SD News: Full Smackdown & Velocity Taping Results [Spoilers]


SD and Velocity spoilers from Manchester, England, according to Tom Brooks and

No dark matches


(1) Spike b Scotty 2 Hotty

(2)Orlando Jordan b Funaki

(3)Bubba Ray Dudley b Rico with the Bubba Bomb


Kicked off with a video with Long telling all the stars about Cena’s supposed injury. He said there would be a battle royal later tonight to decide the new number one contender for the U.S title.

(1) RVD b Rene Dupree. Quick match, RVD hit a German suplex on Dupree who landed on his head looked scary, match ended soon after.

Long said Heyman and Heidenreich must publicly apologise

(2)Kidman b Haas with a shotting star to Haas’ injured leg. No Jackie. Dawn came out and helped carry Charlie out, who had his hand touching her breast, which will no doubt play into the storyline.

JBL cut a promo saying he was not a harcore wrestler, but a technical wrestler like Jack Brisco, Mil Mascaras and Bret Hart.

(3) Rey Misterio won the No 1 contender battle royal. Final two were Rey and Angle, some neat near eliminations, crowd into it big. Afterwards Carlito said he wanted the match tonight and attacked Rey.

Heidenreich and Heyman apologised for attacking the fans but then Heidenreich said what he did to Undertaker was on purpose. He challenged Taker to come out and lay down in the ring. Don’t think this will air but Taker Came out and had a quick match destroying Heyman, and pinning Heidenreich after a tombstone. Was at the Raw show last night and Takers ovation beat everybody else on both shows, super over.

(4) Carlito b Rey by holding the rope with a rollup. Great near falls and crowd really into it. Rey got a decent match out of Carlito, helped by the heat.

(5) Eddie Guerrero b Luther Reigns by DQ, I think when Jindrak threw Eddie into the steel steps. Angle came out with clippers to cut Eddies hair, but Big Show came to the rescue to a big pop. Think after the show went off air Eddie hit the frogsplash on Jindrak and Reigns and Show chokeslammed them.

On a par with the Raw show, not sure if the crowd was as hot, pretty decent show though.


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