a little known New England rapper.

If you’re in good with him, he’ll give you plenty of free publicity in his mag or even hand out a gushing review, no matter how awful your album might be in reality. (Lil’ Kim’s La Bella Mafia, I’m looking at you and your 4.5 mics.)

All you need to know about the credibility of this awards show is that acts like Lil’ Jon and Chingy were the big winners.

Somewhere, Jeff Fernandez’s head just exploded and there’s menudo everywhere.

In the Writer’s Words”¦

” A great mature pop record by a group arguably long-praised for their pop sensibilities, Astronaut could be the start of another wave up the comeback trail for Duran Duran. “ –Gloomchen

” Any band on the current rock music scene owes a big fat thank you to Green Day for helping pave the road for their success.” –Leyna

” Okay Computer merely hints at the hilarity of the full performance, one which has been praised several times in print and is only a branch of the long-running goofiness presented by the Sweatpants Boners. Bringing home the disc will be a great memoir, although don’t necessarily expect your friends to understand the joke. “ –Gloomchen

The Inside Pulse on”¦Wrestling

I’ll be honest”¦I haven’t watched wrestling regularly in over three years.

After watching the fake sport for nearly 15 years, I realized that I had pretty much seen it all as a wrestling fan. I’ll still tune in from time to time, but never for more than a few minutes here and there.

For me, my memories of the few live shows I got to attend are what I’ll remember the most.

In 1988, my brother and I attended a show at the old Los Angeles Sports Arena. It was right after Wrestlemania IV and the main event was a rematch between Randy Savage and Ted DiBiase. Savage won with a roll-up and a handful of tights.

I remember marveling at how small the ring was (and the ropes and mat were blood red in color, for some reason). I also arrived early enough to see Ken Patera and Dino Bravo drive into the arena together, only to wage war against one another just a few hours later. The fourth wall was forever shattered”¦or something.

In 1995, I was part of history as 100,000 (cough) fans in Huntington Beach watched WCW’s Bash at the Beach live! I think it was the debut of The Giant (Big Show), plenty of the matches were taped for the Baywatch show and some guy climbed a light fixture and fell about thirty feet. Good times.

Two years later, my marketing/advertising class helped to co-promote a Monday Nitro taping on the San Diego State campus. DDP and Hogan were in the main event and I was able to silently mingle backstage. No real brush with greatness, but Scott Hall gave me a coke.

Finally, in 1999, I was on the floor for a Sunday Night Heat/Raw taping. That was the show where Undertaker whacked Big Show with a gimmicked bat and half of it flew into the crowd. Security swooped in pretty quickly, but not before a good chunk of the audience realized that the bat was Styrofoam and foam rubber.

But, I’m sure as hell not the reason why you come to our unparalleled wrestling section.

In the Writer’s Words”¦

“I think Kane needs a hug or something. Maybe he should rape and impregnate another diva. Just to get over Lita. Is Gail Kim doing anything?” –Scott Keith

“I didn’t like Piper anyway, he was a racist, so I figured if he got beat up for it or whatever, he deserved it.” –(as told to) Gordi Whitelaw

Of course, Eric S. is probably posted as you read this. Find out where’s he’s living this week.

That should be enough to get your Tuesday off to a good start. Remember”¦when you rape, plunder and pillage, it’s a crime”¦or you get the second Monday in October named after you.

It really can go either way.