WWE News: European Tour Notes

– PWInsider’s Dave Scherer is reporting that WWE expected to gross at least five million dollars on the current European tour, if not higher.

– Miss Jackie sold the injury angle from last week’s SD by having her wear a neck brace on the tour, everywhere she goes.

– There was a scary scene at the 10/9 show in Florence, Italy during the three-way dance between Kenzo and Rene vs. The FBI and The Dudleyz for the Tag Team Titles. The FBI – of course, the home-country favorites – eliminated the Dudleys, then faced off with the champs, who cheated to win. The crowd proceeded to boo, and after Kenzo either jumped on or faked jumping onto an Italian flag, debree started being thrown into the ring. The crowd calmed down after an FBI comeback.

[Credit: PWInsider.com]