NWA TNA News: Impact & Xplosion Taping Results [Spoilers]

TNA Impact spoilers, according to Jonathon Sawicki and Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com:


*Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas welcomed the fans.


*In the finals of the NWA championship contender tournament, Jeff Hardy pinned Monty Brown to earn the Victory Road PPV title match against Jeff Jarrett. Abyss was shown watching from the entrance. The referee was bumped, so he couldn’t count a pinfall after Hardy hit the Twist of Fate. Abyss hit the ring and hit the Black Hole Slam on Hardy. Brown hit Abyss with the Pounce. Raven hit the ring from the crowd and drilled Brown with a steel chair, setting up the pinfall.

*Backstage, Dusty Rhodes and Vince Russo were arguing.

They aired a video package announcing Shark Boy, Chad Collyer, Amazing Red, and Sonjay Dutt would be in the X-Division Gauntlet Match at the Victory Road PPV.

*TNA X-Division champion Petey Williams pinned Jason ? Williams came down dressed like AJ Styles. Styles came to the ring they brawled after the match.

*3 Live Kru defeated Eric Stevens and “two NWA Wildside workers”

*The Six Points of Impact! with Jeff Hammond was about Victory Road.

*Raven was scheduled to face Brian Gamble. As Gamble made his way to the ring, Raven came out of nowhere and rocked him with a steel chair. Raven came to the ring and said that he deserved the title shot and could have defeated Monty Brown. Brown came to the ring and they brawled. Out came Abyss, which turned it into a Three-Way fight. Everyone broke the brawl up. At one point, Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Brown, who landed on the ring mic and broke it.

*They aired a video package on Roddy Piper’s “In the Pit with Piper” segment at the PPV.

*Bobby Rude and Eric Young defeated James Storm and Christopher Daniels to win the NWA Tag Team championships.

*As Impact! went off the air, Jeff Hardy challenged Jeff Jarrett to make their NWA championship match at the PPV a ladder match.

Dark Match:

*Sonny Siaki pinned Dallas


*Abyss pinned Nate “Spyder” Webb

*The returning New York Connection (Glen Gilberti & Johnny Swinger with Trinity) defeated Jerelle Clark & Mikey Batts.

*Michael Shane and Kazarian defeated Scott Hotshot and Brian Gamble.

*America’s Most Wanted defeated Kid Romeo & Roderick Strong

*Mike Tenay announced that Team Canada will defend the NWA Tag Team championship at Victory Road

*Alex Shelley defeated AJ Styles and Chris Sabin in a Three-Way Dance when Petey Williams interfered and Shelley rolled up Styles. After the match, Styles hit the Canadian Destroyer on Williams, then hit the Styles Clash on Scott D’Amore.

Credit: PWInsider.com