Bruckheimer Working On Another Show For CBS

As the studio behind all four of the network’s top rated shows this season, Jerry Bruckheimer TV has given CBS plenty to be thankful for. However, the prolific company has done little to increase CBS’ comedy profile. JBT is taking another stab at network comedy with an untitled project from Marsh McCall.

McCall (“Just Shoot Me”) will write the Warner Bros. TV show, which has been given a put pilot commitment at CBS. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will focus on three estranged siblings who have to become close again when they become guardians of their professor father.

“When you’re a kid, your family is your life; when you’re an adults, suddenly your life is your life,” McCall explains. “That is the show, it’s about these three siblings. Their lives have become their lives and now they have to become a family again.”

McCall, last seen creating an ABC pilot about based on the life of humorist and journalist Joel Stein, will executive produce the new comedy along with the ubiquitous Jonathan Littman of Jerry Bruckheimer Television. McCall’s other credits include “My Big Fat Greek Life” and “I’m With Her.”

If it seems like Jerry Bruckheimer is all over the small screen — he has five shows, including three variations on the “CSI” franchise, currently running on CBS and another season of “The Amazing Race” ready to go at a moment’s notice — wait until next year. The super-producer has already received four put pilot commitments for this development season, as well as a series commitment from NBC. More pilots may be on their way.

Credit: Zap2It